Things My MOTHER Teachers Me



There are two voices speaking to you…the crowd and the cross…and you have to choose which one to listen to.

The crowd says be happy…the cross says be holy.
The crowd says if it feels good, do it…the cross says for the sake of love, endure it.
The crowd says honor yourself…the cross says humble yourself.

Because of the cross, my interest in the crowd died long ago.

My mommy cakes ( what I call her ) is indeed an amazing woman!! There is no one like her…  God thank you for sharing her with little old me!


Saying Goodbye to Good Teachers

I am happy to have such a great rapport with all of my son’s teachers…. I mean from the time he entered into Pre -K, I was apart of EVERY little event that they had for him. However, with him being basically almost in middle school ( yikes ) It is weird because “IN THE BEGINNING” my son could not stand to look at her which I found it rather odd….. She was very strick and stern as a TEACHER as I am as a PARENT so he should not have been shocked by the way that she ran her classroom!

Nonetheless, now he surely adores her! I did not have the heart to tell him that her last day will be sooner than later and he does not even know! It is great when your kids run into teachers that show that they care…..then of course when the teachers or the kids move on – it is a little sad. Shout out to all of the teachers across America who puts genuine time and effort into their students!



It is almost like the pleasure principle aspect…..YOU want it…regardless what it has the capability of doing to you……#not cool

I have learned that as we obtain maturity and wisdom via the things of God that the pleasure principle is actually something that we ourselves desire to ” do away with “…………. it takes time just like anything else in life but it is always able to be dismantled for the cause of Christ.

I call pleasure principles >>>> DECORATED sin!

DECORATED sin are things that we know in our mind…body…soul and spirit is wrong and WILL OFFEND GOD

however, we justify them by making excuses or finding “the principle” why we feel that it is okay!

1. Stealing –  “well i cant afford it and everyone else has one” ” well i have to feed my family ” ( this is done because people are trying to become something that they are not …./ keeping up with the Jones’s and the 2nd part is people are ashamed to apply for welfare )

2. Revenge – ” well they should not have done it to me ” im going to do everything to pay them back! ( this is done out of hurt )

3. Adultry – ” well it just happened” ( nothing just happens ) ” well they doesnt understand me anymore ( you stopped putting in the time )

4. Fornication – “well i want to see if we will mesh” ( playing house to see if its worth buying ) “well we love each other” (love yourself more)

5. Homosexuality – “well i was curious” ( peer pressure ) “well i was born this way” ( you were molested in some facet or a spirit attached itself to the father or the mother and entered into you )

6. Murder – “well i was trying to get away” ….. “well, if there arent any witnesses, than im safe” ( if its NOT self defense.. no comment )

7. Rape – “well she asked for it” ( the rapist couldnt control his lustful controlling ways ) “well she really meant yes” ( perverted and unstable )

8. Lying – ” well its a little white lie” ( not strong enough to deal with the situation ) “well i was trying to keep their feelings from being hurt ( not loving the person enough to tell them the truth / you as well would want to know im sure…..also WISDOM may tell you to TELL )

9. Disrespect – “well to get respect, you have to give it” ( you just want someone to hear you out and give you a chance, you are frustrated with life ) ” well im grown ” ( you enjoy your age in number but it doesnt show by way of maturity ) “well im 18 now” ( yes you are, so this means that you are no longer going to ask )

As always, there are more things to add…. but just know that when you KNOW that you are doing wrong and “find artistic ways” to do them WITHOUT a concious….that is what I call indeed >>>> DECORATED – sin <<<<<<<<

YUP!!!! it is dressed up on the outside for your FLESH but its ugly on the inside of your SPIRIT