Morning Note –


Time decides who you meet in life

Your heart decides who you want in your life

and your behavior decides who stays in your life

Many people have searched for a life with happiness. Some state that they have found such life, while others belief that such a life does not exist in reality. In fact, happiness is different for every individual; it has different definitions and values for everyone. Many people find happiness in small achievements, while others want to be successful in order to be happy. Every individual has different opinions about happiness.

Now, many of you must be thinking if we can actually find and lead a happy life. Honestly, it solely depends on you, whether you are prepared to do anything to live with happiness or you are just lying in a couch and dream of a happy life.

You need to find out the things that make you happy and then achieve those things. You can know that you are on the right track or not, if you feel comfortable and start enjoying your everyday tasks. You need to struggle hard to get the happiness. However, if you feel that you are not on the right track, do not think that you deserve to be unhappy.



Great Day!! / Life is Good!!


There is power in 3’s……. Great things happen in 3’s…

I cannot even expound upon how amazingly blessed my whole day was today!!! Life is good, it really is!


From as early as 7 am, it has been a very good day!!!! Fellowship is indeed something that I do not take for granted. Life is good, it really is!


Family-friendly fellowship does something to my very being and having GENUINE people in your life is like a pill that I CHOOSE to take on a daily because they make me feel better!!!! Life is good, it really is!


I cant explain how great that I feel at this present moment but if I could draw you a photo, it may look like a bunch of paint just splattered everywhere! Lol


Having God in my life brings me soooooooooooo much peace that even when I have bad days, it allows me to make the choice NOT to complain! Life is really is!


Peace and Joy are special gifts from up above that cannot be given bargained for. So indeed, I do thank God for allowing me to breath again!!!!!! Whew.. Life is good, it really is!


Being able to share all of this love, peace and happiness with my son is just simply amazing… He has the desire to be a better person and he understands who Christ is which in itself is enough to be excited about.



Old friends are also blessings that I cherish in my life and I have learned how to take care and nurture these few relationships that I still choose to keep alive in my life.


Also establishing new friendships can be a good thing as well and just being OPEN to what God will have for me because Life indeed really is good!!! Thank you Jesus!


Monday’s Prayer –

From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffers violence & the violent take it by force! Violent Faith will tear the roof off of a house to get in the presence of Jesus! Violent faith will not be defeated, denied, or destroyed! Violent faith will endured, expand, & outlast fear, doubt, & unbelief until victory has been achieved! No retreat! No surrender!
Heavenly Father You are my source and strength, in Your Word do I trust. Have your way today in the lives of you children. Correct us, Bless us, Heal, and strengthen us Father as learn to be more like Your Son Jesus Christ. You are great and Your name is so Great. Their is none like You. So we Praise You for who you are and thank You for loving us.
In Jesus Name Amen.

Kids and the Bible

Many Christian parents face a paradox: How can some children hear the good news of the Bible and believe, while others hear the same message and remain unaffected? While the process of faith may be miraculous, it is not entirely mysterious. Jesus explained it in His parable of the sower (Matthew 13:1-23). Teaching received without understanding kills the yield. Faith with shallow roots withers and dies. Distractions, worries and desires for other things choke the Word. But one who hears the Word and understands it bears fruit.

How can we help our children receive the Word and bear fruit? Jesus’ parable inspires several practical planting tips.

 Many parents and teachers attempt to impart faith primarily through the transfer of Bible facts. Those seeds will not likely take root unless kids truly understand the meaning of the facts. Sunday school worksheets often use fill-in-the-blanks and word puzzles to drill children on their factual knowledge. But unscrambling the word forgiveness in a puzzle is far less important than understanding the meaning of forgiveness.

Hearing is not enough. Reading is not enough. Memorizing is not enough — unless your goal is to produce a Bible “Jeopardy” champion. Concentrate your time on helping kids really understand God’s Word, its relevance today and how you apply it.


Being The Best….


You cant be the best when their will ALWAYS be someone who has more…can do more… etc!

To be successful you have to enjoy doing your best while at the same time contributing to something beyond yourself.

However, it is possible for you to be the best at being yourself because no one can beat you at being you!

I believe that I was lucky  / blessed to have suffered. Some people don’t realize that in suffering there is great potential, because if you are deprived for any reason.. politically, financially, socially or otherwise.. and if you set your mind in the right direction, you will find that the only way to survive is for you to excel, by being better so you can be treated better.

Always to try to keep in mind that …….  Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there and that is BEING THE BEST…


#Random –

We cannot hold back the wave which the sea flings upon the beach; we cannot control the winds and the clouds and the other forces of nature; we cannot keep away the frosts which threaten to destroy our summer fruits; we cannot shut out of our doors, that sickness which brings pain and suffering; or that sorrow which leaves its poignant anguish! We cannot prevent the misfortune which comes through others, or through public calamity.

 In the presence of all this class of evils—we are utterly powerless; they are irremediable by any wisdom or strength of ours! Why, then, should we endeavor to carry them, only to vex ourselves in vain with them! There will always be individuals who will remember the things that you used to do! However, let that be an encouragement as well as a motivator to help you stay focused on where YOU NEED TO BE according ” to Christ” instead of man!

Do not carry what you chose to give up! Do not allow people to remind you of where you once were! Do not invite past negativity into your present victories! It is the past!

Besides, there is no reason why we should even try to carry them! It would be a very foolish little child, in a home of plenty and of love—which would worry about its food and clothing or about its father’s business affairs, and be all the while in a state of anxiety and distress concerning its own safety and comfort. The child has nothing whatever to do with these matters! Its father and its mother are attending to them.

Philippians 3:13

No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead,