Saying Goodbye to Good Teachers

I am happy to have such a great rapport with all of my son’s teachers…. I mean from the time he entered into Pre -K, I was apart of EVERY little event that they had for him. However, with him being basically almost in middle school ( yikes ) It is weird because “IN THE BEGINNING” my son could not stand to look at her which I found it rather odd….. She was very strick and stern as a TEACHER as I am as a PARENT so he should not have been shocked by the way that she ran her classroom!

Nonetheless, now he surely adores her! I did not have the heart to tell him that her last day will be sooner than later and he does not even know! It is great when your kids run into teachers that show that they care…..then of course when the teachers or the kids move on – it is a little sad. Shout out to all of the teachers across America who puts genuine time and effort into their students!


PT Conference, Here I Come!

On my way to pick up my baby to head to his little 5th grade Parent / Teacher Conference…. Please let EVERYTHING be of a good report! He has been blessed to have been on Honor Roll since he has been in Pre – K.

Well, Math is something he is very good in and I would have to give that gene credit to his father….. He aces math like its nobody’s business! I think math is ” alright ” I guess…. However, I think that my son’s father may have been just a little gifted in math which has made my homework time with my son EASY………Thank goodness.

Wish me well and if all goes welll, this conference should be a fly by night meeting that last no longer than 30 minutes AT TOPS!

Drum roll PLEASE……….

Social Studies







Music Theory


One on One Tenor Saxophone






flash back

my son and I was just sitting here talking about life….homework  ( algebra ) keep in mind he is only in 4th grade and doing algebra!, family, his tenor saxophone and my father – his grandfather ( which he considered his father as well )

I found this photo and we both just looked at one another and smiled and said at the same time….. Wow look at dad when he was in the hospital!….. talk about creepy huh! lol Well maybe wrong choice of words….. because it is not creepy to us but we know that was from at least 5 years ago when my father was in THE BEGINNING STAGES of his cancer and none of us knew that this was the beginning to the end! YIKES……. he is gone but surely NOT forgotten.

Nonetheless, with my father laying there and seeing my son “laying hands” and praying for his health blesses me now just as it did then………… just had a flash back!

Love and miss ya so much Daddy!