Teacher – Nanny – Friend – Sister

It is amazing how many titles one person can become in a matter of two years!!! Oh how I love and adore her!! She is such an amzing person!!

She moved away last year and it was all of a sudden and I was of course sad and my son felt super bummed about it! However, lo and behold I found out that she temporarily moved back to the area for at least another 6 months or so – been here since this past Saturday and contacted me today! Yeah I choked her for just now getting in contact with me! But wait…. it has ONLY been 4 days! LOL Plus she is a newlywed so I have to remember my old school values and respect her schedule with her new hubby… BUT SHE MY FRIEND and I missed her! LOL

It is easy to get wrapped up in our own wounds, our own feelings of ambivalence and our fears of feeling alone in the world. After all, a love that remains unexpressed is a love that nobody knows about.  Women are KNOWN to be catty…..sneaky and of course unreliable but that is not everyone ya know!

It is not until someone finds the courage to share their feelings and open up and have a genuine sisterly relationship that they are then blessed with the knowledge that they, too, are worthy of the love they are giving.

My son OF COURSE…….. was soo elated to see her and hang out this evening! He has a crush and just cant stop grinning! LOL It is a major blessing having great friends and when your kids love them and they return love your kids ” AS IF THEY ARE THEIRS “… is amazing!

Okay before we departed…. I HAD TO GO and find a blessing for myself……. I did and look what I found! SOOO HOTT!!!


Hanging in The Heat!

I still managed to have fun in 99 degree heat today! LOL I kept telling the Lord that He can turn down the heat because I DO NOT NEED A SUN TAN on my skin – GEESH! I woke up feeling so wonderful that I scared myself! LOL …Sounds a tad bit weird I know but when so many NEGATIVE things have transpired over a time frame – genuine and non motive happiness from people at times can shock you!

When there is massive shopping, eating, laughing, fellowship, coupons, cook outs, swimming involved – so is FUN!

YES!! I spent waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much green currency today BUT oh my goodness, it was kind of worth it! LOL My pocket book may have been hollering like crazy but my heart was smiling brighter THAN THE SUN!!! So yeah, it was worth it all! Right when I feel like that there are no HONEST people left in the world… ( IM JOKING ) But for real……. it just feels so amazing to have great friens…


Conversation To My 10 Yr Old Son

This is why you shouldnt complain that there is nothing in the refrigerator when in it fact – it stays FULL

This is why you shouldnt pout when I take you to Olive Garden instead of T.G.I. Friday’s

This is why you shouldnt be mad when you want Rita’s ice but I say no when we have a blender & slushy mix at home

This is why you shouldnt ask why we cant go to subway when I can just stop at the store and buy our own lunch meat

AT LEAST ……. >>.YOU<< have options because a lot of others do not!


Another Day of Baseball

Am I freezing yet again….
Do I prefer to be at home in the bed..
Is the shopping mall calling my name…
Do I have a taste for Olive Garden
Should I go to a church event invite…
Is my mother wondering why Im not at her house…


The answer to all of my thoughts posed as questions are YES!!!

However…. The inner mommy voice was yelling at me to of course do the mommy thing EVEN when I didnt feel like it.

SMALL Observation:

I know that my son wants to only be a pitcher but hopefully….yes hopefully he can get team and sharing into his being via baseball! Yikes….Literally

We tried something different via playing for a different organization and so far it has been double amazing.

I was watching my son looking at the other Father‘s with their sons and my son looked at me and pointed at me and kissed his fingers and pointed at me!!
Yeah….yeah….although the average mom would smile…giggle and say things like awweeee how cute!

Welp…It made me mad at that moment because the man who’s sperm assisted in making my son has never been a soccer dad…..a baseball dad…. a martial arts dad…..a music lesson dad….a church dad….a school function dad….a PTA dad etc….
So to me although my son loved that I am here for him but OF COURSE he desires and craves for his father (via papers) was there for him.
Welp…. I honestly didnt know this blog was going to go this way BUT when my son hurts……SO DO I.

As my son says when im upset…
Uh oh…Momma Bear is about to come out!! Lol

Whew…I actually feel better now…
Welp…back to watching my son at baseball practice!


My Joy

…. i tell you that when i say that i LOVE my little son ^^^^^^^^^^^^…… he blesses me almost BEYOND measure…

i get mad at him because he is half spoiled but when i think of who’s fault it is …. i quickly calm down and give that smile of disgust!

LOL all jokes aside… this boy here ^^^^^^^ is  a GREAT son….. very respectful and almost a saint compared to a great deal of these kids out here today….

This photo is funny to me because it makes me think of my older sister… she alwasy cracks jokes and says that my son does not ask to go to places like wendy’s and mcdonalds like normal kids.. he asks to go to big chain restaurants like Olive Garden, Applebees ( their food is YUCKY ) TGI Fridays, Red Lobster, Grand Concourse etc. he thinks places like buffets  such as Golden Chorale isnt up his alley!

However when you have a 9 1/2 year old who has made honor roll since pre – k, is in 4 different activities, does his chores and extra, loves to talk and learn about God, does not EVEN have “scenes” acting up because certain people are not in his life like they should be and says things like ” Mom, my dad is missing out isnt he?” AND OF COURSE i tell my baby YES!!!……”Mom, I miss my brother but I will be ok”…. YES!! you sure will be okay baby!

I have to find ways not to just make him happy… but gives him what he deserves and what he has also earned via being a good and respectable kid.. so if he towants to go to  places like Olive Garden and eat soup and salad….. then so be it!