Super Bowl Excitement –


If anyone has ever read my blogs…..you know that I am a serious Baltimore Ravens Fan!!


I am in no way shape or form shocked that the offense and defense have pulled off an upset over the New England Patriots to head to the 2013 Big Showdown!


They have not been there in about 10 or 12 years ago! Well with Ray Lewis retiring this year, it reminded me of when Pittsburgh Steelers fullback Jerome Bettis decided to retire and then things went his way for the remaining weeks.


Congrats to both of the coaches that are going to Super Bowl and with them being brothers, I know that their parents are so proud!

Dear ( ME )

Little Birdies –

I am glad that I can go to bed now….. Sunday Night Football is always so so exciting!  Yes, even without the great Ray Lewis…..My beautiful  birds( RAVENS ) did what they were supposed to do tonight – beat the Pittsburgh Steelers! I understand that the black and gold felt as if they could come out with a win because they had a home game but I am so sorry!

It was almost like how Mitt Romney felt as if that he was going to win and DID NOT write a speech in case if he lost… Well – the Pittsburgh Steelers need to respect the birds! LOL

FINAL SCORE Baltimore Ravens 13 and The Pittsburgh Steelers 10…. Steelers, until we meet again in 2 weeks! Peace out-


Recognize It….

Regardless if it is men on men …..female on female …..male on female or female on male –

October is The National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Just stop it….#that’sall 

Dear ( ME )


 It is almost about THAT TIME Raven‘s FAMILY!!!!

I so CANNOT wait until The Baltimore Ravens…. I  mean MY Baltimore Ravens  STOMP “him personally” UUGGHHH – bad media personality!

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