Finish each day and be done with it…. Realize that the day is over or at least is coming to a close! ( an end ) Whatever happened – has happened and whatever that was suppose to happen – did not happen for “whatever reason”

Learn not to take your failures to bed and refrain from keeping your bed a cemetary! YES! Some blunders and obscurities have found a way to creep into your day and have shifted some things for the worse… but MOVE ON because you have another day to plan for! Remember that the key here is to reflect on what was and move on because staying mentally in the past is dangerous AND NOT prosperous!

You have an opportunity to FINISH your day strong! – ” dont blow it again”…..


Thank You ALL!


Today is more than just having a day off of from work and getting together with friends and family to eat bar b que and play games! Lives were lost so that WE can have “this day” and many more like it!!!

To the soldiers, the nurses, the doctors, the air traffic control men, the chaplains, to the families, to the American supporters… thank you all for every single part that you have played and STILL playing so that people like me can be FREE! Thank you for risking your life so that I would NOT have to risk mine! Thank you for enlisting in the United States Military so that in the people who were born from the 1970’s until present would NOT have to be DRAFTED!!!

I am grateful to the families who are standing strong and being loyal to their sons, daughters, husbands, wives, aunts, uncles, cousins, fathers, mothers and friends who CHOSE to fight for this country!

Thank you and I do indeed remember this day to recognize as well as SALUTE each and every individual who has ever played apart in keeping this country safe!

Foreign and Domestic is what the troops as well as the soldiers who are on reserve have taken an OATH to do and I am grateful!!


Memorial Day Beginning

Okay…. ready – set – go! it is Saturday and it is super hot outside… Nontheless – I just arrived at the destination where my son will be for 4 days and I am so ready to leave him behind “”with a smile”” on my face! LOL

I cannot understand why the GOOD LORD above would see fit to allow the temperature to reach 91 degrees today! Actually the whole weekend is supposed to reach the high 90’s all weekend!  My plan was to drop my son off and then RUN to the car screaming IM FREE!!…..IM FREE!! IM FREE!!! LOL

My son’s birthday is next weekend and although I was VERY excited to get rid of him for the whole weekend until Monday – I still found a way to stay with him when I dropped him off at his best friend’s house! LOL Funny right….. can’t wait to get AWAY from him but also hung out for an hour or two as well! However, this is supposed to be the beginning of his birthday celebration and maybe he deserves it and maybe he does not! LOL I think that I am doing this more so for me to get a break being totally honest!

LOL, I need a plan to get away! My son DOES want me to leave but his best friend, older sister and his mom wants me to stay!! YIKES.. NO!!!  ( I am serious though! ) LOL

So I ended up staying for 2 hours and I actually did have a blast hanging out BUT…… It is time to go and be alone and do me because my girl pals are waiting! LOL


Dear ( ME )

Excitement – 101

Umm…. Maybe I should NOT be so excited that my son is going to be GONE after his band recital tonight? Well that is all apart of Excitement 101’s FIRST STEP! We must EMBRACE IT so that we can effectively enjoy it! LOL

It is Memorial Day weekend and I seem to FORGET about it every year… silly I know but my son’s bday is the following weekend and we always go away and do something lazy, fun and exciting so that is what connects my mind with the month of May.

I will be FREE IN JESUS – LOL Having a good ole’ time……………….  my personal little party will end on Sunday afternoon because he has of course.. ANOTHER baseball game! Lord knows…the Heavens know… even the little flies that irritate me as I am driving knows that  I love my baby DEARLY….  to the point it can be indeed sickening sometimes…

But!!! and thank God for the but… he has been driving me BONKERS over the past month and a half! So yeah.. see ya bye! He will be at cook outs… swimming parties… birthday parties.. movies…amusement parks.. and I will be NO WHERE to be found!

EXCITEMENT 101- embrace what has made you excited and enjoy it to the fullest!!

Drum Roll PLEASE!!   >>>>>>>FOR A CHANGE………….

I can JUST be a woman and not a mommy or SUPER  WOMAN for a few days! WHOO – HOO!!

Dear ( ME )

Added to Bucket List!

I want to add swimming with the Dolphins to my revised Bucket List…. Now granted that would indeed mean that I would be required to learn how to swim as well!! LOL – No, I do not know how to swim but that is another thing that I added for me to do in the month of April! However, at the end of May…. I will be ready to go swimming with the Dolphins! ( pray my strength in the Lord )…..

As much as I have added this to my Bucket List – whew…..remember that I am scared of ANIMALS unless it is in a case! ( like the fish tank in my house ) << SAFE ZONE! Nevertheless, I am still yet excited and so will my son! His birthday is May 31 so I am trying to find a place where there will NOT be a wave of college vacationers on Spring Break during Memorial Day Weekend!

Here are a few places that you can look into if you have a love for Dolphins as well!

I find some way to deal with my fear of LIVE animals up close and personal… why not do it with a bang!!