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Taking the time….Putting in the time for relationships not only takes time but desire as well.

Yes…it may take some work to maintain them for love for the people should make it well worth it. Forgiveness and Communicating are the top two acts that MUST be displayed on a daily basis for it to genuinely last.

Although all of these things are true…. it is MORE important that you maintain your own good morals..stances..character and values because without standards, you would not be able to establish a healthy relationship as well.


Is This What Jesus Feels Like?

I finally obtained a chance to see and talk to MY DAUGHTER!! I went to go and see her and she ran up to me like she was a 5-year-old child!! I went to see her earlier in the day and her co workers did not believe that I was her mother….they thought that I was her sister and a few others, just felt as if I was her friend! LOL

Anyway….seeing her and knowing that there “has FINALLY been a change” in her made my VERY SOUL shout out to the Lord Jesus Christ! I was and I am still so so grateful ………… my son at first was a tad bit leery because ALLLLLLLLL of the stuff he knows that she and her twin brother has put me through over the years!

I  had to tell him off to the side then AGAIN in front of his sister that we all have to forgive… and there will be many more times that we may not want to but we have to….especially when it is FAMILY. If you really look at my son’s face, his smile is very FORCED AND FAKE…. however by the time our meeting time was over…he felt so much more comfortable and was actually glad to see his big sister…. She saw as well as felt the difference but she too, understood why he was being a little distant….

I told my own mother that …is this what the Lord feels like every time one of his children ” COMES BACK HOME ” to Him! LOL I know that they talk about the prodigal son in the bible but my goodness, in this day and age – there are SEVERAL prodigal daughters as well!!! I mean like to have her hugging me….squeezing me to pieces…smiling uncontrollably….crying and saying over and over how much she misses me and needs me in her and she is sorry – ….. YEAH – that is some of the same stuff that we as Christians say to the Lord when we know that we have messed up and know that we cannot go on productively without Him!

Nonetheless, OF COURSE I had my arms open to her and expressed not only how much I loved her but how she needs to have Jesus in her life. I had to tell her that it was God that told me to make a detour and come and see her and I am glad that I obeyed. The Lord had indeed softened my heart again towards her and it was  ONLY God that could have done it.. She smiled and became teary eyed again and said that she knew it was God. We prayed….talked…laughed….re -connected and vowed to work on our relationship WITH GOD IN THE MIDDLE of it.




#relationship moment

I cheated on my fears

I broke up with my doubts

I FINALLY got engaged to my faith

I am now marrying my dreams

I am excited to be on my honeymoon

Prepare your life as if you are preparing for your loved ones funeral arrangements….

You do it with grace, class, paying attention to EVERY DETAIL, being passionate about everything that you are doing as well as what you are saying, you are reflecting on the things that once were and trying to plan on how things can be moving forward, you find ways to re – invent yourself via mind…body…soul…and spirit….

You purchase so many things for “memory sake” and money is not an option because you only want the best for your loved ones, you share what has happened with friends, family and even some enemies because you want everyone to find PEACE “for such a time as this”

So if we take this much time and effort to prepare FOR THE DEAD…how can we not take this much time and effort and even some more FOR THE LIVING? While we still have breath in our body how dare we not take productive chances and risks that can make us happy and live a better, joyful, longer, free in Jesus life? The world is already in disarray….so dont add to it with promoting the unbalancing act of your life to it…

Do some good for yourself while you are still able…. Life is nothing but school that does not have a graduation date until you are dead…. so DONT quit… DONT drop out …..complete all that you need to and enjoy it …..learn it…love it..understand it…be grateful for it because alot of people im sure wish that they were in “the school of LIFE”…….. instead of  “the school of DEATH”…..

Let’s STOP living backwards…….if you need a reason to LIVE – go visit a local Cemetary!