Remembering and Respecting MLK


A great man can never be forgotten – he can only remain to be admired, missed and respected!!! I am personally grateful for all of the sacrifices that this man CHOSE to do on behalf of ALL people.
The Reverend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an example that people all over the world can still appreciate and emulate.

Mother Teresa was not the only chosen vessel by God to create, lead and change people’s hearts in the name of the Lord. The Civil Rights Movement was the pedigree to the United States of America’s Freedom!



dream 2 nightmare

The I have a dream speech…..fortunately still LIVES on within the hearts and minds of a great deal of people today. As so it should because it spoke of freedom..hope and change for everyone who had breath in their bodies. Why is it that minorities of ANY RACE “seem to be” more accepting, loving and understanding than MAINSTREAM AMERICA? ( Just a thought )

This may seem like a funny post to some but you know me!! I am looking at it in a totally different light!! Whenever the late, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. saw an unjustice taking place….he ran toward it to see how he would be able to make a difference! He left his monument to go see about the people….

Now from monuments being built, to speeches being done and repeated on his behalf, to people getting slogans placed on the side of buildings, to rallies being put together etc. etc. etc.

His statue,  his walks for peace, his sit- ins for justice, his marches on Washington, his time spent away from his family his preaching / speeches, his death STILL should mean something – 


Martin Luther King Jr.’s kids are still trying to carry out their father’s dream today! Nonetheless, a dream is something that you think about and wish how things could / should be.

His dreams did eventually turn into reality but overall – some of things that were accomplished have indeed turned a portion of his dreams to nightmares…….. His children even recognizes it. We should NEVER have to question our own race , culture, stances, morals, ethics, religion and beliefs and ask ourselves…….

Did he speak for nothing? did he die for nothing? if not…. show me more ..because one example surely isn’t enough

Helping Self...

Giving Honor Where “IT IS” Due

Today I woke up and realized that I have soo soo much to really be grateful for even in the mist of every current trial and present tribulation!!  He has preserved me “all of my life” and continues to push me toward greatness, even though I am indeed not worthy.
Despite tremendous hardship, heartache, failure and disappointment, God has been causing my life to move onward and upward IN SPITE OF!!!!… #awesome
“The way of life winds upward for the wise, That he may turn away from hell below.” -Proverbs 15:24
I trust God even in my bad moments of transition!!! He was AND still is the best thing 4 me!
” Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase”
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Dear ( ME ), Politics

Have Come A Long Way- Still Ways To Go!

Racism in America is something that has NEVER came to an end……maybe a tiny “hault” but not an end!

How is it, that in such a refined society, there are still people who believe that they are better than others based on nothing more than the color of their skin? It is my hope and belief that, younger generations, (those who never experienced segregation), have the core knowledge to know that there is no connection between race and ability or community stature. It should be plain to see that in everyday society that there are multiple examples of upstanding honorable minorities. Far too many people point to the relative few who make up the stereotypical black person as an excuse for racism. We must be realistic in our mindsets. We are all human.

matter the color of our skin we should all be equal. The movie called, The Help was a “calm version” of how racism was in that era I am sure! I wanted to go see the movie with my wonderful mother and her faced almost became DISFIGURED when I even talked to her about it! She immediately told me NO THANK YOU baby, I do not need to see that movie because ” I lived it”….

Whew… about my feelings being hurt and I felt so so saddened by her response because it allowed me to see that she still had some past pain via racism. Lord help my sweet mommy! It is amazing what our parents keep hidden deep down inside of them. I asked her why she never talked about it and her reply was…baby I did. The few stories that I shared with you from when I was in High School was bad enough. GULP…..  >>>RACISM SUCKS <<<


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Through it all……

The only true solution to racism is for everyone to push past all of the stereotypes and unfounded ideas that we subconsciously passes. I understand that seems like a very simplistic solution to a huge problem, however; what truly is our basis for hate? A person’s color has nothing to do with their ability to be a productive member of society. We should not need laws to force us to give everyone the same opportunities. We are more than just black and white. We are a single species. As a species, we should move forward to overcome our problems. Not be slowed down by bitterness and stupidity.

The world in which we all create, is the same society in which our children and our children’s children will encompass. It is our duty as parents to see that future generations have the best opportunity at thriving in an equal world. Only through peace and understanding can we ensure the love, peace, equality and all things pure, are preserved for all who seek them.


Things AND People

A few THINGS that are beautiful…. ( To Me )

The Link to this song


The Declaration of Independence

The Civil Rights Movement



This perfume




Holding Hands 

A Marriage Certificate 



A Few PEOPLE that are beautiful……… ( TO ME )

Matt Damon

Cicely Tyson

Sir Sean Connery


Miss Loretta Divine

Mrs. Angela Bassett

Tyler Perry

Regina King 



First Lady Michelle Obama


  Mike and Dee Dee Freeman 

Miss Kim Burrell

Nelson Mandela


Birthday / Black History Month

I am indeed honored that my birthday shares the same month as my African American Heritage! To be apart of such a rich history is a blessing indeed.

With it being 2012, you can see so many changes that the black community have been able to accomplish over the decades and it is a blessing to  see.

More than 2.5 million blacks who registered for the draft in World War II, about 909,000 served in the Army. In 1944 there were over 700,000 blacks in the Army; this represented the greatest proportion of blacks to total Army strength in World War II. So at its peak, only 8.7 percent of the Army — instead of the planned 10 percent — was black. In June 1945 blacks accounted for less than 3 percent of all men assigned to combat duty in the Army.

About 78 percent of all black males — and only 40 percent of all white males-in the Army were placed in the service branches (including quartermaster, engineer, and transportation corps). Approximately 167,000 blacks served in the Navy during the war, about 4 percent of total Navy strength; and over 17,000 blacks enlisted in the Marine Corps, 2.5 percent of all marines. “Despite the multitude of problems with which the Army was faced in the use of Negro troops in World War II,” historian Ulysses Lee would later write in the Army’s official account of the war, “at the war’s end a greater variety of experience existed than had ever before been available within the American Military Establishment”: 

They had been used by more branches and in a greater variety of units, ranging from divisions to platoons in size and from fighter units to quartermaster service companies in the complexity of duties. They had been used in a wider range of geographical, cultural, and climatic conditions than was believed possible in 1942.

All of this was true of white troops as well, but in its manpower deliberations and in its attempts to wrest maximum efficiency and production from the manpower allotted to it, the Army found that it was the 10 percent of  American manpower which was Negro that spelled a large part of the difference between the full and wasteful employment of available American manpower of military age 44.

Just day dreaming, let alone thinking of all of the things that blacks were apart of, really makes me strive to do better for myself as well as honor what they did for me! 

I think we should honor all of the African Americans that have made positive changes to our society all year round.
Those black individuals make a hole thorough our hearts because so many of them get sent away from their parents and having a month stand out for this purpose sheds light and opens eyes to those who think indifferently about people of color.
Much of the technology and conveniences we have still today were developed by African Americans and it needs to be acknowledged just like anyone else on this planet that has made strides for the human RACE in general, Which sheds tears into or eyes. Black history month also tells of the injustices that were done during slavery and the many that stood together to overcome that.
 I think Martin Luther King Jr. was a good role in Black History Month because he was the one who said “Fight hate with love.”
 As a people we need to know that we are STRONG…… we have the ability to make something out of NOTHING!!! So let’s keep moving toward greatness….

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the pleasures of #home

As much as I used to always complain about moving.. THERE IS REALLY NO PLACE LIKE HOME!  Having the pleasure of living in 3 different states and traveling to several cities gave me a taste of another life than my hometown…. The city is great for family…  and is growing in the area of racial equality…..

Sometimes I miss engaging in family-oriented evenings! Back home it gives me the opportunity to spend time with siblings, my mommy and children. I have appreciated the opportunity to share emotions and important life events that while offering support to other family members as well. Understanding the importance of an evening at home with the family allows us all to make the most of the time we have been blessed to spend together.Whenever I am out of town whether visiting family and friends, on a quick much needed vacation break or I have relocated again….. it is funny because when I see FAMILIAR areas I get happy to be back home! Regardless how I feel about being “home”…..I feel the most safe when I am in good ole’ Pennsylvania and I see these types of signs on the interstate!