Dear ( ME )

Wow = Thank You


Even when it gets hard, we should fight to never let anyone talk us out of what God has already said to us / promised us / showed us…. God never takes back what HE has said, let alone done in our lives –

With that being said – never worry about the things that are in front of you are going crazy!! ( im speaking indeed from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE ) There is nothing in the world that we are going through that God did not already forsee happening –

It is amazing how sometimes we can have soo much authority in our very being and can hear God ever so clearly but in that same BREATH, MIND SET and TOUNGE – we will doubt Him when things seem to get a little shaky and haywire….

Think of it as a REAL relationship with a human being that is in your life that you see and talk to on a daily basis –

Your sister, brother, mother, father, nephew,niece, son, daughter, husband or wife WOULD NOT EVEN WANT TO BE BOTHERED with you anymore!

That is the difference when you are dealing with God and people – God does NOT like the fact that WE put our relationship with Him on a rollercoaster but He seems to ALWAYS understand and waits for “us to get our acts together”……

Whew – I am a mess…..and God STILL chooses me daily!


Charisma vs. Personality –


Charisma is the ability to charm people and become easily trusted and liked.
Charisma is positive attitude and energy, Drawing much attention in positive light.Charisma can be part of your personality, but you can have a great personality and not have a lot of charisma, charisma just means your more energetic about being positive and really out there. Charisma is a part of personality and implies the ability to “charm” people with his own ideas.

There have been many charismatic characters (for good or evil) such as Jesus, Adolf Hitler, Napoleon, Leonardo Da Vinci, Fidel Castro, Mahatma Gandhi, etc. People take as truth the word of charismatic people.
Just because someone has a good personality doesn’t mean they have charisma, a good personality just means they are very dynamic, and have their own style to themselves.A lot of people with enjoyable personalities take a while for you to trust them or like them because a lot of people with personality are also blunt or have strange ideas and quirks.

Okay – I am done with this RANDOM topic of mine… LOL

From Positive Thinking 2 Positive Living –

Positive Thinking

Understanding that everything is perfect, because it serves and helps me to walk through life with care and perseverance, full of trust and humor, calmly doing what has to be done, gratefully realizing the truth revealing itself behind  appearance, and living securely in  the fullness of being.

Positive Feeling
Accepting others openly and harmoniously the way they are, learning that I cannot change people but I can pray for them and wait for the answer from Christ, confidently relying on my feelings and feeling worthy to live in abundance, contemplating life without judging and lovingly letting happen what  needs to happen.

Positive Wanting
Wanting to learn and wanting to understand, excusing and forgiving, wanting the right thing, listening to what life wants, relinquishing my own wants for God’s desires for my life.

Positive Talking
Learning to express myself clearly, learning to be silent and to listen without giving uninvited advice, being honest in word and action and giving gifts of words, bestowing courage and comfort to others and myself, using words only to help, to thank and to bless.

Positive Acting
Acting with circumspection and forbearance, being helpful, kind and constructive, remaining considerate and persevering,independent from the expectations of others, learning to give and to take and knowing to do the right thing  at the right moment through inner guidance.

Positive Retreating
Retreating regularly into silence, making time for prayer and meditation, surrendering to truth and reality in harmony, and feeling safe and sound in it.

Positive Living
Honoring the spiritual laws of Christ, walking through life carefree and calmly, knowing that all is really not equal but learning that  nurturing harmonious relationships and seeing the beauty of all things is important,  loving to live, but being ready to leave this life at any time, gratefully and  consciously fulfilling  God’s Plans every moment of our lives.





There are many types of mentoring relationships, and it is essential to understand the differences and nuances prior to cultivating and entering into a mentoring agreement. What characteristics do you seek—formal or informal, mandatory or optional, short term or long term?

One of the most important distinctions is whether the mentoring relationship is considered formal or informal. Most mentoring relationships sit somewhere on a continuum between these two extremes. Formal mentoring relationships are often mandatory—leadership assigns mentors to new hires or promising candidates for promotion.

The meetings are scheduled, tracked, documented, and evaluated based on clearly articulated goals and milestones. Informal mentoring relationships are more spontaneous and based on loosely defined results. In fact, many mentoring relationships, while fulfilling the PD needs of the participants, are not acknowledged as such.

Often the mentee enters an informal mentoring relationship because of an intrinsically motivated need to do better. Whereas formal mentoring relationships tend to be more hierarchical, with seniority, status, and even age defining the mentor/protégé relationship, informal mentoring is more likely based on trust or admiration.

Another important thing to remember is that being a Mentor to someone is a blessing and a great opportunity to pour into someone a wealth of knowledge. Event though you are the Mentor, it is also just as important that you learn a variety of things from the people who are your mentees!


P – P – F

The Greatest Moments in Life - An essay on Memory and the Present

Those of us with memory can recall the past, and it’s these reflections that we often term the Greatest Moments. People consider memories, and the memories they term Great especially, to be an important part of their identity and character. But although most people agree that they have had greatest moments, what these moments actually are is a highly subjective matter, both for individuals and societies.

The Greatest Moments in life are similar only in that they seem to be memories of an event, memories that have a great effect on the person or society concerned, and as such, they are susceptible to the same bias, inaccuracy, and mental editing that affects the rest of our memories. In many ways our memories are more our own construction than any real reflection of reality, and the importance we place on parts of the past is often disproportionate to the actual effect they had.

So if we can’t necessarily understand the importance of the moments other people say are the Greatest, how can we be sure that our own Greatest Moments are actually important at all?

The past on the other hand only exists as our memories, and even then these memories, and therefore the moments most people deem the Greatest in life, are really our own creation, and therefore the effect they have on our lives is also not as Great as perhaps we think it is. If the Greatest Moments in life are the most important ones, the moments that define us, surely the only Great Moment is the present?

These other events, these memories are only a reflection of something that no longer exists, and clouded, subjective reflections at that. The present, on the other hand, is a moment of near infinite possibilities. Now, as you sit here, the Greatest moment of life is being played out.

THE PRESENT actually is the only moment in life you can change, the only instant that is significant and the only thing that exists.

We cannot change the past and we CANNOT predict the future….we can PLAN for it but it is no guarauntees.

Dear ( ME )

a new me

Nope I just didnt change on the outside… I focused on what is MORE important >>>> the inside <<<<<….. I am feeling good and things can ONLY get better. New Mind, New Motive, New Ministry, New Mission, New Me….

There has been several things I have surely changed!  Starting and ending with thoughts AND actions which have FREED me indeed!

1. Family – dont allow them to hold you emotionally hostage because you are blood and if you are a parent – plant the seeds and pray for the best

2. Ministry – ministry does not come before family! You cant evangelize in Asia when your family is falling apart in the United States!

3. Church-  it is just a building that was created to do the work of AND for “the Lord”… not man. Do ONLY what God called you to do

4. Education – understand that it is VERY important and should not be put off for ANY reason! I understand everyone does not “like school” but the economy, way of life and country that we live in >>> you must go to school for “SOMETHING”

5. Career – do what you love and not what your family wants you to do becaues you will end up hating it and will have wasted valuable time

6. Personal Goals – if you dont have any then you are a walking corpse! Goals help you wake up in the morning!

7. Spiritual Goals – get some and maintain them! That is the ONLY way to grow your personal / intimate relationship with and in Jesus Christ

8. Relationships – discover EARLY the intention of the one that you are in and tryinng to build (marriage or just sisterhood/ brotherhood)

9. Dating –  ask for wisdom so your actions are not  “of the world”… a kingdom woman should be able to recognize a kingdom (Goldy) man

10. Marriage – it is honorable before God and there is nothing wrong with wanting it but remember that HE THAT FINDETH.. not she findeth

Yup, I think that those 10 main key things in my life about sums about who I am as well as who I was and certainly who I will become……

The 10 things that I named are very essential actually in everyone’s life and it is imperative that we ALL re – evaluate what and who is in our life!

Why do you think the majority of people cannot achieve much in their life? Is it always due to the circumstances? It is their fate? The truth is that most people fail because they do not take their life seriously. Probably you have heard many times that you only have one chance to live your life. But have you really thought about it? How often you do things that give you medium results while you know that you can do better.

One thing is a fact: All people have 24 hours a day and can do whatever they want with them. Nobody has more or less. However, what everyone chooses to do with his/her time can make a difference. If you choose to guide your daily actions to improve yourself and your life then you will create a better life for you. If instead you spent your time not doing actually anything, counting the hours until you finish work, hope to win the lottery, and then probably nothing will be able to change your life.

How seriously you take your life and your success is truly your responsibility. Every morning that the sun rises there are literally millions of other people to co-fight for all the great things that life offers. If you do not get your health, your job, your relationships and your personal development seriously, then very quickly you will fall behind those who do. This is neither fair nor unfair; it is simply the way the system works, it is your choice to be with the winners or losers of life.

The next time you feel that life does not give you what you need, see how seriously you handle your life. Do you give it 100%? Or 60%; only you knows the answer to this question but it is important to ask your self and think how you approach you own life. To change your life for the better you need to give it your maximum efforts.

To take your life more seriously does not mean that you will not be have a good time or fun. On the contrary the goal is to change your thoughts and change your life and become more relaxed and happy. To do that you need to examine your daily and weekly efforts. In life we do not always get what we want but what we deserve. The more you invest in yourself, your work, in your relationships, in your health and personal development, the more your life will return.

A great way to start to implement this idea is at the end of each week to ask yourself if you have done the best you could at all times (at work, in relationships, health and personal development). If the answer is negative then began thinking of ways that you can maximize your efforts next week. Repeat this exercise every week and very soon you will be rewarded by your life.

Train people how to treat you and you will NEVER have regrets on any relationship… dont accept what people give you if YOU are not happy. YOU have to decide if it is worth fixing or is it just a great learning experience! Dont waste too much time thinking about it either!