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I have been exposed to diversity all of my life but over the last 10 years I have reshifted my focus towards my OWN community. Was it right? No? Did I feel that I had just cause? Yes – the way that the COMMUNITY acts towards one another from within the COMMUNITY left me no choice but to mentally – physically – emotionally – financially – and sometimes even spiritually from the community.

However, after seeing a movie on August 20, 2013 and it changed me in a way that I scared even myself – I love PEOPLE in general and watching history take place and unfold in front of me on a big screen with total silence in the room ( minus a few parts of a movie that may have been edited for viewing ) still made me become aware of emotions that I had NO IDEA I had the ability to even feel towards another person. However – after the movie was over – I went to go and “speak to myself” and purge what I was feeling –

Although I ONLY spoke for about 10 minutes – I still felt as if I indeed had soo much MORE to say – but I was TERRIFIED how it would actually leave from my lips – Black History has a great deal of blemishes in it….. but it cannot be ERASED but it can be used as a tool of how WE ALL CAN do better and promote and push for LOVE AND EQUALITY – Did I get upset? Yes, Did I cry? YES, Did I become bitter? No, Did I pause and re-evaluate my friendships of anyone who is white in my life? Yes.

Did it change my views of them? NO!!  Ugghhh!! Racism is ugly …

Now that I am BETTER and I have CALMED myself down – I feel great – I feel good – I feel free – I feel blessed – I feel strong – I feel different – I feel worthy – I feel accomplished – I feel valued – I feel blessed – I feel invincible – I feel beautiful – I am just honored that I can EVEN FEEL ANYTHING –

Dear ( ME )

Hunger Baby!

Yeah buddy, I just finished watching this – OF COURSE……. OF COURSE…. OF COURSE….. this movie has been out forever right! LOL

Yeah… I know that I was LIKE REALLY LATE, seeing this movie but I am glad that I did….. I mean the commercials that they put out did not phase me at all. However, a great deal of people stated that in most of these types of movies that there is always a huge following via book readers before the films are even made. Well, yes I do read…but I would never buy this type of Genre of book to read… Even with the TWILIGHT SAGA circus – I really have grwon to dig me some Twilight but I have NOT read any of the books or will I……

Going to the movies at least 2 times a week, I will no longer pre – judge every movie like I have been doing over the last few years….

Nonetheless, indeed I liked this movie and now I CANNOT wait until Hunger Games Part 2 comes into the movie theatre!


Dark Knight- Batman Premier – Sad News

Lord, Lord, Lord!!! I do NOT ever want to feel this type of pain!!! Losing a loved one by way of violence has to be one of the most HORRID things to experience!–abc-news-topstories.html


In the wake of the SAD tragedy from last nights killings, I think that Bill Cosby said it best here……. America– why cant we do better? Seriously!!!??? UGGHH


Late Night Hanging –

Okay after picking up the little bambino via his return from being away at camp for a whole week… He was on a serious mission not to go STRAIGHT home! I surely did not understand how he had the energy to desire to hang and do anything additional besides take a shower, get something to eat, lay on the couch, play a game, read a book, talk to ME then go to sleep!! LOL

I watched the movie but I was so cold from the theatre and just tired in general, that I was ready to go HOME!!

Nope, he wanted to make a stop and see his Aunt but she was not home so called her and she chose to meet up with us…. My son and I went to the movies and saw Spider Man and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! This was the best one yet.. seriously and I was freezing in the movie theatre but I had so much fun seeing him so happy  that I forgot how cold I actually was!

Just seeing my baby happy made me appreciate being a mother and realizing how important that QUALITY and QUANTITY are both just as important to little kids! I ended up seeing other friends of ours at the movie theatre and chatted and talked about LIFE! Having fun…living a fun and healthy life…still participating in ministry but most importantly…..HAVING BALANCE!



Dear ( ME )

Being A Critic 4 Today

Dear Movie Theatre… Can I please have my money – my time as well as my anticipation back that I feel was stolen from me by participating in the percentage rate of people who went to see this movie?




Yeah… today I am being a critic on the movie that opened this weekend called The Avengers…. UGGGHH – I had my hopes “so high” …. Now it was reported a few hours ago on CNN that the movie WORLD WIDE has made over $500 million dollars in sales…. WOW really? I am thinking that everyone like me was maybe so hyped to see it but did they also leave the movie theatre with their heads down as well. The movie made $18.2 million Thursday night at the 12 midnight early screening…. The movie surely did bust my little bubble…


Please insert sad face right here  >>>>  ____________! I was so bored….So not moved… It was like it had too many super heros and the writer / director based upon ALL of their lines in the movie made them all stars. Everyone was over shining each other besides Scarlette Johansen.

Not that it matters what I think BUT I was so glad to see her play a real super hero (in a sense) rather than just a pretty face wearing a tight uniform. She was not really considered a super hero but her role “at least was able to blend” into the movie.

Hands down …Iron Man and Thor were clearly MY favorites because they more so lived up to their original personalities in the film. Granted, the REAL LIFE man ( Chris Hemsworth ) that plays the character THOR is so PAINFULLY beautiful so even if his acting was horrible – I may not have noticed it! LOL


Captain America, sorry to say WAS SO NOT NEEDED as well as the other cast mates that turned against the Avengers…. I am still trying to discover if it is worth me waisting my precious brain cells understanding where did Samuel L. Jackson’s role come into play besides the movie needing to add someone who was African American somewhere…..

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Marvel's The Avengers - 2012

His role was sooooooo boring…. he had no real story line ..not even a tiny background from his past to tie him into why he was the one able to call all the shots in the first place….. I understand that Samuel L. Jackson truly is “the man” via Hollywood but not via this movie! The vilan was the most interesting person to watch in this movie besides Iron ManRobert Downey Jr. in this role reminds me of ME! Scary…

  Thor’s crazy, unloved, miserable and demoic brother had the WHOLE MOVIE based around him to be honest!! Oh and one more complaint that I have…… Now the ONLY reason why The Hulk should have been included in this movie should have been strictly for his brains and the need for his strenght still did not REALLY tie into the movie I do not feel…..

 AGAIN!! THOR was my favorite!

Image Detail


Hunger Cash!

I have been REALLY trying to put it off because I do not have any desire to view this MONEY MAKING MACHINE!  ….


 I am taking my son to see this movie that made $155 million dollars in 4 days!


Making that type of money would make me Hungry too!  This movie should be made reference to Hunger Cash…..LOL

I really think that this movie is killing in the box office because The Harry Potter SILLY Saga is over and the new Twilight Movie is not due out until the end of the year! I could be wrong though…..

People love to be entertained and look good and that is indeed why SPORTS, MUSIC AND FASHION makes BILLIONS of dollars every year!

Whew…. I need an idea and invention quick!! Oh.. I need some sponsors too!