Helping Self...

A winning STREAK!

right in the kisser

Excue me – I just got excited because I know that the devil is DEFEATED and last night as well as this morning …. he challenged me and I WON!!!! ( again )

It may seem silly to some…….. but there were a lot of times more than I would like to ADMIT that the devil would try to distract me…..delay me and I would end up in a VERY bad mood and then innocent people would feel the WRATH of “what I had allowed”!! That is so unfair right!!!

Self Control – Remaining Calm – Staying Focused when the devil is trying to SHIFT my blessing used to be a ” task for me” HOWEVER – through discipline – prayer and faith….

I have EXCITEDLY learned to indeed pull myself together and did NOT allow the enemy to take me off course!

So, yeah!!.. >>>> POW!!! I won and he is defeated!!  This WINNING STREAK feels mighty good! God has everything to do with it too!



to speak OR not to speak

I run into so so many people from different walks of life but a few things we ALL have been guilty of would definitely be……..gossipping!

So every time someone brings you a story or every time you drag a story to others……..keep the wording in the photo above.

You never know if your family, friends or even YOU will be the recipient of the negative convo so keep in mind that we ALL shall reap what we have sown….. So be careful because the pain surely isnt worth all of the strife that can come along..

Silence is power as well…..and remember that it is very, very hard to misquote something that was never said!