Addiction –


I never thought in a million years that I would become a Drug and Alcohol Case Manager – It is a field that you MUST care whole heartedly about the people in addiction. If not – it will NOT work for you and it will surely hinder the people that you are supposed to be helping in the long run!

Although many people struggle with addiction in their lives, not all of them are able to overcome it. Your chances of being successful in becoming healthy and making a full recovery depend on many things, including how driven you are to succeed and live a healthier and better life overall. Having support is definitely one of the most important things that can either make or break a person when it comes to trying to beat addiction. Those who have family and friends that support them through their initial recovery period tend to do much better than those who do not have anyone to be there for them.  I ALWAYS tell my them that in order to avoid a relapse you will want to let everyone who you are close to know about what you are going through so they will be able to help you in any way possible.

Addiction can be tough, which is why you will need to have an action plan that details exactly how you are going to go about overcoming your problems. If you are addicted to drugs for example, detox will not be enough to free you of the stranglehold that they have on you. There is definitely a physical aspect to addiction, but a lot of it is also psychological. Be sure to come up with multiple ways to stay healthy, because it really is a day-to-day process. There is no single miracle cure that will be able to help you overcome your addiction overnight.

Drug courts and mentors and case managers like myself really try our best to help addicts / alcoholics succeed in recovery. However, there are two critical pieces to unraveling the cycles of addiction and therefore to preventing recidivism. Why? Because addiction is a chronic, but treatable, brain disease.

If addiction is left untreated (and treatment is far more complicated than just stopping drinking or using the substance), the individual with the disease is very likely to relapse after their release from jail, and very likely their relapse will lead to more criminal behavior. Not only that, but treatment of this brain disease requires long-term continuing care to insure the necessary re-wiring (healthy brain changes) and trigger prevention tools are in place that will allow an individual to succeed in their recovery.

Many crimes are committed by addicts/alcoholics because of the characteristics of the disease of addiction, namely: cravings, loss of control, tolerance and physical dependence. It is the “insanity” of the brain disease of addiction that causes them to do bad and/or illegal things, like stealing and what this “insanity “is about).

Drug courts provides an alternative to jail or prison time by going after the root of the person’s problem — the reason he/she committed the crime — their addiction (whether that be an addiction to drugs or alcohol). Drug court helps a person get and stay clean and sober and if that person succeeds in drug court, they avoid jail or prison time and a record. Last but not least, people who are involved in addiction need pray and help and it takes a great deal of services from the community, government agencies, support from family and friends to help KEEP THEM SOBER –

Dear ( ME )

Breakfast 4 Champions!!!!


Rise and shine and promptly giving God the glory I am!!! I have been slacking a tad bit via my eating regimen so therefore. ……I must get back to my rigid and very untraditional weight loss plan… (s) 

My Champion Breakfast includes:

Hot Cocoa
Vitamin Water
Fresh Garden Salad
Toasted Bagel with Onion and Garlic Spread

Trying to keep this weight off / down and effectively REMOVE this last 20 pounds!!!!!!

He does not even know it yet but..he is getting up in another 30 minutes!!! ( Mommies lil man )


Dear ( ME )

Wishful Thinking….

For me to STOP THINKING sooooooo much!! LOL The brain needs rest and so do I….. Any suggestions?

Being a mother

Being a big brother ( yes! although I am a female ) SILLY AND SCARY isn’t it

Being a big sister  ( although I am next to the baby in age )

Being a husband to my mother ( yes! that sounds crazy to but since my dad passed away almost 5 SHORT years ago – im it! ) don’t think dirty people

AND THE LIST I NOTICED……. as I was writing today literally just kept going on and on and ON!!! My hand did hurt and so did my head! ( too much )

Being any and everything TO EVERYONE is just plumb old exhausting and I gave up at least 10 of my 20 hats TODAY!!

I am soo proud of myself and God knows that the people who always wanted me to WEAR hats that I should have taken OFF a long time ago are in for a huge shock. Nontheless, they all will be ok and this too shall pass….

Whew…. Now I can breathe again……..


Ummm Yeah!

When our nails grow and get “too long” we cut our nails and NOT OUR FINGERS!

When our friends egos grow and get “too big” we cut their egos and NOT OUR RELATIONSHIPS!

Dont judge me until YOU personally know me!

Dont underestimate me until YOU personally challenge me!

Dont talk about me until YOU have talked to me!

Yup…. that’s about it!


Wednesday Night Recital


Ummm…my son had yet ANOTHER activity during the evening and tonight’s episode just so happens to be his music / chorus concert at his school. It is weird …… some days I SUPER complain because I am tired all the time but then at the same token…my son does need to find himself busy with activities / things to get involved in. Tonite was no different and YES! he made me proud but being up there on stage singing…however oh was I tired….


The kids were amazing and 50 other parents were stepping all over each other to take photos of their little babies… / their son or daughter! I get so mad sometimes when I have to run so much because there is not really anyone else who can run like I can when it pertains to my son….. I am going to FINALLY just invest in a Nanny for real…..I am way too tired 80% of my week not to have one………… LOL

I ended up being rejuvinated when I ran into people that I knew and of course my son could not wait until it is over because that meant picture time…. Nonetheless….it is always nice going to my son’s school via programs….PTA…..meetings…fundrasiers etc. The school system is very supportive and the parents are as well. There is only about 100 students in my son’s school and we are all a tight nit community from within. It is actually nice! Now just figure……he also has a band recital, a saxophone recital, a Baseball game tomorrow and Sunday and a Soccer game Saturday. Now I did not even mention the things that I chose to CANCEL due to the fact that I do NOT get any rest!!  My life is crazy – fun – tiresome – interesting!



Nothing Lasts 4 ever

Forever? Nope! Nada!….. NOTHING lasts forever “here on earth”….. 

Only in the spiritual realm is where such a word of ” FOREVER ” can and should be even uttered. How you live on earth is extremely temporary and where you shall reside after your time is up on earth shall remained to be seen.

Everything changes, nothing stays as it is. This is the nature of reality. It is valuable to know this for your sanity, if no other reason. Just look and you will see. Then you won’t expect otherwise and be disappointed.

You have to break that kind of thinking, even if it seems to be the case. You run the risk of “self-fulfilling” negative predictions.

If good things lasted forever what would you have to strive for?? Failure in a persons life helps to help PRUNE there personality if they take advantage of it. It’s probably a good thing.

Just take each day and each thing for what it is…don’t attach expectations (negative or positive). Enjoy whatever goodness you have at any moment. If you don’t, everything will be crappy- even the good.

Be grateful- even for small things-even for the bad because they’re learning experiences. Someday you’ll look back and say “I know why I went through all that.”

Life comes with zero/ zilch /nada guarantees. Now go out and have a good life, sweetie!!!

Welp, I pray that we all can prosper emotionally, mentally, physically, financially and spiritually so that we can be free in Jesus name!


The Right Dosage


The Administration of a therapeutic agent in prescribed amounts. b. Determination of the amount to be so administered. c. The amount so administered. d. too much of it can cause an overdose


The term drug overdose (or simply overdose or OD) describes the ingestion or application of a drug or other substance in quantities greater than are recommended[1] or generally practiced.[2] An overdose may result in a toxic state or death.[2]


A big dosage of Peer Pressure can make kids..

steal…do drugs…join gangs…have sex….rob….kill and be disrespectful

A big dosage of low Self Esteem can prevent people from being….

productive….assertive…being mature

A big dosage of negativity can cause people to be….

depressed.. suicidal…. lazy…unstable..

A big dosage of religion can make people from…..

Hearing God
Stay judgemental
Leading people astray
Starting a cult
Not having the ability to change

Watch what you take in via your mind …body..soul and spirit.  Even a little bit of poision can do damage but if your not careful you may end up with a bigger dosage than you can handle.

Nothing good with surely come from it, so make sure that you watch your INTAKE LEVELS!!!