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Today’s Good Mood Songs!

MUSICĀ indeed my therapy and I Love Gavin! – his music always gets me moving


Refrigerator Photo 4 My Son


Sometimes WE ALL can forget on the many wonderful things that we have…… So I am sure before my son even tries to open his mind up to tell his MOUTH to say that there is not anything to eat in the house…he has no choice but to have to look / glance at this photo……

I tell him that a great deal of countries do not even have clean running water while you are BEYOND BLESSED to have a mother that buys you 6 cases of Vitamin Water every month to share with her!

You have fruit to CHOOSE from….. snacks that you or I do not even need…..etc..etc..etc.. He gets it now, because a picture is indeed worth A THOUSAND WORDS!


One of My Favorites!

Although the song is more so focused towards a relationship and we all have had some type of relationship in our lives that had went terribly super duper sour……. However with this song as well as the lyrics – my mind started to float a totally different way! LOL

I have thought of this song in regards to fixing my FAMILY’S ISSUES –  Via my brothers and sisters…from the oldest to the youngest, GEESH!! I swear that everyone is SO DIFFERENT that I wonder if all will be HEAVEN sent again!! Yes, and I even ask God to FIX ME as well…

This song is really heart felt and simply beautiful and one of my favorites. ( I love Coldplay )

HOWEVER, no one can ” FIX YOU ” but Christ…. and even God does not force us to be a certain way – HE allows us to choose to be!! Just as the simply put lyrics stated…. ” Lights will guide you home ” and Jesus is indeed The Ultimate Light…  So don’t lose your way!

#Godrocks  #GodISLove