#45 is my NEW Favorite Number!

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New York State Senator Eric Adams

I so ADMIRE men who will  take a STAND………….

Much love and R – E -S -P – E -C – T  towards New York State Senator Eric Adams!!!  This is an awesome way to show support for Trayvon Martin- praying that something gets done asap.

A woman threw white cooking flour on Kim Kardashian is able to be arrested with NO LEGISLATION to support it

AND Zimmerman shot and killed a person and they are taking their time arresting him  – they are moving so slow that it reminded me of when they appeared to be chasing O.J. SIMPSON years ago…

For the record, that was not a chase via O.J. Simpsom…it was more like an escort! Following a suspect on an interstate highway with a massive motocade of police following him was not acceptable then and it still is not now. However, that goes to show that if you are popular – “The Sky Still May Be The Limit”