Singing My Way Through “IT”….

Prayer changes things……. BUT so does MUSIC FOR ME….. There is nothing that can compare to hearing a God ordained song that changes your WHOLE situation (s)……. Not feeling down but want to remind MYSELF and others that when you think that things are “that bad” go grab a song and just lay there …..

wait for it – ……..wait for it…wait for it….and just let the tears rolls and your heart become filled because God will show up

Whew – singing music and hymnals unto the God that is able to keep me from falling and present me and you faultless…..

Now after singing that song  you must know NOW for sure that you have the V – I – C- T- O -R -Y……..

NOW…… if you believe in ” running and shouting”……. ( because I surely do ) >>>>here you go!


Finally The Votes!

A Pastor friend of mine just sent me this info and I am very in awe of some of the votes!!! Here is his email word for word…

Well, the numbers are in with close to 5,500 having taken my poll for the 2012 COGIC Leaders the results are below.  Please note that I closed the poll at midnight Saturday night, which might not reflect what will happen in the General Assembly due to Bishop J. Neal Haynes having an episode during the Official Day Service.

It was more that a struggle for him to complete a simple task of leading the congregation in the COGIC Statement of Faith.  If you paid close attention to your program Bishop Haynes was not originally on the program, but his daughter requested her father be added.  Seems that was a huge mistake now and just might be the reason he does not get back on the General Board.

Additionally, Sunday Night he had to be escorted out of the service by Bishop Daniels and an adjutant when it is rumored he became overwhelmed.  However, this is not the first time the National Church has an opportunity to see there is an issue with Bishop Haynes, four years ago during his speech to be re-elected to the General Board he told the story on how he met his wife and most recently during the Bishop’s Conference in Detroit he interrupted Bishop Blake’s message that he would give an offering of $10,000.

Top 12 for General Board

1. Bishop Charles E. Blake, Incumbent (4830) 2. Bishop J. Drew Sheard (4740) 3. Bishop Phillip A. Brooks, Incumbent (4270)

4. Bishop Sedgwick Daniels, Incumbent (4240) 5. Bishop Jerry W. Macklin​, Incumbent (4220) 6. Bishop J Neal Haynes​, Incumbent (4020)

7. Bishop Brandon Porter (3770) 8. Bishop George D. McKinney​, Incumbent (3730) 9. Bishop Frank Otha White​, Incumbent (3690)

10. Bishop Roy L. H. Winbush​, Incumbent (3610) 11. Bishop Nathaniel W. Wells, Incumbent (3060) 12. Bishop Dwight Green (2960)

13. Bishop Prince Bryant (2120) 14. Bishop Ted Thomas,​Sr. (2000) 15. Bishop Martin Luther Johnson (1990) 16. Bishop Matthew Williams (1940)

17. Bishop George Adebanjo (1760) 18. Bishop William T. Cahoon (1660) 19. Bishop Bobby Henderson (1550) 20. Bishop Rufus Kyles,  ​Jr. (1460)

21. Bishop Lawrence Wooten (1420) 22. Bishop G Wesley Hardy Sr. (1240) 23. Bishop Felton Smith (1240)

Presiding Bishop Bishop Charles E. Blake (3870) Bishop Nathaniel W. Wells, Incumbent (850)

General Secretary Bishop Joel Harley Lyles Jr., Incumbent (4730)

Financial Secretary Bishop Frank Anthone White, Incumbent (5200)

Treasurer Elder Charles Mason Patterson Sr., Acting (4580) Elder Jerry B. Madkins Jr. (720)

Top 15 for Trustee

1. Mrs. Sylvia H. Law, Incumbent (4630) 2. Mrs. Mildred Linzy, Incumbent (4610) 3. Dr. Joseph Chase​, Incumbent (4320)

4. Ms. Cari Barnes, Incumbent (4200) 5. Mrs. Georgia Lowe (4060) 6. Elder David Hall Jr. (3850) 7. Elder Amos Smith, Incumbent (3610)

8. Supt. Dwight E. Walls Sr., Incumbent (3560) 9. Elder Michel Golden Jr. (3300) 10. Mrs. Sandra Smith Jones (3250)

11. Supt. Melton R. Timmons (3030) 12. Dr. Peter  Davis (2910) 13. Elder Josephus Shepherd (2850) 14. Elder Thomas Goodwyn (2840)

15. Elder Aaron Litzsey (2830) 16. Supt. William Watson III (2810) 17. Elder Robert Dean (2740) 18. Elder Kendall Anderson (2680)

19. Elder Timothy Johnson (2680) 20. Elder Darin Burns (2670) 21. Elder Kenneth Williams (2390) 22. Supt. Jerome Strickland Sr. (2280)

23. Elder Kenneth W. Newman Sr. (2000)

Alright…. ON MY WAY TO CHURCH NOW >>> so late!

Helping Self...

My Roots………….

Whew.. You ever have one of those days that you MUST just “wallow in your roots” Well…my roots run deep!

Old Pentecostal preaching is what I was raised on yes BUT –
THE S-I-N-G-I-N-G whew……took me somewhere in God!

Welp…..this is how I am feeling today – loving my ROOTS

What is a root? Something or something (s) that have been the cause of your continued growth – it is amazing huh!

Hymns ……OLD Hymnals make me REMEMBER How good….
How amazing….How awesome…..How impeccable God is!


General Leadership

 I was just sitting and thinking of ALL of the SEVERAL titles…..departments….reports..etc. for the religious denomination that I am affiliated with had me re -thinking some things pertaining to this. It is great that SOME of the formats are built around the governmental structure but some things NOW just really make me scratch my head and nod. Don’t believe me? Okay, let’s start!! LOL


In each State/Jurisdiction there is a Supervisor/State Mother who is the leader of the Department of Women. This Supervisor is the liaison between the Women’s Department and the Jurisdictional Bishop and General Supervisor. She must be a strong supporter of the Bishop and his vision for the work. She must also be a strong supporter of the General Supervisor, for her direction for the Women’s work will come from the General Supervisor. She must be a participant in a supporter of the Bishop’s programs for the Jurisdiction. She must use her influence to encourage the women to do the same. It is appropriate that the Bishop may assign responsibilities to the Supervisor and Women’s Department. When this is done, the Supervisor should carry out those duties to the best of her ability.

The Jurisdictional Bishop recommends the Supervisor Designee to the General Supervisor. Upon his recommendation the General Supervisor receives her for orientation, instruction, and testing by the National Board of Examiners. After completion of the orientation and testing she will receive her official appointment from the General Supervisor.

The Jurisdictional Supervisor, under the direction of her Bishop, is then empowered to:

  • Appoint her official staff and personnel to assist her in carrying out the program for women’s ministry as given to her by the jurisdictional Bishop and General Supervisor.
  • Examine and appoint all women eligible for credential in her jurisdiction and obtain license and certificates of appointment from the National Department of Women office.
  • Issue these license and/or certificates of appointment to women who have met all qualifications required on the district, jurisdictional, or national level.
  • Advise of financial obligations in support of ministry of the Department of Women on the jurisdictional and national level, She or her designee will report all finance from the auxiliaries, units and credential women to the National Department of Women office.
  • A full financial accounting of all income and expenditures should be submitted to the Jurisdictional Bishop.

One of the prime objectives of a Jurisdictional Supervisor is to work in harmony and agreement with the Jurisdictional Bishop and organize the department of women in the jurisdiction. A strong, well-organized, women’s department is an assist to the local church, district, and jurisdiction. The Supervisor’s program must be structured to help local pastors by offering training of women to implement programs in the local church that will help to build the Kingdom of God, Her work should also carry this same program into the districts. When the local and district work is strong, the National and International work will be strengthened. The Supervisors activity in the jurisdiction must be reviewed and approved by the Jurisdictional Bishop.

The Supervisor’s greatest concern should be the up building of the Kingdom of God. She must visit the churches in the Jurisdiction. Her focus should be on instructing women to build ministries through prayer and evangelism. The total ministry should include credential holding as well as non-credential holding women. While the Jurisdictional Supervisor must cover the jurisdictional women’s work, she must not neglect her local church.



The Executive Board is the highest board in the Department of Women. Members of this board are appointed by the General Supervisor. This board is comprised of women who are compassionate, congenial, and who strive to have the same spirit as the leader. They must also have a sincere desire to promote the vision of the leader. Members of this board should have administrative abilities in order to assist the General Supervisor in attending to the business of the Department of Women. This board shall assist in executing mattes pertaining to women’s ministry. It will serve as the General Supervisor’s representative, where and when needed, to answer the call of the Presiding Bishop, the General Board, and other official leaders of our Church. Wherever they go, they represent the General Supervisor and follow her directives.

This board must strive to always maintain the trust and confidentiality that is needed to work with the leader. Those who serve on this board must have a sincere love for the work of the ministry.


The Advisory Board is the second highest board in the Department of Women. Members of this board are selected and appointed by the General Supervisor. They are dedicated, loyal, and consecrated senior Mothers. These women know and are experienced in the women’s work. As such, they are capable of giving wise counsel and advise regarding the work to the General Supervisor. They should also be able to give recommendations for improving and strengthening each phase of the work. They are to work in harmony with all other boards. They must be strong supporters of the General Supervisor’s vision and program.   



Bishop Wives Circle is a group of women whose husbands are leaders of the ecclesiastical structure that mandates jurisdictions. They are first and foremost sensitive and supportive of their husbands in ministry. They should exemplify a life of holiness and be a role model for women in the Jurisdiction. The Bishop’s Wives Circles should give support to one another through prayer an words of encouragement and work closely with the Jurisdictional Supervisor. This will enable them to help their husbands to clearly understand the women’s work. This Circle will give support to the General Supervisor’s program by helping to enhance women’s ministry.

As structured by the General Supervisor, the Circle consists of: chairperson, encourager (presiding bishop’s wife), counselor, program coordinator, and prayer leader.


These are the wives of the men who work closely with the Jurisdictional Bishop in the program of the Jurisdiction. They are first and foremost women who are supportive and sensitive to their husband’s ministry.

Their lives should be that of a godly character so they can be effective role models for the pastor’s wives and women in their District. Often they might be called upon for words of counsel and advice, so therefore must maintain a prayer life. They must be wise in using words of encouragement, and always be careful to place emphasis on the importance of the work.

They should be a strong advocate and supporter of the District Missionary and Supervisor in the work of the Department of Women in the Jurisdiction as they support the program of the General Supervisor.


Pastor’s Wives are called “first Ladies”. Members look to her as an example. She should work close to the church mother. She must be a woman of understanding,, patience, endurance, and forbearance with a heart full of love for her husband and the membership. A wise pastor’s wife may serve as a counselor. She should have the ability to carefully observe matters and to make wise decisions, when asked to do so. She must be a woman whose apparel is smart, but not elaborate, as she is the example for the women of the congregation.

A spirit led pastor’s wife with wisdom and strength will help to build an effective ministry in the local church.


The Ministers’ Wives Circle is an organized group of pastors’ and ministers’ wives. They teach and learn to have patience, endurance, forbearance and a heart full of love, mercy and understanding for everyone. They are helpers, counselors and examples for women church members.

A minister’s wife should be: A lover of her husband and the people. Versatile in her views of living and able to make major decisions. Able to quickly observe a matter discretely and yet maintain an even balance. A woman whose apparel is smart but simple as she will most likely set the pace for the women of her congregation. A women whom the congregation will appreciate in the parsonage for her dignity, courtesy and her love for God. A source of inspiration and great influence in her husband’s life. A right spirit and wisdom in dealing with the people and working in the church or she will become discouraged, discourage the pastor and hinder the church program. Through special programs, talks and meetings the minister’s wife can benefit from the experience of other ministers’ wives.

The Ministers’ Wives work closely with the state supervisor and district missionaries keeping their husbands informed of the women’s program. They may serve as special aids to the supervisor during the conventions and on special days and form a Ministers’ Wives Choir or sing with the women’s chorus. A well-prepared minister’s wife can fill speaking engagements for her husband. Whatever her qualifications are she is the power behind the throne and should assist wherever she can


The Deacon’s Wives Circle consist of women who are legally married to a deacon or the widow of a deacon. Like their husbands, they should possess the baptism in the Holy Ghost and must exemplify strong support of church leadership. They are to be proven faithful in the home-caring for the needs of their husbands and children and should be capable of being entrusted with responsible and noteworthy tasks. They may serve as friendly sisters to the single and married women of the church and be prayerful and concerned supporters to the sick, shut-in and bereaved families. This circle serves as a strong arm to support to the financial program of the church through creative, fundraising projects.   



No Auxiliary of the Women’s Department has done more in keeping the church together than the Prayer and Bible Band. It is the oldest auxiliary of the department and one of the favorites of our Late Mother Lizzie Robinson.

THE PURPOSE: The purpose of the Prayer and Bible Band is to train women to know their Bibles that they may become acquainted with the Word of God and help to lead others to right and righteousness. The principal objective is that Christ be in the hearts of God’s creation, His people and that our testimonies and attitudes will always be Christ honoring.

THE LEADERS RESPONSIBILITY: 1. You are responsible to see that every meeting begins on time. Also that you are there before other members arrive. 2. You are responsible to see that every meeting is well planned and service that will be interesting to those who will attend. 3. You are responsible for discipline of your group. 4. You are responsible for living a consecrated life and inspire others to follow in the steps of Jesus.

WHY HAVE A PRAYER AND BIBLE BAND? To perfect the helpful ministry of women into effectiveness and to help teach them what the Lord has called them to do. The prayer and Bible Band should provide these aspects: 1. Opportunities for expression: (A) in other services the take in – with little opportunity to give out. (B) In Bible Band they can give expression to truths learned in a practical way, by actually speaking forth the word of God is discussion, object lessons, or messages. 2. Bible Band groups are for training women: (A) How to love their husbands and children, and to care for them in God’s way. (B) How to work in the church and retain their femininity at all times. 3. Bible Band groups are organized for service: (A) in the church; (B) in the community; (C) wherever a woman’s service is needed.

ORGANIZATION : The organization of the Prayer and Bible Band shall be president, vice president, secretary, assistant secretary, teacher, assistant teacher, and treasure. Women should try to allot at least an hour for prayer at each Prayer and Bible Band session.


The Women’s Home and Foreign Mission Band is also one for the original bands organized by the late Mother Lizzie Robinson. It is an integral part of the Department of Women. Its accomplishments have been many, but we have barely touched the surface of the needs of our fellow sisters and brothers at home or abroad.

With the expansion of foreign work in the Church of God in Christ, we endeavor to enhance our mission involvement. Some of the duties and activities of the Home and Foreign Mission Band are as follows:

Assist with purchase of hospital supplies and other aids for the handicapped.

Assist with transportation for medical services.

Purchase and distribute religious literature.

Visit to convalescent home and extended care facilities.

Sponsor dinners for senior citizens and the disabled.

Care packages for those at home and abroad.

Other related tasked are needed.

Every local church, district, and jurisdiction is encouraged to organize a Home and Foreign Mission Band. The Jurisdictional President should be appointed by the Supervisor, who will give clear direction and support to the local and district bands. Other officers are appointed as deemed necessary.

There should be special training for mission workers who desire to work abroad. Classes to acquaint them with knowledge of the language, culture and customs of the countries that they are going to serve is essential for effective work.

The Department of Women has a passion for missions and supports the National Home and Foreign Mission Board.


“Let, Therefore, Purity Reign”

The officers of the Purity Class and Purity Class Trailblazers may be selected as follows: (1) by appointment; (2) by vote; (3) by volunteering. Those selected for the office should meet the following qualifications: good character, ability, devotion to the precepts of the Purity Class, and regard for leadership. Officers: Adult-Local Purity Lady. Puritans-President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, and Treasurer.

The Local, District, State and International leaders of the Purity Class are called Purity Ladies. The State Lady is appointed by the State Supervisor. The District Missionary upon recommendation of the appointees Pastor appoints the District Lady. **The Local Ladies of each church in a district become the special cabinet of the District Lady to help carry out the provided program of the District Missionary. **The District Purity Ladies of a state become the special cabinet of the State Lady to willingly help carry out the program of the State Supervisor at her request.

**The State Purity Ladies of each state become the special cabinet of the national Purity Lady to help carry out the National program of the church as requested by the International Supervisor of the Women’s Department.

The Local Purity Lady is responsible for designing a Christian activity program that provides for her youth: motivation, instruction and inspiration toward high standards of living. She should provide a fellowship experience that makes possible, opportunities for Christian youth to enjoy each other on a social and informal level. Above all, she should be sure to help Puritans feel an obligation toward the over all church program. She should become acquainted with all kinds of resource material that can aid her in the development of the Purity activity and instruction program. She should be constantly mindful that the unique contribution she is to make in the lives of her youth is a strong and powerful emphasis on Purity.

Since you have been appointed by the Pastor to work with the Purity Class, it is because he saw in you the potentials for this task. Therefore, go before God in prayer and with fasting for wisdom, assurance, and direction. Always remember that each person has his or her own personality. At your earliest convenience, meet with the parents of each Puritan and get their interest and support. Have meetings in the home with a repast afterwards. Inviting other organized groups of Puritans adds zest to the occasion. Organize fund raising projects for the Church and Pastor. Meet not less than twice a month. Always use the national theme song and creed in the Purity Class Topic. Always have devotion at the beginning of every meeting. Try to get a parent to meet with the Purity Class. Some of the things to be taught in the Purity Class are: Importance of cleanness of body, minds and spirit. To be well groomed at all times.

Try to have rap sessions on homemaking, chastity, Christian charm, dignity, and social ethics for Mr. and Miss Purity.


The Sunshine Band is an auxiliary of the Women’s Department of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. This band was organized by the founder Bishop Charles Harrison Mason in 1911 for the purpose of ministering to and nurturing our children twelve (12) years and under. The primary focus of the Sunshine Band is to reach out to our children and offer an opportunity for them to receive salvation in their productive years. Through meaningful and wholesome activities such as music, Bible Study, drama, arts/crafts, field trips, and special worship services, retreat and workshops, our children can be instructed in the way that God wants them to go. We desire to build a partnership between the home, the school, and the church in order to provide a spiritual foundation for each child.

The Sunshine Band builds character, faith, leadership skills, pride, self-respect, and self-worth. The Sunshine Band teaches appropriate behavior, biblical principles, etiquette, and stewardship. The Sunshine Band promotes salvation, academic success, athletic development, dignity, excellence, growth, healthy relationships and talent. The Sunshine Band directs the ministry for children through worship services and activities.

The largest portion of Sunshine Band activities takes place on the local church level. Every local church is invited to have a Sunshine Band. Meeting days and times vary but it is important that you meet weekly. The district levels provides opportunities for our children through workshops, programs, summer camps, Olympic days, Bible schools, concerts, rainbow festivals, sunshine festivals, quarterly meetings and/ or filed trips. The jurisdiction should offer regional talent presentations at the Worker’s Meeting and/or Convocation, mini-conferences, promotional services, awards and recognition services for children based on Biblical Awareness Scholarship, Church Services, and Leadership. The Sunshine Band headquarters is available to all presidents and workers. We are here to assist you in planning and developing your Sunshine Band units and activities and locating resources that may be hard to find in your area. We offer guidelines for programs, mini-conferences, workshops, and worship services. We set the curriculum and agenda for the Sunshine Band and make available instructional materials, music, and supplies.

Colors are Yellow and White. The official uniform is the National Sunshine Band Shirt with navy blue bottoms. The scripture motto is Matthew 5:16 “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your father which is in heaven.” The theme song if “LET IT SHINE.”



District Missionary shall preside over the district in the interest of training women namely: Church Mothers, Missionaries, Auxiliaries and Unit Leaders of their responsibilities, as well as helping to setup the women’s work in the local churches when asked. A District Missionary should be alert and aware of the church’s program from the local to the international, so that she may keep the women properly informed. She should be influential in inspiring the women to good works. She must be able to assist the Jurisdictional Supervisor in all areas of the work.

The District Missionary receives her orders from the Jurisdictional Supervisor. District Missionaries are great assets to the women’s work. Many supervisors find it unnecessary to have an assistant supervisor, because district missionaries are the supervisor’s assistants if they are really qualified. District Missionaries are the first officers in the supervisor’s cabinet and the second in the jurisdictional cabinet. District Missionaries must be obligated to the Jurisdictional Supervisor’s care, livelihood and welfare. She must know that wisdom is the key in keeping harmony with the district superintendent with whom she serves. The pastors in the district and the jurisdiction bishop must have her respect and cooperation, so that she can carry on her district program in perfect harmony.

District Missionaries should be organizers, peacemakers, and should be concerned about the total church and its program and the work over which they are assigned. Most of all, they must be dedicated with and evangelistic thrust which leads to the saving of the lost souls. They must use their influence to inspire the women to Red Card Delegates to the Church of God in Christ International Women’s Convention. By attending the International Women’s Convention, they will help to develop the ministry and also assist in the great program of Missions, which the Women’s Department is gracefully carrying.



The Aspiring Missionary is a woman who is saved and filled with the Holy Ghost and feels a special call of God in her life for a higher ministry. She can be any adult age.

She should be a woman whose life reflects a godly image and who has been faithful to her family and her church. She must be godly concerned about soul winning, faithful in prayer, and apt to teach. She should have at least one (1) year of training, which consist of a study of the Old and New Testament, the Doctrine, and the Women’s Handbook of the Church of God in Christ. These studies could be completed through Bible classes, Bible study course, correspondence, or special classes set up by the Jurisdictional/ State Supervisor.

She should display a pattern of good works, being obedient to her pastor and church mother. And adhering to the doctrine and teaching of the Church as it relates to proper dress code, which signifies Holiness.

It is also suggested that she have some field training by going with or helping a licensed missionary in revivals, jail ministries, or whatever field she feels a call to work.

After one year of study and observation, the pastor should submit a Recommendation Form to her State/Jurisdictional Supervisor; she will then be given a time and date to meet the Examination Board. Upon completion of the written and oral test, a Deaconess License will be issued, unless otherwise requested by the pastor.


A Deaconess Missionary is a licensed missionary whose activities are within the confines of her local church. However, if she is invited to serve outside the confines of her local church, she may do so with the permission of her pastor, but she must be accompanied by her church mother ors a qualified missionary.

A Deaconess Missionary must study the Word of God as her rule of faith and practice, seeking knowledge from the Higher Power and training through Institute Classes, Bible Schools , etc. This will better equip her to serve God and His people.

A Deaconess Missionary must serve her local church and help build the work of God in the Women’s Department, which will enhance the General Work. It is recommended that after two years of in service training, and being led of God, her activities lead to the Evangelistic Ministry, she may be recommended by her pastor for Evangelist License. In special cases he may request an earlier promotion.


An Evangelist Missionary is a missionary whose mission extends into the District and the Jurisdiction. However, she must yet have the endorsement of her pastor and Jurisdictional Supervisor. She is expected to help build the work on all levels. She must be available to travel and conduct revivals whenever and wherever called upon. A real Evangelist Missionary will have two prerequisites: 1) a Mission and 2) a Vision. These two prerequisites will give a greater thrust in soul-winning.


The Executive Hospitality is a group of women selected to be directly responsible for the guests of the Bishop and Supervisor whenever the need arises. The Executive Hospitality workers are strong arms and must recognize their need to share the responsibility of their leaders. It is the duty of the Supervisor and Bishop to decide who will be served by the Executive Hospitality.

The organizational structure is the same for all levels of Hospitality work. The Hospitality Unit should consist of the following officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and other officers are deemed necessary by the President for the perfecting and support of the unit.


The hospitality committee is a group of women organized in behalf of the women’s department to show kindness in entertaining strangers, visitors and special guest. This committee is of vital importance in the local church, the district, state, and national. The hospitality committee should consist of women who are lovers of people, given to hospitality, enjoy making others happy through the giving of gifts, preparing dinners, entertaining guest at nice eating places, etc.

Their major functions locally are during special programs such as church and pastoral anniversaries, special sallies. They also serve in the district meetings and of course their most effective job is done in the state meetings. Both the bishop and state supervisor should be able to count on the hospitality committee for service. Occasions where flowers are necessary, the committee may be prepared to provide them.

Since the hospitality operates on a local, district, state, and national basis, the organization of it must have the following officers: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and many other officers deemed necessary by the presiding officer. The setup is the same for all levels of hospitality work. Example: An well-organized committee will serve as well in a local church as in the national convocation.

A hospitality president must be a fund-raiser in order to foster the many that fall upon the committee. The best method id to map out a year’s workable program of interest and finances.



Based on the belief that God has empowered and equipped by the Holy Spirit business and professional women to serve as godly examples in the home, schools, communities and the world, the mission of the women of the Business and Professional Women’s Federation of the Church of God in Christ is to share their God-given resources and expertise, to care for the general welfare of all people and to help spread love, joy, happiness and the Word of God by being living testimonies to people everywhere.

Many years ago the Business and Professional Women’s Federation of the Church of God in Christ National Chapter came into existence when a group of business and professional women, along with the State Supervisors and Mother Josephine Robinson, saw the need to organize a new auxiliary.

They saw the need to spread joy, to share, to care and to help others through promotion of good will and fellowship in the church and community.

The first chapter was organized in Oklahoma City , Oklahoma . In 1976, the late General Supervisor Mattie McGlothen appointed the late Mother Victoria Barnes as National President. Mother Barnes served faithfully until her sudden demise on January 21, 1997 . During the interim period, the First Vice-President Missionary Lee Powell served as Acting National President. On November 11, 1999 , Mother Willie Mae Rivers appointed Frances Miller-Harris as National President. She was installed in January 2000.

The late General Supervisor Mother Emma Crouch and our president General Supervisor Willie Mae Rivers have also motivated the organization to continue the spread of joy and encouraged more of the ladies to join and promote Christ in a business and professional way.

Many chapters throughout the United States have been organized and are functioning to the glory of God today. The purpose of the Business and Professional Women’s Federation is to organize and unite Christian women in the business and professional unit. Its aims and objectives are to be of assistance to the less fortunate, sick and shut-in and support the education of our youth.

The organization of the B&PWF gives women a chance to put their professions to work for God. It operates on a local, district, jurisdictional and national level. A minimum of five business and professional women may organize a chapter.

Every officer and member should work in harmony with the program of their local church, district and jurisdiction as well as under the authority of their local pastor and district, jurisdictional and national leaders respectively.

Collectively, the Business and Professional Women’s Federation uses its God-given financial resources to support community charities as well as its church leaders.

Nationally, under the administration of General Supervisor Willie Mae Rivers, the B&PWF began the ministry of blessing the hosting city of the Women’s International Convention, the location of which changes yearly, by making a monetary contribution to one of its local charities. Moreover, along with the general ministry of benevolence and monetary support of local charitable organizations, it is courtesy for chapters to remember the jurisdictional bishop and supervisor during the workers’ meetings and convocations. All business and professional women are to be faithful to their local church.


The Young Women’s Christian Council (YWCC) is a group of women from the age of nineteen to an indefinite age. This group is too old for the Purity Class and too young for the Mothers’ Board. The age is indefinite because of the great interest held by the young women at an age when they should be leaving the YWCC. The church thought it best for them to remain in the YWCC than allow them to leave because of age and possibly lose them entirely.

The YWCC woman is at the peak of her strength. She has possibly overcome the stupidity of adolescence and is tempted many times to lean on her own strength. She faces her college years, years of marriage and motherhood and will very soon come to the summit of leadership.

The arms of the church reach out to this age because she needs the church and the church needs her. This age of passion, success and many times depression necessitates a firm concentration of God’s will and His way. The prime purpose of the YWCC is to gather together these young women and channel their minds into productive motives of Christian endeavor. This is the training station for every faucet of women’s work. Here they are trained to be homemakers, lovers of their husbands, ministers’ wives, bishops’ wives, auxiliary leaders, prayer warriors and lovers of their God. Faith in and eternal Power is a requisite, for except our young women are led to God, they will be most miserable. There is no limit to the contribution of an organized YWCC. They are an asset to any local church, the pastor, the district, the state and national work. One of the strongest supporters of the state is the YWCC. There are countless hours in useless talk and prolonging the worship service. The YWCC group is young enough to accept the “new know how” and old enough to know why “time” is a precious gem. This group is expected to train in all areas leadership and organizational structure. They are expected to learn what it means to live consistent Christian lives.

This group was organized under the supervision of Mother Lillian B. Coffey, our deceased general supervisor, and she had in mind the pastor’s wife who is many times forgotten in the congregation. Please remember her with appreciation gifts and special days. The organization of the YWCC shall be: president, vice president, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, chaplain, treasurer, teachers, councilors, etc.


The Christian Women’s Council was organized in November 1994 by Mother Emma Crouch, International Supervisor of the Women’s Department of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. Mother Crouch looked out upon the field of the Women’s Department and its auxiliaries and saw the need for change and expansion. She saw the opportunity for the organization and development of an auxiliary designed to meet the needs of women of all ages both spiritually; and to utilize the abilities of these women in a more effective way. Thus, came the birth of “The Christian Women’s Council.”

Many of these women are products of the Young Women’s Christian Council. As well as other auxiliaries in the Women’s Department, it is anticipated that these women will be an asset to the church on the local, district, jurisdictional, national and international level.

The continual growth of the Church of God in Christ mandates the need for spiritually sound women who are prepared to work in educating others in the principle of practices of holiness and saintly living, serving as mentors for younger women.

The “Christian Women’s Council” is a forum which enables us to reach out to help others to understand what God requires of “Holy Women” in these turbulent and troubled times, This forum will help women to become more aware of the constant need to exemplify “Holy Living” in order to be effective and in inspire that which God desires of us.

It is our expectation and prayer that the organization of the “Christian Women’s Council” will serve as a Beacon Light to younger women, enabling them to establish and maintain Godly standards in church behavior, community relationships, home building, child development, self improvement, and thus become soul winners.


The purpose of the Public Relations for the Department of Women is to establish, promote and maintain good will. Persons involved in the activities of interrupting, improving and promoting the relationship of an organization or individual with the public are known as Public Relations Directors. These persons are to operate on a policy making level so that they may have a voice not only in securing publicity for the activities of their organization, but in making the activities conform to the public interest.

The Public Relations Director works to eliminate policies that she believes to be open to criticism. She looks for the publicity opportunities for presidents or a key official of the Department to participate, such as public events of general interest and incidents involving celebrities. May engage outstanding speakers and public with the approval of the President. It is the duty of the Public Relations to issue news releases to all media, arrange press conferences, and arrange for publications of books telling the history to the organization, films and motion pictures. Make certain that the Convention activities are reported before, during and after the Convention. Select photographers for all-important events.

The Public Relations should produce materials in cooperation with the Program Committee for advanced distribution to the delegates. The committee provides information relative to restaurants, entertainment, points of interest and locality, as well as informing the delegates of the activities and special meetings throughout the Convention.

The Public Relations also works in conjunction with the Transportation Committee regarding parking facilities and tours. Other duties are to promote the Women’s Department; publicize the Conventions, state and national; thus creating a desire for the public as well as members to attend.


The Prayer Warriors Units are saints (women & men) who are dedicated to fasting and prayer with great compassion and love for the Church and a burden for souls. Prayer warriors under gird those in leadership positions, for the body of Christ and for mankind everywhere.

Prayer Warriors must have faith to believe that God answers prayer. He/she must be humble, peaceful, merciful and understanding. They also take charge of the devotional services and they preface National and Jurisdictional Meetings with prayer, fasting and consecration.

Their involvement in other activities should be limited so that they can give themselves to prayers and fasting.


There is always a need for the services of the Nurses Unit. They should be available to serve at meetings, on trips, in the home funerals, or whatever and whenever there is a need for their services. It is recommended that a trained nurse, R.N. or L.P.N. licensed to give medicine, head this unit. Other volunteer workers should take a first aid course which is offered free by the Red Cross:

1- Adhesive- 1″ and 3″ rolls 2- Aromatic spirits of ammonia 3- Aspirins 4- Bandages 5- Bicarbonate of soda 6- Calamine lotion 7- Alcohol 8- Epsom salts 9- Castor oil or mineral oil 10- Hot water bottles and ice bags 11- Iodine, mild 12- Oil of cloves 13- Paper cups 14- Scissors

Other items should be added to the kit according to the place of service and need of the group being attended. Every local church, district, state and national meeting should have a Nurses Unit.


The usher board consist of women who have so organized and themselves dictated as an usher unit. This is one of the major units of our women’s work, for and usher plays the role of a silent evangelist. She gives and attendance of the service the first impression of the service. No matter how well the choir sings, or how inspiring the message, if an attendant has been insulted by an usher, it unfits him for the worship service.

The responsibility of the usher board is unique within itself. The major concern is to meet the people at the door with a smile and reassure them that they are in the Lord’s house. See that they are properly seated and if a program or bulletin is prepared, make sure that they have one. The beauty of the Lord’s house is its order and much of this will depend upon an efficient usher board. This unit operates a local, district, state and national level and should be on hand at all services, meetings and conventions. The organization of the usher board should be regardless of the level: president, vice president, secretary, assistant secretary, treasurer, and chaplain. Other officers may be added as deemed necessary by the presiding officer. Great accomplishments have been made through the usher board, and to this funds are essential. The following are some fundraising suggestions:

a. Tea b. Banquets c. Anniversaries d. Rummage sales e. Dinners f. Socials g. Usher training classes (non-fundraising)



Record keeping is and important part of the Women’s department that makes it necessary to have a well trained Secretarial Staff.

Secretarial duties are:

(a) To keep and accurate record of the meetings and activities of the group.

(b) Keep and up-to-date file on members and projects.

(c) Notify members when meetings are scheduled.

(d) Prepare and agenda for the meeting.

(e) Be a special aid to the President, keep her alert to present, past and future events and business pertaining to the group.

One General Secretary should be:

(a) Responsible for the entire operations of the Secretarial Staff.

(b) Responsible for all records, monthly reports, quarterly reports.

(c) Responsible for the training of other secretaries.

An annual report should be made by the General Secretary to the Supervisor or Women’s Department. She is responsible for seeing that the organization instructions are carried out. The Secretarial Staff is composed of committee and Auxiliary Secretaries. A Financial Secretary’s duties are:

(a) To keep and accurate account of all money received from the various departments and groups connected with the Women’s Department.

A Corresponding Secretary:

(a) Handles all of the correspondence for the group

(b) Keeps and up-to-date address book on all members

(c) File letters and business information.

(d) Order letterhead stationary envelopes and other supplies necessary for secretarial work.

A Recording Secretary:

(a) Record minutes of the meeting.

(b) Mail copies of the minutes.


The Planning and Steering Committee is made up largely of persons who have had experience in convention planning arrangements. They are responsible for making all preliminary arrangements for the Women’s convention and Women’s Meetings. They are to also perform other coordinating and arranging duties as assigned. Final arrangements, however, are made only after having received approval of the President of the Women’s Convention.

Once the Convention site has been decided upon and approved, it is incumbent upon the Steering Committee to insure that its membership is expanded to include the participation of the local committee hosting the Convention. The Planning and Steering Committee may select the Convention Headquarters and make advance arrangements concerning hotel accommodations. They may assist in coordinating room reservations for delegates with their registration for the Convention. It is also the duty of the Steering Committee to monitor and to make sure all committees perform the specific jobs and tasks assigned.

They are responsible to see that all dignitaries and honored guests are meat at the railroad station or airport, and attuned to other details relating to hotels and accommodations necessary. The Steering Committee may assist in the areas of communication and public relations. It is important for the Steering Committee to work in a calm, dignified and courteous manner because of their coordinating duties with other committees and in many instances they represent the President of the Convention.


The Department of Women has always been concerned about helping to promote higher learning, thus the Church of God in Christ Women sacrifice their finance to support the education program.

Today, time has made a difference and it is a must that we qualify ourselves and encourage the generations to come by helping to aid them as much as possible. There is a need for an Education Committee to organize on all levels: local, district, jurisdiction, and national. In the ministry there is a great need for Christian writers, Educations Directors, qualified ministers and missionaries, Bookkeepers, Lawyers, Nurses, etc.


The Board of Examiners is a board of fifteen dedicated and consecrated women who are educated in the doctrine, rules and regulations of the Church of God in Christ.

Their job is to test or give examination to women who have been called to the Missionary work and are applying for license. Not only should the Examiners be Holy and have full knowledge of the doctrine of women’s work, but be able to properly interpret scriptures as well as practical experience, but should set the climate for training and learning for the new applicants. Several credit hours of study involving doctrine and scripture given by the Board of Examiners is one of the basic requirements of passing the Board.

The Chairman with a secretary and one or two of the Committee members may at any time examine Missionaries. During the absence of the chairman and secretary, any three or four members of the Committee may be delegated to examine Missionaries.

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