5 Minute Random –


Don’t hate, get upset, disgruntled or walk away from God because of the troubles you face everyday …..Leaving CHRIST should be the VERY last thing on your mind – Trouble don’t last always – even when it FEELS like it – I feel it too!

However, the Bible said that you will have troubles , but your Heavenly and lovely Father Jesus promised that He will never leave you lost in them . He is with you . Believe that God is faithful , and if you lost something , HE WILL GIVE YOU SOMETHING BETTER . I can say this with every part of me because I lost not many but dear things to me , and God didn’t betray me . I gained the double ..

Why are you too sad ?The Lord said ” I will repay you” in His Bible . He also said that whatever comes out from His mouth must be done . Believe in Him and put all your trust in Him because He is not like the people you meet , who say ”will do” but never do .

Life can get REALLY hard…things happen and you wonder why AND how long – trust me I know ….I get it… sometimes you want to throw your hands up and it is “okay”…..just don’t walk away from all the hard work that you ALREADY put in….. This is a time for your trials and tribulations NOT to become in vain..

God bless you!!!!  

P.S. Know that this 5 minute random was for me too!

Helping Self...

Encouraging Myself –


It is fascinating to hear stories of people who have survived tragic events.  Someone makes it out alive of a landslide. Someone survives a crash. Someone survives after days at sea.  We are never promised to come out alive, but we can know survival in our hearts if we trust Jesus. There is spiritual survival for the believer. How can we survive in the storms of life?

The disciples were told to go over to the other side in Mark 4:35. Jesus was with them in the ship. They did not know, but their survival was due to the fact of the presence of Jesus in their vessel. How can we  experience peace in the storms? The answer is simple, we must have Jesus on board.

Many people are uncomfortable with Jesus in their ship.  Many people want to run their own ship. They don’t want to answer to the Captain, they don’t want to take orders, they want to be at the helm and chart their own course. SURVIVAL……HOW CAN WE SURVIVE in the year 2013?

How can we endure through the storms of this up-coming new year of 2014?  How can we survive the temptations to quit our faith?  How can we survive the pressures of everyday life?  How can we survive family members in disarray? How can we survive in a stormy marriage?  How can we survive criticism?  How can we survive the bad news we will get this year?   If YOU ARE  hoping to go through life without pressure, without criticism, without temptations, without bad news, without tragedy, then you are living on FANTASY ISLAND.

TO SURVIVE…..WE MUST KNOW THAT JESUS IS ON BOARD OUR SHIP. I hope every person has ask Jesus to be the captain of their lives. There are numerous ADVANTAGES OF HAVING JESUS ON BOARD!!!!

WE HAVE PURPOSE.   In Jesus, I know why I’m here!

Dear ( ME )


I met Facebook, hung out with Facebook, dated Facebook, fell in love with Facebook, got engaged to Facebook and happily married Facebook !! However, I then felt that it was in MY best interest to go and get divorced from Facebook. It was a little hard at first and we went through small spurts of seperation and then finally I knew that I had to end it!

After prayer and sleepness nights and not being able to focus on the normal things of Life….. I finally FORCED myself to “let go” of Facebook a l little over 2 years ago…..  I realized that my life was better WITHOUT it than with it!! ( insert tears here ) LOL

Like any other relationship, who could forget all the nights of staying up until the late hours into the morning! Getting in the car, catching the subway, walking down the public street, getting waited on in a restaurant holding up the line, almost getting hit by cars and buses because I was so focused reading what you had to say or wrote on my time line, what new photos were being put up, where did you go last night, what were you planning for the day etc!! Who would want to give all of that up!! ( LOL )

Nonetheless, I had to grow up and realize that it was indeed taking a vicious toll on my life that I didn’t like! LOL Blogging is better and more therapeutic for ME anyway….. Being on social networking sites can be great but being on a “social” site everyday like IT IS APART OF YOUR DAILY ROUTINE is “not normal”……..  If you do not believe me check YOUR OWN routine and see how many SOCIAL sites you actively participate on.

Dear ( ME )

time for self

You have to learn how to manage your time to include you. If you have a burnout  or meltdown, then you won’t be any help to yourself or anyone else. Life can get  very hectic and filled with unimportant things that are time wasters. Do not  make any unrealistic promises to anyone that it is impossible to keep or you  have to push yourself harder to meet certain obligations. Be cautious in the  decisions you make that will take up a lot of your time. I have been VERY TIRED, EMOTIONAL AND STRESSED lately and it is due to NOT “really” taking time out for myself.

Family is the one and ONLY component in my life that I take soo seriously and it is a challenge to no end! I really need to learn how and when to pull back from a few of them….. It is very hard at times because you want to see them doing things differently and it does not always go the way we feel that they should Nonetheless, family is my BIG THORN in my life……

However, I have made it VERY IMPORTANT via making time for myself because I see that it is indeed important! However, it takes a desire to create a life  that you want and not try to please everyone else. If you allow others to take  over your life and to eat up your time and space, you will never reach to your  destiny. You don’t have to feel guilty or selfish about making time for  yourself, because time is something you cannot retrieve when you lose it to  frivolous things that don’t empower you.

Taking time to nurture and  pamper yourself is especially good for your entire outlook on life. You can get  too busy sometimes in rigid routines that  steal your dreams and your focus. Making time for yourself helps you to relax  more and enjoy specific activities that bring your happiness.

Make sure you  build time blocks that will help you to manage your time better. Limit  interruptions from others that will set you back. Develop ways that will help  your family to contribute to household activities so you can free up some of  your time.

Keep a daily “things to do” list that will help you to  effectively organize your schedule and  your time. Have a calendar that will detail your daily tasks. Get accustomed  with setting specific time slots for yourself on a daily and weekly basis. Be  sure to stick to your new routine. Don’t allow anyone to interrupt your new  outlook on life. Seriously because those who disagree with YOU wanting to take time out for yourself and creating seasons in your life for PEACE, that is a “tall tale” of a sign that those individuals may need to be re – evaluated and being apart of your life.

Seek support from a coach, mentor or trainer, who will  assist you to begin or maintain a particular schedule that is right for you and  will get a lot more done in a lot less time. A trained coach is equipped with  tips and skills that can affect your life in a positive way. Don’t be afraid to  ask for help because this might be just what you need to get your life on a path  to peace and happiness.

Tension and Stress are two things that I do not desire to have and for the last few months I must admit…..they seem to find their way of creeping back into my window at least a few times a week! Now that I am aware of this and how they are figuratively speaking >>>getting back in <<<<< I now know what I have to do to keep them out. I want to live the remaining years of my life happy, healthy and free from things and people that should not be apart of where I am trying to go in Christ.

Happiness is a blessing that we ALL have taken for granted…..



America has been experiencing a great deal of seasons where things just dont seem to fit….. Snowing in Hawaii, Raining for 30 days in Texas, Temperatures over 105 in Eastern Areas, Flooding in Pennsylvania, Tornadoes in North Carolina….

It may be very unsual to the people that reside in those areas but it is indeed not unusual to God. God is the Father and has made Heaven and Earth and he is NO DIFFERENT than we are as parents if we sit still and think about it for a moment. God has been trying to speak to “the earth” for sometime now and He has not been getting the responses or reactions that He desires… that leaves Him to do what next?

As parents, we are blessed with children ( Heaven and Earth ) and when we tell our children to do something or to stop doing something ( Earth ), we either just let them continue their course until we have to make a stand.

We do things that we usually would not do to get their attention because other avenues we have tried to use did not work. God the Father, has been speaking to his children who are placed to live on this earth ( His earth ) to perform certain tasks.

However, some of his children and listening and some of them apparently are not. So now that he has caused catastrophic things in the atmospher, the earth, the land, the land and the people, it is hopeful news that now we as a people will listen and pay attention to what He is trying to instruct us to do.

Seasons are not the way that the use to because we are serving a God that changes our atmosphere in order for us to grow. Nonetheless, walking and embracing into your seasons is a choice. Only a personal relationship with Jesus Christ will allow you to define what season you truly are in.

Enjoy the seasons in God and where He wants to take you and know that there is ALWAYS purpose in everything that He allows to transpire in your life. He is the same yesterday, today and forever more and knowing that should make your vision alot more clear.

Listen and watch for what you should be doing, be the change agent for CHRIST. Dont worry about what the Eartly Seasons are doing if you are in tune with the Spiritual Seasons!