Blessed Mothers –


For ANYONE who has read a few of my posts know that besides the other RANTS that I may do from time to time – talking about being a parent – talking about politics – talking about relationships – talking about ministry – I SURELY do a great deal of blogs about who I affectionately call ym “Mommy Cakes” ……… She indeed is utterly amazing!

Blessed are the Mothers who love God, for their children shall  not be ignorant of their Creator and His plans about them.  Blessed are the Mothers who love the word of God, for their children shall know of the way, the truth and the life.

Blessed are the Mothers who love the house of God, for their  children shall enter there and sit with them in the presence of God. Blessed are the Mothers who love to pray, for their children  shall feel the power of prayer and many shall find salvation. Blessed are the Mothers who love to give to the cause of Christ,  for their children shall become supporters of the Kingdom of God.

Blessed are the Mothers who love the family altar, for they  shall have their reward in this world and in the world to come. Blessed are the Mothers who love to speak kind words to their  neighbor’s children, for thereby they shall win  other boys and girls besides their own to Jesus Christ. Blessed are the Mothers who love to be companions to their  children, for they shall be called understanding Mothers.

Blessed are the Mothers who love to fight life’s battles  bravely with a strong and steadfast faith in God, for their  children shall know where to find strength in time of need. Blessed are the Mothers who, when they are old and gray,  can look back upon memory’s wall with no regret and can say,  “I brought my children up in the fear of the Lord.”  Theirs are the mansions in glory.

Dear ( ME )

random thought! “again”…..

Study the bible to know God……so when people react you can understand and discern their positive and negative actions….however, you also must search yourself and the situation to see how you react to what you have seen……… then of course what you may have heard will help you understand your role in it….  ( the situation as a whole )

Whether to be or not to be…. Some things…well alot of things actually shouldnt get a response let alone an answer…train folk how to treat you and use opportunities to remind yourself why you dont celebrate halloween….you dont trick and then you certainly should NOT accept everyone’s treat! Every treat is not a treat and most dont / wont know it until they bite into it…. and take part in what they were not intended to have.!!!   Today will be yet another great day… I woke up believing it…I am thinking it and I have already spoke it into mere existence!

In life it is very imperative that we learn and understand “how to always” Honor God…. THEN love yourself and after that you can then properly put other THINGS…more so other people in the proper place… Order is an awesome thing to have in your life…even if the Bible didnt talk about order….it is something that everyone must apply in their everyday lives to almost stay sane! LOL  Knowing that Jesus comes 1st and keeping him in that “winning place” in your life will allow other things to just “automatically transition” ………..

I take inventory on a weekly basis to make sure that I didnt keep things that I shouldnt have and also to make sure that I didnt throw away the things that I should have kept! I went into a mode that I was doing inventory EVERYDAY…..but the Lord showed me that I was getting a little coi – coo with it! LOL…. Weekly is surely enough……. so Saturday morning meditation becomes not only spiritually and emotional ” EVENTFUL” but it has become major therapy for me…….. >>>>>> woo – sigh <<<<<