First Day –


My son acts as if ” FIRST DAYS OF SCHOOL ” are no longer a big deal for him but that is NOT THE CASE! He tries to become super cool, especially with him going into 6th grade this year- Each parent does things differently but I try to plan!

Maybe is the first day of School in your child’s life ever. Maybe he or she is making a transition to middle school, or you just moved to a different neighborhood or a different city altogether.

Truth is this is a very important day. The way you help them deal with this first day will have an impact not only on the rest of the school year but also will let them know that they can trust you to help solve problems they may meet at their school all year round.

First find out if your school allowed you to have your own tour with your child. The couple of weeks before school starts, teachers start getting ready for the coming year and they also have meetings in the school premises. 

The real first day start with a good breakfast, some kids get so nervous they cannot eat so simply offer something they cannot refuse, like their favorite cereal. Last but not least if they are taking the bus give them the big hug and kiss at home or if you are driving them before you get in the car. If they need a hug and or a kiss before they leave your side they would ask one.

You can NEVER be too careful, learn too much or know too much about the places of where your child will be – Keep in mind, it is the year 2013……things are indeed totally different from when YOU were in school – so be more focused!

Dear ( ME )

Is Being Bored A Bad Thing?

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One day, I will get a change to do this!! I YES! By the looks of the photo above, I am thinking that being bored would be a GREAT IDEA for me! I want to know what it will feel like not to have any meetings to go to via church, attend any church nightly services, political things, Parent Teacher Conferences, my son won’t have to go to baseballl, basketball or soccer practice – When that day happens – I will just post a blog with a huge smile on my face!

Some people complain about being bored or super bored…. Well listen, what does that FEEL LIKE? Please let me try it! I don’t want to hear a cell phone ringing  ( and I have 3 that I use for different things ) I don’t want to hear my home telephone ring, I wont check any emails and I will tell my son to even cut off his cell phone and to just go in his room and read a book!


Parent Teacher Conference!

My son is just so so smart and I am glad! Whew – Although I am very elated that my son had all A’s a few B’s and 1 C – I STILL wanted to choke him!

Ugghhh why do little boys like to monkey around in class, why do they talk too much and cant stop, why do they chuckle and think that everything is just so  funny as the teacher walks on by?

Yeah I may be smiling but I have practiced my facial expression to STILL SMILE so that I dont end up choking my son! More things to work on via cutting up  – because I do not tolerate and deal with that CORNY and excuse of ” Boys Will Be Boys ” Syndrome……

I feel when you know better, you do better and my Lord does my son KNOW BETTER…..So he better get his act together or he will take it on the road! Mess around with me and he will be on punishment until he enters middle school >>>>>> I AM SO SERIOUS….. ( at least somewhat at least ) I went to the Parent Teacher Conference with a smile on my face and left the conference with my face and cheeks hanging low – I am officially disappointed!

Raising sons is something INTERESTING – geesh


Hands on…

  I find it rather “Cool” being a hands on mom… Mother’s who never complain about never being tired, I say to myself…it is because they are not 100%  percent hands on. There is not 1 ” productive ” Mother who is very involved in their child’s well being can attest to this. My son is only 9 years old and I make sure that I know at least 90% to 95% percent of what he is doing everyday!

Yes, I said ONLY 90 – 95% percent because no parent will ever know everything that their child is doing or into. I can use that “high percentage” right now becaues he is 9 years old and the younger they are…the easier it is to indeed “track them”. No home devices needed but good old fashioned hands on management between a parent and a child……

Compared to the ” Millineum Parenting” today, how I was raised would be considered old school… Nonetheless, old school worked for me back then and it is still working for most families til this day. So many families are “chasing their kids” because they give them too much free time and space.

Children are to be respected but also nurtured, guided and groomed for daily and mature living. You want your child to be a law abiding citizen and not a citizen that the Law ” now has to abide” for. Parents should always find ways to communicate with their kids… It is imperative…. a must…mandatory etc…  Kids from the time they begin to walk and talk need to understand that there are boundaries and rules that must be followed. You cannot wait until your child is in high school to “find out what they are into”..then wonder why you feel that you are losing them!

Find out who their friends are. if they are participating in ANY kind of school activity >>> GO!!  Go to show support but also go to see what type of enviornments your child is being subjected to. This also gives you a great opportunity to see how his or her friends act when most parents arent around. Attend PTA Meetings, go and be on time for Parent – Teacher Conferences.

Make yourself accessible to the teacher by sending emails and notes letting her know that you are here in case your child gets out of line. Make your face and name known that you are a parent and you care what is going on at your child’s school.

Let your child know when things arent going right and address what penalties that need to happen. However, you must also praise your child when he is doing well also. From Homecoming Dances, to Semi – Proms, to Proms etc. you should be made aware of everything that he or she wants  YOU TO FIT THE BILL FOR! Make a contract / agreement stating there is no last minute >> ” Mom can I go to this _______________ or Mom I need this ____________________ paid for or Mom can you sign this_____________. 

Make them be responsible and surely hold them accountable for things as well and by doing this, you are helping them even though they may not be able to see it. Kids want to me nurtured but of course in their own way! I do believe in meeting your kids where they are and going from there…. set up a relationship foundation BUT trying to be your child’s friend will get you into trouble EVERY TIME! My 9 year old thinks that ” im cool” BUT he also understands that “i cant play with mom like i do my friends”….. why? Because I am MOM…..

 I am Jared’s friend but I am his MOTHER FIRST… and that right there is the difference. You cant be friend first and parent second… If you do, then get ready for HEAVY HEARTACHE to set in!

When your children get older they will love you but more so RESPECT you for what you didnt allow them to do more so than what you DID allow them to do… Right now the teenagers in your life want to have fun and ACT INSANE but if you dont put a stop to it….. their insane behavior will have major consequenses to pay.. rather it be in middle school..high .. if they dont get caught up in those time frames… TRUST ME.. their downward spiral will happen if they have not gotten the picture yet.

Adulthood has no room for insane behavior…… well, let me take that back…. Yes adulthood does have TIME and ROOM for insane behavior!!! It is called JAIL!