Legs and Bones Oh My! LOL

This is why I can’t stomach meat!! Seriously, does this look healthy or even appealing? Would you eat a horse leg? A rabbits leg? A pigs leg? Oh wait don’t answer that!

Even chicken….. eating a LEG? Now if im stranded on an island…SURE I HAVE NO CHOICE..  Geesh….. going to cook outs be a serious struggle sometimes….. I understand that we all bless our food and trust me I AM NOT APART OF A PETA Campaign… because I love fur and leather products! LOL


#octo -vegatarians


I Have Never –


I have NEVER seen or even heard of a BLACK Lion!!! This is absolutely stunning! It looks like its reputation with this color coating! God surely has allowed some beautiful things to be created here on earth in the form of animals! I hope that this lion “is indeed AN ORIGINAL” because you know that “man is always” trying to change and RE -INVENT something! ESPECIALLY things that should not be bothered!