Dear ( ME )

office visits, schoool and life

EVERYTIME I am at the doctor’s office…my brain starts wandering and the analogies that I get and put together may seem weird to some but is indeed right up my alley!..  You ever notice that while you are waiting…… on the “NATURAL” doctor and the SPIRITUAL doctor ( God )…..that  you seem to have the opportunity to dig deep and calm yourself… and let your mind soar into places that “if you wasnt forced to wait ” that maybe you may not have? I know that I sound as if I am babbling….. but this is what I got “while waiting”

Life is my schoool

Trials are my exams

Tribulations are my tests

The Holy Bible is the book that I use to study

Prayer is my study notes

The Angels are my classmates and friends

God is my Principal

Jesus Christ is my Guidance Counselor

The Holy Ghost is my best friend

Praise and Worship are my school activities

Dying is me having proof that I have completed my curriculum to apply for graduation

My name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life shows that I didnt cheat my way through

Getting into Heaven is me actually graduating

The crowns that will be on my crown represents the people that I led to Christ and the obedience I have shown via Christ

Dear ( ME )

my bucket list….

I have had a NATURAL BUCKET LIST FOR YEARS and when the movie actually came out called Bucket List it kicked some things into gear for me! Some of the things I have done since then has really helped me discover the “real me”….. I have digged up a few things that I would like to make into my Bucket List starting TODAY!! I will posting 40 things that I would like to do before I leave this earth!! Welp,  Here we go!!!


1. Go to Italy and stay for a year

2. Learn Japanese

3. Learn to Surf

4. Go Skydiving

5. Be mentored by President Bill Clinton OR obtain 1 very intense session with him

6. Learn how to swim so that I can go swimming with the Dolphins

7. Go on an African Safari

8. Become a Licensed Archeologist so that I can study Egyptian History

9. Start a Charter School in my father’s name

10. Have a one on one with Bernice King ( Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter )

11. Become and maintain a physically fit size 8 dress size

12. Become and stay a happy, productive, wise and cherished Christian wife

13. Learn and teach Sign Language

14. Deliver a great empowering and ” error – free ” speech to America

15. Become a Health Inspector

16. Apply, Attend and Graduate Law School ( and pass the Bar Exam )

17. Get singng lessons that would gear me toward being able to sing a country song

18. Learn and master the piano

19. Learn and master the guitar

20. Learn how to box

21. Start  a Christian Camp for kids

22. Meet Ken Wanatbe and  Chow Yun Fat ( Japanese Actors )

23. Go to  a Baltimore Ravens Football game and have great seats

24. Watch a Super Bowl game with Ray Lewis ( Line Backer for Ravens )

25. Become a Sports Agent

26. Cover a NFL game as a Sports Analyst

27. Become a News Reporter

28. Live in 2 other states / 1 out West and 1 down South

29. Walk on the beach at night and run in the rain with my husband

30. Have lunch with Dick Gregory

31. Run a marathon

32. Write a weekly coulmn for The New York Post

33. Be featured in Ebony and Essence Magazine

34. Be a Presidential Staff Employee

35. Have a significant role in a movie

36. Hug Sean Connery and Robert DeNiro

37. Shake hands and take a photo with Nelson Mandela

38. Visit all 7 Wonders of the World

 39. Start a jewelry and t – shirt line

40. Go to Jerusalem for a week and spend 2  days with a Rabbi

Dear ( ME )

Cow Girl Part 2

Okay, now when I first heard this song, UNFORTUNATELY like alot of other people…..

I thought that he was a white male, ONLY due to the industry of country music and I was sooo wrong and it was soooo great being wrong! Even if Country Music isnt your thing, the words are just pure awesomeness!! I mean his youtube country single called “Alright” currently has over 3,872,326 views and growing! I am sure anyone who knows me is maybe thinking that I am went off of the deep end via my music choices and blogging topics but it was due to me only sharing a LIMITED portion of myself to certain people…. Being born and raised in a strict / ministerial / educated household led me to believe that there was only a “certain way” to live, think, walk, talk, live and BE.  I am Jesus Christ ALL DAY LONG, but even Jesus was DIVERSED! lol ( #teamvalarie)

 So if you are not too stiff necked, starchy and want to diversify yourself, go check out #team DARIUS RUCKER!!

Dear ( ME )

Ummm… Me? A Black Cow Girl? LOL

Country Singer, Jake Owen

Who would have EVER thought that I would BE a fan of Country Music???? However, this artist goes by the name of Jake Owen and makes me indeed “sing along”…..

Well, I do wear boots…. I do wear big hats… I do wear my hair sometimes long …( at times – LOL ) I do dance (umm, welp that may not have any truth to it.. ) but I can Salsa in the Latin Community standards…! Also,  I can and ” I DO” –  SHOUT in the black Pentecostal church… so does that count for ” DANCING”.. LOL

What else do country people do? Well I really dont know but just going by what I see via television and talking to a few friends who actually are country honky tonk to the bone. Farms, britches, and everything else.. Not judging, just going off of my own observation from what I have been around…

So back to my open ended question, so what do Country Folk do???Drink? Go to bars? Oh!! wait the BEST part!…. A great deal of them write songs about their real life but most of the songs are REALLY sad… LOL.. Welp, I dont drink but I will GUZZLE a Vitamin Water! I have tons of sad stories as well… and I too am very open and strong with my faith.. so YEP! I guess im a half country gal… ( im really laughing at myself )

The song that I am sooo loving right now is called, Barefoot Blue Jean Night ( besides the 4th verse ) is a great anthem for just feeling good, having no problems or concerns and just wanting to kick your shoes off and have a “barefoot blue jean night” …. its soo tempts you to just jump in the car and DRIVE ANYWHERE and let your hair blow in the wind!  Makes you feel like a bottle of LOVE! Trust me, you will like the song and the video, google it on youtube! ( you may not love it but its cute and fun ) use your imagination and just google it already! LOL

oh wait, here it is!! >>>>>

#teamjake!!! AND #barefootbluejeannight