I Have Never –


I have NEVER seen or even heard of a BLACK Lion!!! This is absolutely stunning! It looks like its reputation with this color coating! God surely has allowed some beautiful things to be created here on earth in the form of animals! I hope that this lion “is indeed AN ORIGINAL” because you know that “man is always” trying to change and RE -INVENT something! ESPECIALLY things that should not be bothered!


Yeah, I took another Political Poll!

The survey, titled “Where Do You Fit”: http://typology.people-press.org

I totally disagreed with even the line of questioning when I skimmed it over before I took the quiz. For it being 2012, I felt that the questions were almost outdated and the verbiage was not compelling enough to give an accurate answer.

That is one of the biggest issues even with surveys from years past and present; they allow the survey taker to have to much time to think about the answer that they desire to give.

My personal score was VERY inaccurate that it made me upset and gave me a broader aspect of how “made up” some of these political polls they present to the public making it appear that citizens feel a certain way on major key issues.

The questions did not change my political attitude but I can see how the type of questions that were used could make a person re – think some views that they have on a particular subject. Furthermore, when I saw the phrase political attitude in this week’s assignment, it basically means to me your political party affiliation. Also a person’s political attitude cannot be predicted over questions because a lot of people may have opinions from two different type of party affiliations, like myself included!

I believe that your political attitude is more so what views you hold with particular stances and the more stances that you share with a certain political party meshes you into that party. For the last 7 years, I have always considered myself 75 percent Republican and 25 percent Democrat. However a great deal has changed in ALL of the parties and it can be quite a mess trying to decipher where you stand within them all.

It is almost like a smorgasbord of political views that it seems almost impossible for anyone to TOTALLY be considered one party affiliation!

If you want a GENUINE answer from the public, why not hire a team who specializes in surveys so that they came create a simplistic question that will give a more concrete answer?


Are you a Democrat ? ___ Republican? ____ Liberal? _____

Did you vote last November in the General Election?
Do you feel that Roe vs Wade legislation should be ammeded?

Do you feel that America is doing enough for blue collar workers?
Do you feel that only certain jobs should be increased above the national minimum wage?

Those are the types of questions that will give straight forward answers without making the person taking the survey think too much about the question as well as take up too much time. If the survey has too many questions, requires too much thought or makes the person have a borderline answer, can cause a problem of inaccuracy when they turn it in.

Some people take surveys to get free gifts etc. and if they are not getting anything out of it they may even just scribble anything to get you out of their face. To me that is what this survey felt like; it felt like a LIBERAL put it together, especially with those types of questions / statements that were asked.

So even though The Professor is asking us in week 7 to assess how the questions on the survey can predict a respondent’s political attitude / party. I feel that I was able to do both! Assess how the questions of the survey predict the political attitude of the person / people THAT MADE THE SURVEY as well as the Respondents!

Question 3 talked about foreigners coming into the country

Question 9 talked about immigrants

Question 10 talked about racial discrimination

Question 18 talked about social class

Question 20 talks about race AGAIN

Those 5 out of 20 questions above, could give the appearance if answered incorrectly via the Survey Maker dictate that the person was from a minority group. They basically are pulling out a sense of racial profiling within a survey so to speak.

Question 1 and Question 12 and Question 19 could allow the Survey Maker believe that how a person would answer those questions contrary to what they would have predicted could allow them to assume that they were a part of a radical and intensified group or religious group with very strong beliefs.

Then you have the others questions like :

Question 7

Question 14

These SPECIFIC would assist the Survey Maker in assuming predicated on the answers if the respondents own guns, have law enforcement / military officers within their family or they believe in the right to bear arms.

We can predict a great deal of things but that does not deem them to be true. Also if you a person already feels strongly about key certain topics and they are trying to assume what someone else is thinking or may have meant, it would be very hard for them to give a neutral answer.