my 2 cents worth

I am ALL for the First Lady of a country being “touchable” and “reachable” to the people she is serving…..

I know that it is all in fun connecting to different cultures and backgrounds but I want her to “take a break” on being so cool and hip ALL THE TIME when it is a photo opportunity….. GEESH…

People love HER ( I do too)… especially for being true to who SHE IS…. and that is great BUT please:

dance less, high five less, rap less BUT start more campaigns start more initiatives, start MORE awareness – “okay?” “please?”

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She surely used to not be so loose – she would do a little move and laugh it off with a smile or hug a child etc. Her husband surely rubbed off on her – which “to some degree” is fine – BUT WHEN YOU KNOW that the media “really only” posts low end neighborhood / certain culture atmosphere photos – bring it in / tone it down some so that you do not “appear to be” a Neighborhood President For Hire! In certain positions, you have to care what the public thinks because it is the public who supports you and the public who people in and out of offices EVERY YEAR in America……..

I am NOT saying defame who you are – it would be crazy to do that –  ( well he has a few times anyway on and after the campaign trial ) but anyway…… You are the FIRST African American First Lady and President so it is sad but you do know that you have to work a lot harder at least “for now” until things change…. #TRUTH

Just show a good sense of humor – some coof – some dignity- some intelligence and learn how to balance it all out via being a WORLD LEADER.


Things AND People

A few THINGS that are beautiful…. ( To Me )

The Link to this song



The Declaration of Independence

The Civil Rights Movement



This perfume




Holding Hands 

A Marriage Certificate 



A Few PEOPLE that are beautiful……… ( TO ME )

Matt Damon

Cicely Tyson

Sir Sean Connery


Miss Loretta Divine

Mrs. Angela Bassett

Tyler Perry

Regina King 



First Lady Michelle Obama


  Mike and Dee Dee Freeman 

Miss Kim Burrell

Nelson Mandela


Do Men Want A Strong Woman on Their Arm BUT Not in Their Lives?

Why is that?

As a black woman I can speak for FREELY in this area because of the color of my skin, me being a woman and having experienced this very thing myself. Yes, I will admit saying that I am very strong willed in various areas of my life. However, I know when and how to bend when needed.

We have either BEEN the type or we surely KNOW the type! You know ladies the over independent woman of! However, I realized that even though I have toned down , softened up, become more open and mature in a great deal over the years.. 

but NEWS FLASH people!it is NOT always the issue with the strong black woman syndrome….

I found out that it is ALSO indeed maybe the intimidatiing black man syndrome..

I have had the opportunity to talk to men of all walks of life who are:

in ministry , professional athletes, college students, un-churched, different lines of work etc

and the foundation of the questions that I asked and the answers that I received were just what the title of my BLOG SAID!

It is like when you have heard.. men like a lady in public but a freak in the bedroom.. ( please dont be deep.. we all have heard that )

However it is the SAME WAY with strong women…… Yes even as I am typing this now.. the Lord dropped Sara Palin in my spirit..

Women.. we are strong.. needed.. adored and desired… MEN NEED US and we need them but a great deal of them do not realize it ( yet )

However… they want what we can HELP THEM DO… To have a strong woman in a man’s life who does not know who he is can be deadly..

I said to myself regarding the males that I had talked to.. wow.. they desire to have it be known that they have a strong woman meaning:

she has the capability to take care of the home

take care of the kids

have 2 to 3 degrees

have a decent paying job

knows how to make much out of nothing

has the ability to network to get her husband ahead

and the list goes on like a bad credit report of the abilities, attributes charachteristics that women are capable of doing…. but to REMAIN in their lives for the long haul.. THEY DONT WANT IT!!

Most of their replies where like….. that is good for a minutes.. but in the end.. I dont want a woman who knows or can do more than I can!!

WOW RIGHT! However, I loved and appreciated the honesty

So I said all of this to say…

” Know YOUR Worth Ladies… and Never Go on Sale”….