74 – 40 – 20


My Mommy is 74 and I’m 40 but we have fun like we are 20!

We had sooooo much fun today that she almost had me going to the bathroom on myself!!!!! I’m soooooo serious folk.

We had prank conversations with people today at random…had very RAMDOM people take pictures of us..then sat and “People Watched” while giggling….Okay, I’m lying…we just didn’t ONLY “giggle” because we had our own two cents to add as well as people walked by… Forgive us Lord!
We also passed an Obstetrics office and she was walking in there to ask if someone could deliver her baby right now because it was an emergency! !!


Whew honey, I hollered AND was embarrassed ALL at the same time….but indeed I didn’t care either because she almost died a few weeks ago!!!

Sounds crazy right!  So if my momma wants to prank doctors office’s acting as if she needs special services because she is pregnant. ..Mom, go right ahead!!!

Now do you understand why the blog title is simply only numbers! !!!! LOL.

NEVER act too old or too young to laugh with your family!

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Lunch Date


 Oh Mommy Dearest, how I love thee! Today I must admit was a very blessed day and I have my mommy to thank for that. My afternoon was a God send and I was glad that it involved my precious dear Momma! We have been best friends since Middle School and have NEVER really had an argument, went without talking to one another. However, our relationship shifted into a very unexpected era between 2009 and 2010 and started being restord this year of 2011. It really had me distraught and took me into a slight depression it seemed, as least 3 days a week. Come to find out that, due to my mom having a stroke and me being the closet to her out of all of the siblings….she took out ALL and I mean ALL of her feelings, frustrations and disappointments on me. Yeah, I may understand that “NOW” , however I still feel that is too long of a time to disrupt a relationship.  Listen, I “try not” to question God and His marvelous plans and works…. >>>>key word here is ” TRY”….. Now I am having a Steve Harvey moment!.. LOL >>> Dont judge me, God is still working on me!!

Welp, thank goodness that she “has come to herself” and God allowed me to discern what was going on before any more damage could have been done.

I am convinced that “even un – religious….un – saved…. and un – spiritual people recognize that the devil..the enemy… or what some people call ” negative forces or influneces ” despises the art form of A FAMILY UNIT. I have been getting a great deal better of knowing what battles to fight and what battles to expeditiously give to the Lord…… WITHOUT TRYING TO TAKE THEM BACK! Let alone giving Him my silly input that He surely does not need, want or desire. Just grateful for my mother STILL being alive and having the activity of her limbs, a full working mind and besides a little back pain and her hip bothering her every now and then….. She is doing great! I lost my father 4 years ago and God blessed me to still have my mother so I shall not / will not part my lips to complain.

So……I shall continuously command my spirit to continuously bless the Lord in spite of what is going on with me, my mother, my sister, my brother or my kids. God knew that “each day” of every trial and tribulation would take place in my life so why fret? He knows… He cares… He prepares… He makes the way….He gives peace…He gives compassion..He gives clarity….He gives wisdom..He gives direction… He gives LOVE! I desire to maintain being obedient even with the “tiny things” because those little tiny things… tiny hens…tiny foxes can set me / a person in general disobeying God back 3 days… or 9 weeks… 6 months….. or 12 years.

I am not from Israel but I love them via the “stock and lineage” from which they come from BUT I DONT WANT TO BE LIKE THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL >>>>>>40 years<<<<<< No thank you! #MyMotherisAwesome