This Made My Evening –


Like SERIOUSLY…. This was soo awesome –  It made me think of STEREOTYPES and looking at him …..most people would have thought that he indeed would have been RAPPING! I pray that even if he does not win the show that God opens many doors for him!


Americans ROCK Olympic Gold!

When I was SIXTEEN years old…. I was playing outside, collecting stuffed teddy bears, and just getting into sports like volleyball, cross country and track! Now this girl right here, had more interesting things to do at the age of sixteen! Be at the olympics!! LOL
 Being apart of a team from the beginning to END – is indeed a beautiful thing to see!
The “Fab Five“: for the first time since 1996, the U.S. wins Olympic gold in women’s team gymnasticsPictured (from left to right): Kyla Ross, McKayla Maroney, Alexandra Raisman, Jordyn Wieber, Gabrielle Douglas

Photo: Anthony Quintano / NBC News

Helping Self...

Today’s Wow Moment –

I am not a huge Oprah #FAN but I really thought that this was very interesting….. I think that it maybe a little “safe to say” that she ONLY replied back, due to the negativity of the comment!


Wednesday Night Recital


Ummm…my son had yet ANOTHER activity during the evening and tonight’s episode just so happens to be his music / chorus concert at his school. It is weird …… some days I SUPER complain because I am tired all the time but then at the same token…my son does need to find himself busy with activities / things to get involved in. Tonite was no different and YES! he made me proud but being up there on stage singing…however oh was I tired….


The kids were amazing and 50 other parents were stepping all over each other to take photos of their little babies… / their son or daughter! I get so mad sometimes when I have to run so much because there is not really anyone else who can run like I can when it pertains to my son….. I am going to FINALLY just invest in a Nanny for real…..I am way too tired 80% of my week not to have one………… LOL

I ended up being rejuvinated when I ran into people that I knew and of course my son could not wait until it is over because that meant picture time…. Nonetheless….it is always nice going to my son’s school via programs….PTA…..meetings…fundrasiers etc. The school system is very supportive and the parents are as well. There is only about 100 students in my son’s school and we are all a tight nit community from within. It is actually nice! Now just figure……he also has a band recital, a saxophone recital, a Baseball game tomorrow and Sunday and a Soccer game Saturday. Now I did not even mention the things that I chose to CANCEL due to the fact that I do NOT get any rest!!  My life is crazy – fun – tiresome – interesting!


Dear ( ME )

Encouragement Random-

Good Morning WORLD……. Today is a new day that none of us has ever seen…. so what are YOU going to do with it!! Positivity is KEY — Because today is surely not promised to any of us so I have started dancing until my feet hurts… laughing until my side aches…..

I have learned that mistakes are meant to be learned from and NOT repeating… so the remaining years that I may be graced with will be full of  less regrets as possible….

My struggles have proved for me to have remained strong and powerful…. practical and spiritual….I am indeed a gift and choose to make God proud!

Allowing God to work on me has been a painful yet joyful experience all at the same time…. LOL – Humility does not mean that I think less of MYSELF….. it just means that I have learned to think of myself less so that I can think of OTHERS!


Mitt Romney –

 is what I think about with ONLY one Republican Candidate

is what I think about with ONLY Republican Candidate

That Republican Candidate is Rick Santorum…..So I am REALLY trying to figure out why would a country that was BUILT and supposedly STANDS on the principles of Faith, Morals, Ethics, Values etc. would vote for a person who is AGAINST what the country that he lives in stands for?

I know that America is the melting pot of the world and we are indeed home of the free and the land of the brave – but come on!  GEESH!!!

Barack Obama may be in trouble, but he’s got four very big things going for him. He can raise a billion dollars, he’s got the best grassroots operation in history, he’s an incumbent president, and he’s got a Steve Jobs-like reality distortion field when he’s in campaign mode. This is the guy who came out of nowhere in 2008; he can do it again if the Republicans don’t offer a compelling alternative.

Sure, Mitt Romney‘s come a long way since then, but nobody has forgotten that this is the guy who’s staff and supporters talks CRAZY making statements like…..Mitt has more money than God, lost to Mr. Charisma, John McCain, who then got creamed by Obama. It’s simple math: If ‘a’ is greater than ‘b,’ and ‘b’ is greater then ‘c,’ then ‘a’ is greater than ‘c,’ right? In case you don’t have the decoder ring, ‘a’ is Obama, ‘b’ is McCain, and ‘c’ is Romney.

A lot of republicans won’t admit this, but when Obama was elected, they figured he’s the boss so let’s get behind him and see if he can’t fix the mess we’re in. In other words, they tried their best to be optimistic. Well, in their eyes, that didn’t turn out so well. And since Romney is charismatic and smooth, promising all the right things — not unlike our incumbent president — they’re probably wondering if this isn’t like The Who song Won’t Get Fooled Again: “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

Idealistically he seems to blow with the wind. He’s been accused of flip-flopping on core issues like health care, climate change, and abortion rights, prompting former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman to say, “You can’t be a perfectly lubricated weather vane on the important issues of the day.” And while Romney relates his private sector experience to job creation, the truth is that management consulting and private equity firms aren’t really in the business of creating jobs. So it’s easy to see how some people just don’t think he’s genuine.


Do Men Want A Strong Woman on Their Arm BUT Not in Their Lives?

Why is that?

As a black woman I can speak for FREELY in this area because of the color of my skin, me being a woman and having experienced this very thing myself. Yes, I will admit saying that I am very strong willed in various areas of my life. However, I know when and how to bend when needed.

We have either BEEN the type or we surely KNOW the type! You know ladies the over independent woman of! However, I realized that even though I have toned down , softened up, become more open and mature in a great deal over the years.. 

but NEWS FLASH people!it is NOT always the issue with the strong black woman syndrome….

I found out that it is ALSO indeed maybe the intimidatiing black man syndrome..

I have had the opportunity to talk to men of all walks of life who are:

in ministry , professional athletes, college students, un-churched, different lines of work etc

and the foundation of the questions that I asked and the answers that I received were just what the title of my BLOG SAID!

It is like when you have heard.. men like a lady in public but a freak in the bedroom.. ( please dont be deep.. we all have heard that )

However it is the SAME WAY with strong women…… Yes even as I am typing this now.. the Lord dropped Sara Palin in my spirit..

Women.. we are strong.. needed.. adored and desired… MEN NEED US and we need them but a great deal of them do not realize it ( yet )

However… they want what we can HELP THEM DO… To have a strong woman in a man’s life who does not know who he is can be deadly..

I said to myself regarding the males that I had talked to.. wow.. they desire to have it be known that they have a strong woman meaning:

she has the capability to take care of the home

take care of the kids

have 2 to 3 degrees

have a decent paying job

knows how to make much out of nothing

has the ability to network to get her husband ahead

and the list goes on like a bad credit report of the abilities, attributes charachteristics that women are capable of doing…. but to REMAIN in their lives for the long haul.. THEY DONT WANT IT!!

Most of their replies where like….. that is good for a minutes.. but in the end.. I dont want a woman who knows or can do more than I can!!

WOW RIGHT! However, I loved and appreciated the honesty

So I said all of this to say…

” Know YOUR Worth Ladies… and Never Go on Sale”….