Helping Self...

Addicition Maybe?

Now the photo above COULD represent me just taking a photo with a saleswoman in a store correct? Welp…. that would be too much like common sense Im sure- Or could it have been THE LORD using her to stop me from going any further? The lady did seem very excited to see me, we both introduced our kids to one another whom had not seen one another in 8 short / long years! She saw me in an aisle and looked at me and stated that I looked as if I did not need another stitch of clothing for my closet…….

She would not know that because I only had 4 things in my arms, so what would make her have that huge assumption of me I am wondering?

She is my cousin who just happens to work at a store that I GO INTO EVERYDAY to buy something…. Yeah.. I know that is not normal – pray for me instead of laughing at me okay! Or how about pray for me instead of judging me! LOL

My son just so happened to see a movie called Confessions of a Shopaholic and said….Mommy that is you! REALLY? My sister chimmed in and said definately that is you – I did watch the movie and surely I did NOT utter one word until it was over and said –  I AM NOT THAT BAD! However, when she went into her freezer to defrost her credit card….. I felt a need to pray – cry – laugh – giggle AND REPENT all at the same time! Weird I know…

I know that God HAS TO HELP ME with this little ” problem ” that keeps bothering me! UUGGGHHHH!!!! Does it make it ANY better that I do pay my bills as well as my weekly tithes / offerings AND give to non profits? Well, as long as I do give back right?

The church is waiting for ME tomorrow and there MUST be a tiny spot with my name on it so that I can get on my knees and ask for HELP! Yikes….


Dark Knight Rises – Batman

Movie was amazing, I mean SERIOUSLY! Please go and see this epic youthful…teenage…young adult…adult and senior citizen movie! LOL ……

ANYONE at any age would  love this seriously….. at least any American! The Dark Knight Rises, Batman Movie made me sad but a must see! Watching The Dark Knight is like gazing into a mirror on a waning moon night: chilling and mesmerizing.  You know you’re watching a good movie when it puts a smile on your face right from the start. In the The Dark Knight it may be a twisted grimace but given the right perspective there’s enjoyment to be had in even the bleakest subject matter!

'The Dark Knight Rises' Trailers and Clips


Of course…. my 10 year old son wants this costume for Christmas! I was like huh??? Boy let’s go! lol – We will find the poster!

Christain Bale is the man that played Batman again and he was super #beautiful DOT.COM



Dear ( ME )

Being A Critic 4 Today

Dear Movie Theatre… Can I please have my money – my time as well as my anticipation back that I feel was stolen from me by participating in the percentage rate of people who went to see this movie?




Yeah… today I am being a critic on the movie that opened this weekend called The Avengers…. UGGGHH – I had my hopes “so high” …. Now it was reported a few hours ago on CNN that the movie WORLD WIDE has made over $500 million dollars in sales…. WOW really? I am thinking that everyone like me was maybe so hyped to see it but did they also leave the movie theatre with their heads down as well. The movie made $18.2 million Thursday night at the 12 midnight early screening…. The movie surely did bust my little bubble…


Please insert sad face right here  >>>>  ____________! I was so bored….So not moved… It was like it had too many super heros and the writer / director based upon ALL of their lines in the movie made them all stars. Everyone was over shining each other besides Scarlette Johansen.

Not that it matters what I think BUT I was so glad to see her play a real super hero (in a sense) rather than just a pretty face wearing a tight uniform. She was not really considered a super hero but her role “at least was able to blend” into the movie.

Hands down …Iron Man and Thor were clearly MY favorites because they more so lived up to their original personalities in the film. Granted, the REAL LIFE man ( Chris Hemsworth ) that plays the character THOR is so PAINFULLY beautiful so even if his acting was horrible – I may not have noticed it! LOL


Captain America, sorry to say WAS SO NOT NEEDED as well as the other cast mates that turned against the Avengers…. I am still trying to discover if it is worth me waisting my precious brain cells understanding where did Samuel L. Jackson’s role come into play besides the movie needing to add someone who was African American somewhere…..

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Marvel's The Avengers - 2012

His role was sooooooo boring…. he had no real story line ..not even a tiny background from his past to tie him into why he was the one able to call all the shots in the first place….. I understand that Samuel L. Jackson truly is “the man” via Hollywood but not via this movie! The vilan was the most interesting person to watch in this movie besides Iron ManRobert Downey Jr. in this role reminds me of ME! Scary…

  Thor’s crazy, unloved, miserable and demoic brother had the WHOLE MOVIE based around him to be honest!! Oh and one more complaint that I have…… Now the ONLY reason why The Hulk should have been included in this movie should have been strictly for his brains and the need for his strenght still did not REALLY tie into the movie I do not feel…..

 AGAIN!! THOR was my favorite!

Image Detail


Frustrated – Random – OMG


Whew Lord…. Ministry…Life…  THEN AGAIN – Life….Ministry is all the same and both relative when it comes to ME….

When I am silent it is ONLY because I am either over thinking…. tired of waiting…. about to blow my top…. need a HUGE hug… crying inside….. falling apart….. AND CANNOT!  GEESH .. I  need a JESUS V-8!

Whether for friends or family… NEVER – EVER chase love…affection or attention! If it is not freely given then you surely should not want it…crave it…..or my goodness even think about it. Regardless of whom the individuals are or were to you…. Love yourself MORE! More so, the love…affection and attention that you are seeking is not worth your precious time nor space!

Im better now….. because the bible just is not a book of words but it is a book of SEEDS! I will continue to speak the word back to MYSELF….The Bible isn’t just a book of words it’s a book of seeds! Speak the word! Decree a thing and it shall be established! So will the words that come out of my mouth not come back empty–handed.

They’ll do the work I sent them to do, they’ll complete the assignment I gave them! Children of Light it’s harvest time!