Do Your Civic Duty Today –

Shut up and just go VOTE ….. 1 woman made a complaint and started a movement and got legislation passed to get PRAYER taken out of schools…. You hear me???? The opinion of 1 woman!! I wonder why she wants God name on the money that she spends everyday….. UGGHH

Helping Self...

Body Parts and Gas


SELLING BODY PARTS at the gas station!!! This is what I am trying to keep from happening! Both of my cars EAT, DRINK AND SLEEP gas!! Uggh! One is a foregin car and I put 60.00 dollars in the tank on Saturday NIGHT and by Thursday evening it was almost at ZERO!!!! The other car is just a “big boy” but it is American made so I assumed that I would be able to “get over”….. American made cars are always finding ways to cut costs and find easier routes to do things so I REALLY did assume that this Buick would bless me with paying LESS at the pump!

I dont cuss but %$#@&*^%$#@@@!!!! is going on? I so wish that America would just “keep their word” and HANDLE their business because the people are suffering at the gas pump.

I wonder if they will ever use other ways to help people like me save on spending almost 100.00 EVERY TIME I have to fill up my gas tank? At this point paying over $60.00 for one tank and over $50.00 for the other …… I am about to talk to J – E -S – U- S and see what HE WOULD ADVISE people like me to do! LOL


Choices – Blah!!

I mean are these the ONLY choices to choose from in the upcoming election? Okay on the Republican side, they did seem to “start off” with a truck load of candidates until money issues, people’s past, the inability to speak, choosing when you want to show up and being the wrong gender with characteristics of Sara Palin SHRUNK the list.

Mitt Romney Anti – Faith  Newt Gingrich   Anti – Family

Rick Santorum Anti – New Ideas  Barack Obama – Anti Transparency

However, where are all of THE LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS Tea Bag Party Candidates? Welp maybe they just get loud when things are hot in congress and when things cool off they realize that they are STILL not in position to fight the real giants in politics.

Okay now where are all of the whining Democrats? I do not care what type of election is being held across America, if Democrats can get on the ballot they will certainly be there! I mean I guess that I “sort of understand why” no one wants to run against President Obama -………

I am LYING – because NO I do not understand why there are NOT any Democrats at all fighting to get onto the ballot! People like to have CHOICES so even if President Obama would win by a landslide via obtaining the Democratic Nomination – can we show some Democracy even on the ballot box? You can’t if there is only one choice like a Communist Nation!

Of course it takes a whole truck load of money to run against an incumbent BUT – please realize that everyone does not like Preisdent Obama and desire to see him serve another 4 LONG years in office. ( of course anyone in office is better than BUSH ) but change is nice – besides isnt that Obama’s word anyway! LOL

There would be PLENTY of sponsors to come out of the wood – work to help even a semi – surface intelligent person to run against the current President! As long as you are easy on the eyes, have a degree ( IN ANYTHING ) do not have a criminal past, have some type of sob story that the American public can identify with, have kids or have worked with kids, go to church, can speak and do not ask too many questions………… You would be a GREAT CANDIDATE to run against President Obama even on the Democratic ticket!!!




Pride is a curse: In which EVERYONE loses

Okay, im really trying to stay away from all the political blogging for at least a week. However, if you are in your “sound mind” you can surely understand why and how it is so hard not to talk about it. Okay just hear me out, via the current condition of the
country as well as well EVERYTHING else, if you were in charge of any aspects  of change, would you ask for help / guidance etc?

I am not being facetious at all, I am really desiring to understand how can someone be new to a situation and rather fail than ask for help. Okay, epiphany time! I dont think that it is so much that the person does not want to ask for help but it is WHO the help would come from. In politics, alot of times we worry about who has more rank, power, a bigger voice, who’s vote matters, how long a person has held their electoral seat, what names are in their rolodex, who has the speaker of the house “peowersonal number” on speed dial, who has better political backing, what political  party they are affiliated with and so on and so on and so on.

However, while everyone is “checking and comparing” who has what, who knows who, who didnt obtain what, what didnt pass etc. Nothing is getting achieved and the very constituents that they are SUPPOSE to be serving and fighting for are losing in the end. Does it really matter who’s idea it was to ignite or pass the legislation as long as it is indeed a “good bill” FOR THE PEOPLE?

Does it really matter that you have to ” eat crow “ and admit that you need help and would appreciate a  few pointers because you have publicly shown the world that in a great deal of areas you have ALREADY DROPPED THE BALL (S)? Would it really hurt you to take the low road and leave the principle out of it, just for a moment? Would it really hurt you to “go back” and do some of the things that you PROMISED you would do before and in the beginning of it all?

Isnt it possible for you to speak up more about issues that ALSO effects and already previously
AFFECTED you? Would it be fair to stop blaming the parents and the school teachers all the time when it comes to 2 particular minority groups when it comes to education that they are behind statistically? I know it upsets you to have entitlements. It’s not an excuse when a people were denied education 300+ years ( HINT, HINT ) and when allowed to be so-called educated, then labeled retarded, learning disabled. Then once out of slavery, placed in prison system illegally to be in a new kind of slave in the industrial prison complex — chain gang. A certain minority group I AM SURE, would have prospered as a people, if left alone, but they weren’t and it continues to this day.

Ooops! I am sorry, you know this ALREADY via your own PERSONAL family situation and upbringing because that is why you made a pact with yourself that you would be a better father to your kids (daughters) because you would not want them to feel like you did growing up. Thank goodness for the women in your life during that time because they saw and pushed POTENTIAL out of you and look at you now!

You are the FIRST and prayerfully not the last person to successfully achieve where you are today! Who would have ever thought, spoke of or thought it could / would / should ever happen in the United States of America!! Nonetheless, that is what Democracy, Prayer , God‘s favor and Supporters will do for a minority / under dog in this country! Gotta love America because there is no place like it……. Therefore, please and I think that I can speak for hundreds of thousands of Americans that they desire NO MORE excuses on why even “a few things” arent fixed / changed / deleted / or ammended by now. Consider it a reparations of such.

The person who I am talking about is President Obama The individuals that I am referring to are the individuals that live here in America, like myself.

Regardless if they have a green card or not, they are here The person who has refused to obtain Presidential Political Pointers from is president William ( Bill ) Jefferson Clinton

The 2 minority groups that I am referring to are African Americans and Hispanics ( Latinos )

The piece of history I am talking about is the American Government and how it was formed and regulated

The country I continue to speak about is of course America and the fears of what will become of it / her ( rather sooner than later )

The different political departments I am referring to is Congress, Senate / State and Federal Legislators, Speaker of the House, Political Parties – new & old

The charachteristic that causes a person to not seek out help when they see people dying, people starving, chaos, affliction via them trying to handle things \ everything by themselves because they feel as if they have something that they need to prove, is called PRIDE

The things that I am describing are the very same things that the CURRENT President talked about, rallied about, prayed about  … …. CHANGE

#imdone ( for now )