Something “Aint” Right –

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I do NOT CARE what anyone says…. I can get that people love their pets…. ANIMALS and for them they treat them as if they are apart of their family. Okay fine – I can get understand how their pets become their best friend if they do not have any / go out etc….etc….

I have even fell in love with a few tea cups looking dogs… HOWEVER – there is not anyone in America or the world who can tell me that having a relationship / attachment to with your pet like this photo is NORMAL!

Ummmmm… people like this have to be or they are at least on the borderline of doing HORRID things with animals!


TOO Cute!!

No one can escape the Kissing Camera I see! LOL

Cool seeing the president of the United States and First Lady acting like a NORMAL couple at a basketball game –


Some Truth 2 This!

It is FUNNY how from ages 10 to 50 our viewpoints CHANGE on how we view our parents, especially Mothers! These are the main focus ages that I feel may be turning points in women’s lives below….Not accurate for everyone but some may be able to connect.

Age 10 –  I love you mommy, you are the greatest

Age 14  – I swear that my mother gets on my everlasting nerves, she does not understand how I feel

Age 18 – I cannot wait to move out of my mother’s house

Age 25 –  I am sorry mom, you were so right about EVERYTHING

Age 30 –  I am so glad that I have you to share in every aspect of my life

Age 50  –  I wish that my mom was still alive

Age 70  – I HOPE AND PRAY that I am as good as a mother as mine was to me

I am SOOO grateful that my mommy is still alive and well……… and I pray that God grants me at least 20 more years with her! I have always realized how important my mother was AND still is in my life. She GAVE me life so how can I keep her out of mine!

Image Detail Image Detail

Dear ( ME )

Cats – OH My!

Okay…. from a few of my blogs you know I have expressed my desire to get my son a dog and MY FEAR to get a dog! LOL My son said well what about a cat mom until we can find a boy teacup yorkie! First of all – YUCKO!! I do NOT do cats at all…. look at what these little baby lion creatures can do!!!


Sorry my dear son… I will surely wait to find that little tea cup Yorkie for us both and find avenues to get over my little fear of dogs RATHER than obtain a cat! UGGHHH…..

I can just imagine smelling someone’s house right now who has cats running all over their furniture and the weird and VERY unusual cat urine smelly spots in their living rooms – hallways and bathrooms!

Sorry CAT LOVERS – it is nothing personal against you – just a personal preference!

Hope that I can find a healthy tiny dog sooooooon…..

Dear ( ME )

Pet 4 Me


For me… DOG -101 is to get them as TINY as possible and this dog has indeed CAPTURED my heart….eyes and pocket book!

YES! I think that I may have FINALLY found a dog that I think that I can take care of and make time for!!! It is called a Dachshund-Chihuahua mix! Do not ask me what it is or how it came to be…. but I want this dog!

It is so small it fits the size measures of an I- Phone.. that is PERFECT for me… I do not have to worry about it going to the bathroom everywhere…. jumping up on me when I walk into the door… climbing up all over my bed….. knocking down the trash…. etc..etc..etc..

Now I need some SERIOUS HELP finding one AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praying that this dog REALLY stays this small…. I will be in utter amazement and my son and I will be happy! If it grows BIGGER than what they say…. I will surely return it…. sorry Jared!!!

He will finally get the dog that he wanted and I will be happy to be the one to get it without worrying about the regular “normal” dog duties that comes along with it!

Dear ( ME )

Fear Factor….

To HAVE a dog or To NOT have a dog is my poetry thought for the week!!! LOL

There are surely REASONS why I have not conquered my fear of dogs over the years…… Hmmm….  let alone the big ones!

Maybe someone can help me with my fear of dogs. I like the golden retriever but when they are SMALL!! I like the cocka poo and a few other little dogs but I dont recall what they are called.. Dogs seem soooo amazing and lovingly loyal to have from what I have noticed from afar with friends. I am NOT like most animal lovers… meaning that I love them and respect them ” for what they are “……. I WOULD NEVER forget that they are indeed animals.


Therefore, just like the photo above, just because you seem to have a BONDING moment with an animal does not mean that you are never in danger! Also, just like the story that was on the news a few weeks ago when an anchor woman was bitten in the face and required over 200 stitches because she kneeled down to hug, rub and kiss a rescued pitt bull that was brought on national television. ANIMALS can be set off by a number of things…. just as humans have the ability “to snap out” for a number of reasons.

Nonetheless, here is my issue….(s) lol

I dont like when they jump up on me, regardless if its out of pure excitement

I get totally freaked out when their paws lay on my legs….its the weird feeling of their paws

I feel that they are testing my fears when they just sit and stare at me

I dont know how to house train them cause I refuse to beat them like people have advised me to if I do get one..(i would NOT do that)

I dont have the time or desire to get up an hour before work to walk the dog

People tell me to stick with buying fish, which I have thus far!