I Remember When…

I bury my money in the back yard, the BUCKWILD way.

I remember when I was little and me and my brother used to hide money in yards when we were little… those were the days and LIFE seemed so much easier….  Waking up every Saturday morning and trying to find all of the places that we hid our jars filled with money made it so fun!! We also found out that some of the jars that we end up finding were placed there by our dad!!

So you can imagine – how exciting these weekends were! LOL

Now looking at the record player brings back MASSIVE memories as well, especially when my daddy bought my very first album!

The Postal Service release a long-awaited new song to help us through the dead of winter. Stream it on Buzzworthy now!

It was Michael Jackson’s THRILLER album and I was the happiest little girl in the world….. whew lawwd I was so loving my dad for that!! I am assuming that is why my bond seemed so strong toward his music and his life…. my daddy felt listening to Michael Jackson was safe and he did not seem to mind that I even had a crush on a boy that was at least 15 yeas older than me! RIGHT!!


He also bought me my very first poster of him as well….. My father used to catch me kissing the poster on my wall and I had tons of lipstick marks all over Michael Jackson’s lips! ( NOT TO MENTION, that I kissed him in the same spot on the poster soooo much that his lips started to rip through the paper! )….


LOL He bought me a brand new poster and told me not to do it again…. I did not listen because instead of kissing the poster with LIPSTICK….I started sneaking in my oldest sister’s make up bag and using her lip gloss and my dad’s chap stick…. LOL …. I was soo funny and thought Michael Jackson was the BEST THING since jelly shoe sandals….. LOL

Ugghhh…. oh how I miss my father who passed away……it will be 5 LONELY years February 18, 2013!!! With my birthday being TOMORROW – February 12, 2013 for me to even be writing a blog with any type of laughter is A MIRACLE….. I have not really full fledge celebrated my birthday in almost 3 years… Last year, my dark cloud started to lift and now it is COMPLETELY GONE!!!  >>>>Whew – my daddy would be even more proud of me!


Music and Symbols

Being a Christian….you have to be aware of a variety of things. However, watching this 36 minute video did not shock me ……but the little things that did forced me to pay attention to EVERY little detail now.

The symbols used even in cartoons but the one I even used to watch years ago called The Simpsoms, I just “did not catch” the satanic signs and symbols. The other cartoon called the Boondocks, I never watched it or would have a desire to, you can tell that it is a very repulsive cartoon.

Helping Self...

Past Musicians

<p>Troy Gua, Le Petit Prince (2012). Don’t you just want a little Prince to carry around?<br />
[via Vulture]<br />

I was just thinking on how in today’s society that a great deal of musicians get judged for being too girly or feminine like Adam Lambart. He indeed is soo super girly in everything that he does and it kind of gets on my nerves…… but then I had to re think my thoughts as well as the statements that I have made about singers like him and a whole bunch of other new ones who are out in the music industry.

People like Michael Jackson,  Boy George, The DeBarge‘s …Duran Duran, WHAM ( which George Michael did come out being gay ) and the MAIN ONE…. Prince had not only dressed very girly but also had feminine ways.

Michael Jackson as well as Prince wore FULL  MAKE UP and fans like myself NEVER even mentioned it or paid it any mind…. Fans never even though in a million years that they were gay or had mental issues for wearing women clothing, hair styles, coloring their nails and everything else that they incorporated into their careers to become and MAINTAIN their success! So I wonder why fans are complaining NOW verses complaining back THEN?

I am not sure but maybe it is safe to say that back THEN the music was considered more genuine than now? Who knows!

Oh well, it was just a very random thought that I felt was an interesting mental observation that I felt worth sharing!! LOL


Music FUN Moments



Wanna Dance With Somebody Video…………




This blog hopefully encourages those who were Whitney Houston Supporters of her music! I have been jamming tonight!


These pictures just make me smile as I blog and listen to her music… is therapuetic isnt it yall! LOL


This is the quickest way to look at her in A LOT of her videos all at the same time! Funny but way cool – right!


Okay a few more and I will be complete! This was really a very fun way for me to get the sadness out of my system via all of the extra negative things that CONTINUES to run across the television screen everyday.

 Regardless what has transpired in her life – it is OVER NOW – and the media can no longer hurt her ………Also she can no longer hurt herself.

People tend to forget that although people become superstars / celebrities – they are people too! They just have more money and more spotlight added to their lives than the AVERAGE person! LOL

Alright people hope that you enjoyed this Music – Video Blog…..enjoy the rest of your evening and blessed!


A Homeless Millionaire

V.D. Coleman

Michael Jackson Suffered From Homelessness…….

Michael Jackson suffered from Mental and Emotional Homelessness………When God started dealing with me via different avenues of homelessness, I thought about my own personal situations that I have been through in life. However, God is always into grasping at bigger pictures to REACH more for the cause of Christ!Therefore, that led me to The Secular World’s King of Pop, Michael Jackson. He was the poster child for more so emotional than mental homelessness. Most people think of anyone needing mental assistance or what we call mental health is also in a negative format. Mental issues does not always mean that a person is crazy but being untreated, meaning issues not being dealt with some seriousness sensitivty can TURN PEOPLE CRAZY!But, as the whole world has seen, found out and been forced to recognize the real pain that Michael Jackson has not only experienced but has carried all of these years that basically took him to his last days here on earth. Short lived and gone too soon are the words that still echo to this day. I am ” STILL ” saddened by his death in all honestly.

I think, emotionally.… It definitely took its toll. Definitely,It’s the human experience,of any death. You know, that’s what the heart does. Things are given to us, and things are taken away. And I think the heart becomes stronger, more capable. I look at him as the one of the few people I was able to listen to growing up as a child, he grew up with so many of us and that was my first album that my father bought me willingly! ( INSERT A SCREAM FACE HERE )

Yes, my father was soo tight on his wallet! Whew yes he was! Plus being raised in a strict Christian home had some perks and some real tear jerkers but overall I turned out ok – I guess!

My father was strict, realistic and tuff and my mother was wise, christian, churchy and naive. I am a mixture of both but had to learn how to be strong and not tuff because I am Lady. Then all of the other things balancing was hard.

Moving right along, I miss Michael Jackson the person. Although, I did not know him personally or have never had the awesome chance to see him perform in concert but being alone and having so many people who desire to be around you and know more about you than be supportive for the very person that you are – I KNEW HIM AND HOW HE FELT WITH THAT.

Mental and Emotional Situations in people’s lives are real and if not addressed will end up in pure zombie states that will ultimately lead to death’s door with no happy ending for anyone. The individual themselves and their loved ones.

Using Michael Jackson just seemed to be more realistic for people to understand the seriousness of a person’s emotions. Parents need to understand that although they too have hopes and dreams and do not desire to live a certain lifestyle, that the day that they chose to become parents..things changed.

Children did not ask to be here and they are gifts that God created and is entrusting parents to do right by them. It is a hard pill to swallow that becoming a parent shifts EVERYTHING that you ever wanted to do as a single person. Not saying that your dreams have to die BUT they will be shifted. Michael Jackson influenced the world but God wants to SAVE THE WORLD and remind us all that HE is the one that died so that we all may have everlasting life.

Live right, do your part and you will not have to sit around worrying who did and did not make it to Heaven.


Home – who doesnt want one – that is a safe place – young and old you need one – a place of peace ( NO pain )

Less – the lack thereof, you do not have something- you want more of it – whatever your ” it is ” you want crave it – it is love, more compassion – being simply safe and knowing that there is more of where that came from.. but we are talking about the word LESS – so he had less and none of…

Ness – reminds me of scripture references in the bible when it uses the ending ” eth ” endureth meaning it is continual literally… but when you are hurt and going through it seems and you want it to stop by an means necessary

When you suffer from the pure basics of life which is really LOVE – who knows how your going to turn out. You start looking for love in all the wrong places and things. When you obtain things to temporarily feel a pinch of love like you are a drug addict looking for a fix, before you take ” the hit ” you already know that it will not last long enough to give you what you really want…. That is where all of the drugs and machings from hospital operating rooms came in at the home of Michael Jackson. He would rather stay sleep for long periods of time so he would not have to be reminded that he was not loved by the family that he was birthed into. More so the WHOLE WORLD knows that it stems from his earthy father Joe Jackson. This a perfect example of how the Father, the head, the overseer has the power to mold your life. He has always had a Heavenly Father whether he knew it or not. But the reality and the compassionate piece of the matter is that he wanted what any other child wanted – to be loved by their parents or loved ones. Sad stroy to swallow but he is 1 out of thousands who are experiencing this same type of hurt everyday, because of who he was may have parents pay more attention in how they treat their children ” perhaps “….

The General view of the ” word ” Homeless

Having no home or haven is a serious situation that can destroy any and everything in your life. It can cause you to want to STOP living.

Are your views some of these below?

someone unfortunate without housing; poor people who unfortunately do not have a home to live in; carries all thier possessions with her in shopping bags; people without possessions or wealth; without nationality or citizenship; “stateless persons” ; not settled or established; “an unsettled lifestyle”…

Well if so, please let me open your mind – your world up to another form of Homelessness…..

Mental and Emotional Homelessness or deprived of security. No one ever thinks to bring the mental and emotional aspects of it because most have “their own” portrait of what homelessness. It is alot more than walking by a person who is less fortunate who people call ” bums, winos or street walkers “… Before most of them have become homeless, their mental and emotions became ” homeless first “…

Let’s start with the Mental State of Homelessness if I may….

Mental– your mind basically deals with the very ” art of living ” of a certain and desired lifestyle. Regardless if it is blue collar, white collar etc. Your mind – my mind – our mind has already ” pictured ” how things should be.

When what you ” mentally ” had in place did not come into play this is where your ” emotions ” kick in and can disrupt everything. Depression can trigger a lot of things and your world as you once knew it can come tumbling down.

Emotional State – the very way that we respond to most things that have happened to us are unfortunately done on an emotional basis than a mental state. Please respect the word LOVE and what it is capable of doing in someone else’s life. Acting out of emotions destroy most relationships, career opportunities and even people’s very lives…. When people lose hope, they lose control of what is rationally accurate in this place that we called the world. Your emotions are half of your make up and it is literally attached to the mind, body, sould and spirit of a person. People who have been married for 50 years die when they lose their significant other due to emotional heartbreak. When patients are in the hospital, like a Children’s hospital perhaps, colors and shapes and things that make the human species ” SMILE ” are placed everywhere to lift up their moods \ spirits. Statics \ Scientists finally desire to investigate the emotional state of being of individuals when they are happy v.s. when they are sad. It is not rocket science, if you have ever been through anything majoy in your life, you do not need an International Scientist to tell you when you are at your happiest!


P.S. Like that song that he sings in the enclosed video….. ” Will You Still Care ” after all of my issues are exposed and it looks like I am not what you thought I was… Will You StIll Care….. It is VERY SAD to say that NO… the people that Michael Jackson had around him ” didnt care ” ….. he turned into a cash operating system and they learned to give him what he wanted in order for them to obtain what they wanted…. Now even the doctors, chefs, bodyguards and everyone else who was affiliated with him by means of employment has blood on their hands.. because THEY ALL KNEW…………………….

Please be kind to one another and Let’s Save A Life!