Longggg BUT Good Day


One word folks…… #Exhausted………. Nonetheless, Boy did God bless my mother AND I on today…….. Our last few weeks have been a bit ” challenging…. to say the least ” BUT we have managed to remain overcomers in Christ Jesus –


Oh it’s soo amazingly nice to be friends with people for years and you see each other off and off but when you do, its like YOU NEVER skipped a beat! Oh how I loved BOTH of these women of God…women of Virtue! Sis. Lorraine is a nice size piece of my past that gives me strength everytime that I see her – She is truly one of God’s special people…


I absolutely adore BOTH of these ladies and thank the Lord that they both have taught ME a multitude of things….

The mental blessings that I obtained on today has once again shifted me onto another path……

Gratefully Blogged…..


MY Sports Headache –

Okay I was just watching the news and I thought that my EARS were clogged because I heard on my television set that, a professional hockey player signed a contract TODAY in the amount of 76 MILLION DOLLARS to “””””” play””””””” a SPORT and if he promises to play for the Pittsburgh Penguins for 8 years he SHALL get 76 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!

Hate to say this but I see HOW AND WHY these women turn themselves into groupies “hoping to be” a girlfriend and eventually their wives – but hey making 10 million dollars A YEAR, I see why there are soooo many paternity cases within the professional sports industry! Geesh! The politics behind sports indeed involves, cash, sex, lies, talent, fans and business owners! Great Potlock!


 The deal begins with the 2014-15 season and runs through the 2021-22 campaign, and has an average annual value of $9.5 million.  He will earn $9.5 million for each of the eight seasons.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have agreed to terms with forward Evgeni Malkin on an eight-year $76 million contract extension, it was announced today by executive vice president and general manager Ray Shero. The deal begins with the 2014-15 season and runs through the 2021-22 campaign, and has an average annual value of $9.5 million.  He will earn $9.5 million for each of the eight seasons.


Marathons Will Not Be The Same…



3 People died 176 hurt, several families touched and thousands of bystanders’ mental state changed forever……..




Bishop Timothy Williams – How I Remember Him


 I woke up today STILL thinking of this past weekend and the Funeral / Home – Going Service Celebration of my FIRST male example in ministry. Pastor Tim was a pastor that loves – not because God is in his heart but because he is in the heart of God.

His thoughts, actions and messages to the congregation always come from the heart of God. He was a great man that really is driven by his passion for God and his vision for God’s vision. Pastor Tim worked tirelessly in ministry and I have never seen him give any less prayer, time and energy to someone else’s vision than he did to his own. Even though he was a pastor, he was an extraordinary servant and an even more exemplary as a worshipper. He consistently encouraged us to become worshippers of God more than anything, regardless of our age.

 He was concerned about the whole person and his lifestyle is one that can be mimicked in the church, at home or at work. He was a proud husband and father and goes to great lengths to protect his family sometimes praying over them all night long. Always instructing them in how to hear God; draw near to God; honor God; give God all!


He was especially special to me on a personal note because he trained my mother to a place in God where I was actually able to see who God really was and what He can do.  She was MY EXAMPLE because he became HER EXAMPLE.

Everyone who walked into the doors of Christian Temple was actually able  to start fresh in the kingdom. It was life changing for me. And that’s what Pastor Tim did for many of us–change lives!

Pastor Tim was a father figure to many and I will deeply miss him….


So Glad 4 the Rain…

Welp my baby had practice and there is a Steeler game that someone had given us tcikets to….. I do NOT do the rain….. and now I am trying to find two people to give these tickets to because I am so not going to be sitting in a stadium voting for a team that I dont really care for anyway… Oh by the way did I mention that the temperature is already in the midst of dropping as I type this right now? Cold weather does not bless my life at all! LOL

HOWEVER……place Ray Lewis from  our team… The Baltimore Ravens on the field and we will get drenched in the rain! LOL

Go RAVENS!! My son really does not want to sit in the rain as welll but of course HIS REPLY WAS, Mommy….. we can sit in the box with your friend! Ugghhh he is soo spoiled and BOX or NO BOX…. No game tonight…. He may not know it yet but we are going to church!! LOL

This face has been told NO 3 times today!!!! Surely he ^^^^^^^^^does not know what is going on!! LOL  God knows that he will live and be alright!!

Maybe it is my fault… I did get him season tickets for The Pittsburgh Pirates for the last 5 years and the last year we also sat in boxed in sections…He is spoiled… so I will take the blame!

Dear ( ME )


 It is almost about THAT TIME Raven‘s FAMILY!!!!

I so CANNOT wait until The Baltimore Ravens…. I  mean MY Baltimore Ravens  STOMP “him personally” UUGGHHH – bad media personality!

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