We Will Never Know –

This video may not be for everyone – this is a mock video that was made LAST YEAR in 2012 but it still has Life….. View it  and please “channel” your emotions – thoughts WISELY.


You and My Son…..

  Darrell Turner

                                                                            Jaylen C. Coleman

Darrell, you and my son Jaylen were like brothers and I wish that I could come home and see you asleep on my couch again!!!!! Although you are no longer here to share your smile with us….. just know that my son and your brother / friend misses you dearly. June 23, 2011 changed the lives of soooo many people because that is the night that you were taken away so suddenly….

We cannot imagine how your parents and family are feeling about your life being taken a year ago but we know that you are with the Lord. Thank you Darrell for allowing me to get to know you and choosing to also becoming apart of The Coleman FAMILY. I love you dearly….

I pray that the person who murdered you will receive what is deserved and justice on your behalf will indeed be served. 





I wonder –

Please look at this photo and tell me why the officer is CLEARLY spraying mace at the little girl?

Wonder if this happened in FLORIDA as well!!!  No it was not in Florida but everyone in that state surely is on edge in that state even the local prisoners!

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<p>The booty warriors are ready for that ass<br /><br /><br /><br />

Would this be an EXAMPLE of stand your ground legislation? Maybe we can ask Govenor Jed / Jeb Bush perhaps….

To some people this may seem TOO graphic ..but losing a life via murder is indeed GRAPHIC! This is someone else’s mother – sister – daughter – aunt – friend who just gunned down and killed in the street as she was running away like the rest of the crowd.

Meaning the gun man should NOT have felt threatened but he not only shot her but made sure that she was DEAD by shooting her again at close range.

 In AMERICA, it still shows that POLITICS seems to ” get in the way ” of  real justice…..

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<p>It be like that sometimes


Just Wondering…..

I love POLITICS but………….. politics via Florida’s Legislation  has indeed KILLED this boy! Almost every law that we are still going by was made many – many years ago…. Some of these laws NEED to be re – addressed – AMENDDED as soon as possible before any more people ( black men especially ) are killed. GEESH

America is so backwards in a great deal of things that we do, believe in and act out and call it LEGAL! This country “literally” lets you get away with Murder but if you check the statistical data on other countries like Mexico, China and Czech Republic…those people seem to think TWICE before committing hard-core crimes.

More than 900,000 people have signed a petition on Change.org demanding the arrest of shooter George Zimmerman. See the extent of protests across the country and tell us if you plan to participate. http://on.cnn.com/GLwXXQ