Parent Teacher Conference!

My son is just so so smart and I am glad! Whew – Although I am very elated that my son had all A’s a few B’s and 1 C – I STILL wanted to choke him!

Ugghhh why do little boys like to monkey around in class, why do they talk too much and cant stop, why do they chuckle and think that everything is just so  funny as the teacher walks on by?

Yeah I may be smiling but I have practiced my facial expression to STILL SMILE so that I dont end up choking my son! More things to work on via cutting up  – because I do not tolerate and deal with that CORNY and excuse of ” Boys Will Be Boys ” Syndrome……

I feel when you know better, you do better and my Lord does my son KNOW BETTER…..So he better get his act together or he will take it on the road! Mess around with me and he will be on punishment until he enters middle school >>>>>> I AM SO SERIOUS….. ( at least somewhat at least ) I went to the Parent Teacher Conference with a smile on my face and left the conference with my face and cheeks hanging low – I am officially disappointed!

Raising sons is something INTERESTING – geesh



This is NOT the look of a 10 year old boy who had a birthday the day before and was given a great deal of things and went a lot of places. This cannot be the same person with this expression on his face can it? I am still confused MYSELF of this little transition from yesterday until today……

His face is displaying the reaction from his AMAZING mother punishing him because of something the he chose to do THIS MORNING! Yes we are SUPPOSE to still be in celebration mode for his birthday BUT when you make the wrong choices in life – THINGS HAPPEN.  The world does not care what day of the week it is….who’s birthday it is….who died… who was born…..who is sad….who is crying…..who got married…who is joyful…..etc..etc..etc.. Learn early son and it will make your life EASIER.

I REMINDED him how good of a Parent that I have been and that he knows that I only request CERTAIN LITTLE things via his behavior. I am raising him as a Christian, God -Fearing and respectful wisdomatic boy. He knows better and that is why it bothered me as well to place him on punishment at 6 am this monring when we had such an awesome time yesterday and the AMAZING things that I had planned for him via the rest of the weekend. Nonetheless, we all have to learn lessons in life and I am glad that I can be the one to teach him a variety of them….all within the confinments of my home.

Happy Birtthday anyway Button Drop!! You will learn from this and respect me for it later! Being disobedient can cause damage to your own life!