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Networking With Positivity –


You’ll attract what you depict about yourself. So if you want to be with / or around a certain type of person then you have to display it in all facades, mentally, physically and spiritually.

I remind my son daily that although it is important to have a variety of friends. Having manners, saying please and thank you, knowing how to interact with common sense is very basic but indeed VERY vital.

However, if he plays the drums, the tenor saxophone, plays baseball, plays soccer, plays basketball and reads books on a weekly basis – It would NOT be such a great idea if he started hanging around friends who did NOTHING that he participated in. It is like being unequally matched up even as friends.

No your friends should not do everything the same, but it would make sense to spend your time with individuals who are like minded.

I am not speaking of ONLY personal male female relationships…. I am talking in reference to ANY type of places in life that you desire to catapult to.

Winners notice winners and mock what they did or are doing so that they too, can not only become a winner as well but maintain being a winner.

The image you portray yields the person you’ll draw to you so don’t get mad at what’s coming to you…check the mirror and see what you’re displaying!


Doing Your Part

Maintaining a positive attitude keeps a smile on your face and makes you pleasant to be around.  Don’t be deterred by those who don’t believe in the importance of positive thinking.  There are enough other people who will be positively influenced.

Demonstrate the importance of excellence by being the best you can be.  Don’t settle for “good enough” or mediocrity.  You should be able to be proud of the quality of all your work.  Avoid doing the minimum needed to just get by.

Be honorable, trustworthy, and dependable.  Speak out against injustice.  Be your own person.  Don’t go along with the crowd for the sake of acceptance.  Stick up for your friends and don’t bad mouth others.  Be a beacon of integrity.  There are far too many examples of dishonest and unethical behavior.

Don’t be a fair weather friend who is there only when times are good.  It’s when someone is down and out emotionally that they really need someone to turn to.  Be there for them even if you are the only one stepping up.

Set an example of the importance of accountability by taking responsibility for your life and circumstances.  Don’t behave like a victim by blaming others.  Don’t whine and complain.  Demonstrate the importance of a can do attitude by taking action.  Exhibit the benefits of developing effective problem solving skills.

Admit when you are wrong and apologize.  No one is perfect.  Continually strive to improve.  Set an example of humility.  There’s no need to brag or show off, especially when it hurts others.  Take advantage of your strengths while endeavoring to overcome your weaknesses.

Stay young at heart in order to maintain a sense of wonder and excitement.  Maintain an attitude of gratitude for all of the good things in your life you should be thankful for.  Don’t take things or people for granted.



Strange Facts –

Wonder why we / people say things that they don’t mean or mean things and we ignore them….1. There is always a little truth behind every I’m “JUST KIDDING”2. A little knowledge behind every ummm….”I DONT KNOW”

3. A little emotion behind every whatever, “I DONT CARE”

4. A little LOVE behind every”HATE”

5. A little PAIN behind every well really, “IT’S Ok”
Helping Self..., Women's Stuff

networking and women

Networking surely is a tool that can and should be used to connect with other men and women of God across the country. It does not matter
what color, creed or denomination they are a part of, if their foundation is Jesus, lifting up and not tearing down then “to some degree”, those “types” of individuals should be able to connect or cross paths, even if it is on a temporary basis!

The need for women in general to have a positive and fulfilling network of friends is a necessity that we can NO LONGER take for granted.  Networking has the capability to provide support, dedication and love. It is my desire to continue to open my heart and home to those in need. With the support and encouragement of many, God wants women to create and establish a sisterhood which can be used today which will bring an inspiration and outlet to many women.

Fellowship offers so many benefits. What better way to get to know someone better than by spending time with them in a positive environment. You will be compelled to open your heart and mind to all that is available to you through the humble yet invigorating workshops and events. We
support unity, togetherness, comradely and fellowship completes them all. Encouragement and support are key factors for friendship that are found to be missing today. Our values are Honesty, Fear of God, Love for All, Search for Wisdom and Loyalty. These values form the base of our Sisterhood.

With other like-minded women that you meet, you can establish meetings, workshops and events structured to motivate, empower and
educate women in every area of their lives. Workshops can vary but are great tools of open instruction and create a sound platform for discussion and connection. As women we all have something to relate to each other about, we just have to take the time to talk and listen. Workshops cover current local and national issues, motivational topics, parenting, financial development and many others that directly impact women and their families.

As women, WE ALL have a purpose in life and we NEED to nurture each other’s dreams, expectations and goals. We should push and
offer total support in continuing education, business ownership and spiritual development. Through the Sisterhood you are encouraged to pursue your dreamsand goals. We must strive to support each other through trials, good time and those most challenging.

Opportunity is here. With much needed support, we as women should not only get paid for what they can offer but should make time to volunteer “some” of their God given service abilities. You never know how these opportunities can turn into community partnerships!!

Helping Self..., Women's Stuff


Everyone Needs A Mentor Who Holds Great Substance! I’m always looking for Great Women of God to learn from.

It is my earnest prayer that “you too” be sincere and ask The Lord, to team you up with someone as well! No matter how big or how small the problem is, God can fix it.

There is nothing that God cannot heal! Be encouraged on today and know that this is only for a season. Don’t complain about what YOU may allow to happen in your life. You are in control of your own destiny.

It is up to you, to PUSH your way through the hard struggles. What exactly are you made of? Get to the House of The Lord and you will soon find out. You know how we do.. we go through and want to leave the church! We blame the church, the saints and of course God! Look in the mirror sometimes and you will get the answer that you have been searching for……

I am not saying that walking with Christ is a bed of roses! However, Faith makes things POSSIBLE, not EASY! You may say that you desire to have your life sitting easy and pretty, but the truth of the matter is, you don’t!

We all like a “good fight.” So for another year that The Lord has kept you and brought you through to see 2005, Make a Convenant to stop complaining! Whatever happens…. let it happen….. it will be alright!