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Differences –


I have watched the show plenty of times and it is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is amazingly yet VERY interesting to say the LEAST….. to see the MIND SET of people who hold very different morals..values…ethics….and stances!

I could NEVER knowingly share a husband….let alone a piece of my favorite shirt, skirt, coat, cd or even candy!! Kids don’t share and we become adults and take the art of SHARING to a whole new level…………..


Women's Stuff

Thoughts –

Women are known be much more enduring, tolerant and patient than men. In the present generation, they are not merely confined to households, rather, they aptly participate in every sphere of life. However, life does not follow the smooth path always.

There are times when a woman’s life seem to be submerged in delusions, where hopes become volatile and the thought process is reduced to mundane. When darkness of negativity surmount them, then they should be encouraged with positive thoughts, that have the ability to retain the lost spirit and instill self-confidence once again. And this is exactly what positive affirmations for women are meant for.

If you feel the aura of optimism around you, then nothing can subdue you. Love YOU today!


3 Minute Nugget –

How our lives are, is often a reflection of our reactions to the ups and downs of life. If we choose to accept the good and release the bad, we are able to maintain control over our lives and keep our sense of direction. If however we  focus on the bad things that have happened to us then these will simply grow, continually manifesting our own dark thoughts and divert us from seeking what we really want.

If you or your life is “stuck”, then it is well worth looking back to see if there is anything unforgiven in your past. Remember to forgive everyone, especially yourself. So many people trudge through their lives burdened with guilt for this or that, forgive yourself  and let it go.


Changing Your Thoughts –

Make your work more powerful than your worry. Your thoughts have magnetic power. Take charge of your mind and your thinking, and you will attract the experiences that you want in your life through effort, commitment, and grace.
Focus on your destiny, and ignore the distractions of life that are all around you. Continue to fall forward. Continue to ask, seek, knock, and BE UNSTOPPABLE. Success is in your DNA.
Whatever you are seeking…it is seeking you! Embrace this day with a spirit of positive expectation as you move forward in pursuit of your dreams.
Go forward knowing that what you want already exists, and is waiting for you to get in alignment so that it can reveal itself to you. Say to yourself…I will persist until I succeed….and DON”T GIVE UP!

Interesting Thoughts –

Interesting Thoughts -

It is amazing how sometimes even in confusion you can obtain a major epiphany and know that things will be alright soon enough.
Life has the tendency to be VERY strange at times because it is when negative things happen, we discover who we actually are and then realize how great we are all at the same time!

Adversity has the power to TEACH us how to live! ( in such an IMPERFECT world )


Strange Facts –

Wonder why we / people say things that they don’t mean or mean things and we ignore them….1. There is always a little truth behind every I’m “JUST KIDDING”2. A little knowledge behind every ummm….”I DONT KNOW”

3. A little emotion behind every whatever, “I DONT CARE”

4. A little LOVE behind every”HATE”

5. A little PAIN behind every well really, “IT’S Ok”

Don’t Stop Trusting …..


People will always hurt you in life….

People will always disappoint you in life….

People will always scar you in life…..

People will always misjudge you in life…..

People will always find some way to take advantage of you in life…..

All of this will happen AND SO MUCH MORE! However, are you going to allow this to keep you from living a life….your life that was given to you from God as a gift. Be strong in the Lord and know that he can empower you to withstand anything…. put an effort in your FAITH today.

People are imperfect beings that God created for HIS purpose…. So with that being said, remember that “you too” are a being / a vessel that was created to do good and with so many IMPERFECT people walking around…. disappointment is bound to happen!

Ask God for wisdom….pray for strategy….patiently design tactics so that YOU are able to make the accurate choices in this present life…..

  Remember, that an imperfect person can only TRY to be perfect….so the same GRACE that God granted you…. you must return the favor and grant others the same….