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Listening to this song ANSWERS a great deal of questions that I have

Listening to this song ANSWERS a great deal of feelings that I have


church # PART 1

Whether you are in ministry or not… by it being 2012 >> we ALL can name a few people who have insulted church ministries.

Regardless what denomination it is….what God they serve or where it is even located…. people seem to ALWAYS have some rude comments to make about” A PLACE OF WORSHIP”…….. I am not Buddhist….or Catholic….or Hindu…or Muslim…or Atheist… but I will just stop and say that I am a ChristianProtestant which breaks down to “just a follower of JESUS CHRIST”…. nothing big…. nothing fancy….just that I follow someone who I feel / believe died so that I could live….. ( for ETERNITY that is )..

So the point of this blog was that I have made several observations over the years………

I am speaking for a small percentage of the Christian African-American Churches…. this is a random blog but also an EXPERIENCE random blog……. Let me get straight to the point….

People complain about the following in the black church:

1. Giving – ( tithes, offerings, sacrificial, building fund, ministry trips, guest speakers, appreciation services, pastor’s birthday, pastoral anniversary etc. etc. etc. )

2. The Pastor ( he preach too long, he didn’t call your name out, he didn’t come see you at the hospital soon enough / long enough, he was not able to come see your child graduate, he couldn’t marry your son / daughter, his schedule never is open for you to meet with him, he didn’t shake your hand after service, he kept walking toward his office when you called his name, you feel that he has too many people around him, he didn’t pick you for a certain position etc. etc. etc. )

3. The music department (they are singing too loud, they can’t sing, they sing the same songs, the song they are singing you never heard of it, the organist is off-key, the drummer beating the drums too loud, they picked the wrong lead singer, the praise and worship was too long or too quick, the microphones were too low or loud, you don’t like how the choir director is moving, you don’t like the choir’s uniforms etc. etc. etc. )

4. The ushers ( they are to mean, they smile too much, there aren’t enough of them, they took too long to seat you, they didn’t seat you where you asked, they wouldn’t pass your note, they didn’t greet you with a smile, they didn’t offer you a fan, they ran out of programs etc. etc. etc. )

5. The dance ministry ( women shouldn’t dance in church, you don’t like their attire, you don’t like the music they are dancing to, you feel some are too old to be dancing, you feel that all the dancers should be thin, you feel they all weren’t in sync with the song etc. etc. etc. )

6. The ministry ( there are too many members, there aren’t enough members, why did the pastor put the church in this neighborhood, why isn’t there a church van, why isn’t there more than 1 church van, why does the pastor and his wife drive nicer cars than me, why does the church have to have that type of rug, why did the pastor buy a new sound system, why can’t he pick someone new to do announcements, why is this ministry still going on because they haven’t produced that much, I wish that there were more for the youth to do, we don’t have enough programs, why did the pastor put up big screens in the sanctuary, why don’t we do more in the community, why don’t we have our own daycare, etc. etc. etc. )

7. The visitors ( why do we have to greet people every Sunday, why does the choir have to sing a special song for them, why do they have to get so much attention when they come, why do they get to sit up in the front etc. etc. etc. )

8. The sermon ( why does the pastor always preach that same message, why does he only preach that way, why does he use the King James version instead of the NIV version, why does he need a laptop to preach, why does he need special glasses to drink out of, why is the only one who prayers over the people, why does he talk so much during the sermon, i think I know who he is talking about in his sermon, why are there so many elders in the pulpit, why aren’t women in the pulpit too, that is a new member – so how is he allowed to sit in the pulpit already, why does he only look certain ways when he is preaching, I think that he misquoted that line of scripture etc. etc. etc. )

9. Guest speakers ( who is she, who is he, where are they from, what church do they belong to, what denomination are they a part of, how long they been preaching, I wonder if they are a prophet, I wonder how long they are going to have us in church, I wonder if they are dating someone in the church, are they married, where is his wife, where is her husband, what does they look like, if they are not married – why they preaching so much and traveling alone, I wonder how much he’s going to ask in his offering etc. etc. etc. )

10. The church volunteers (why are they doing so much, are they getting paid, do they get some type of stipend, they probably just like the pastor, they just want to get on the pastor’s wife’s good side, one of them must be sleeping with the pastor, if i was them – I wouldn’t be spending all these extra hours at church, they must don’t have a life, they are helping out just so the pastor can promote them etc. etc. etc. )

To make it soooo bad… all of these things that I stated are ALL being said from THE SAINTS that attend the church, lead in the church, preach in the church and volunteer their time and services to work in the church and proclaim to love Jesus Christ!

The Ten Commandments weren’t made due to the fact that God didn’t have anything else better to do nor to say…. They were written in stone for a reason….they were and are meant to be obeyed. Welp, people can’t listen to their pastor, their parents, their teachers either so God surely is not shocked. For all of the people who have sooo sooo many negative things / major complaints about THEIR OWN CHURCH, other churches that they have visited or even churches that they have “heard information” about need to re – evaluate their own values.

To be continued……… YES! There is more to add and isn’t that sad! ( serious headache already )