We Will Never Know –

This video may not be for everyone – this is a mock video that was made LAST YEAR in 2012 but it still has Life….. View it  and please “channel” your emotions – thoughts WISELY.


Would YOUR Pick Be Accurate?

Okay, like AMERICA…. let’s act as if we are at a carnival or playing a GAME on Facebook…. Which photo would you say is an aggressive person?

Martin Luther King Jr.

... Luther King, Jr. in Trayvon Martin’s Hoodie Goes Viral | Alternative

New York  State Representatives

trayvon – hoodies Answers From Men

This Grey Hoodie

A Professional Basketball Team

A Radio Talk Host

Law Students

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon's new hoodie. Oh.


The Mindset of Some Cultures


Although this is a cartoon BUT there is truth all through it. I mean really, which headstone is Trayvon Martin? Martin Luther King Jr.? Emmett Till? Darrell Turner Jr? and thousands of other black INNOCENT males? Huh?

Point is that I do not EVER want any of these tombstones to be be connected to or be a representative for anyone who did no wrong to be there.

Let alone yet ANOTHER “racial profile” black male..  Let alone either one if MY OWN sons!


Nothing like “His / Her – story”

No words or introduction is certainly NOT needed…..this video clip says more than a mouthful …….I cannot wait to see this epic movie about MY history.


Same old ….Same old In – JUSTICE


Ugghh…. of course by NOW everywhere in America is either screaming, crying, protesting, yelling, screaming or talking about the unlawful and racial profiling killing Trayvon Martin case right….. How about I was NOT EVEN SHOCKED that the verdict went the way that it did….. Honey, look at the CASEY ANTHONY CASE……….enough said huh??

Well, I will just not only pray but I will ALSO find other ways to be of an help to make a difference….. Sign petitions… show up for rallies…show up & PARTICIPATE in town hall conversations etc.. ( THIS COULD HAVE EASILY BEEN MY KID )

It is MORE than just praying – you also have to do something as well…..before the black males in this country becomes an endangered species! ! #truth



Welp, I NEVER thought that a person other than an AFRICAN AMERICAN during the 20th century could share some feelings about real racism!  They say that there is a FIRST FOR EVERYTHING HUH!!! I am sure that I can speak for a “few black women and a WHOLE LOT OF Black men” and say… ” WELCOME TO OUR WORLD”

The new laws that passed in Arizona “allowing / permitting / pushing” the legal authorities to actually STOP Hispanic / Latino citizens in public if they look suspicious! I think that it is indeed HORRID behavior and now I guess people will NOW UNDERSTAND how the African community used to and still feels like. It is called RACISM and the police departments around the country found to be what “they considered” a nicer word of RACIAL PROFILING.  How in the world can that be considered less gripping than just being prejudice?

When they discussed legislation pertaining this bill and they had the NERVE to use the word “papers” for the Hispanic / Latino community, it made me think of the Jewish community and what they had to go through in Germany!

This country has GONE from land of the free and home of the brave…….to Land of who pays the most money to pass a bill to home of the people that want to deal with it or leave! People who have lived in this country and is working being a productive member of society has to get stopped out on a nice summer day with their family just because the police have the right to check their immigration status??

Sad thing about this whole thing is that there are some politicians who have hired illegal men to do their yardwork…. and the women to babysit their children because they knew that they could “get away with” paying them lower wages! This country makes even the best military man or woman tear up because they also see that they too arent treated respectfully – equally when they return home. BIG SIGH…

So so so so sad!!  Honestly… this election has left the  good ole’ American people no REAL choices for the next 4 years in this sad presidential election to come. It saddens me that not one Democratic Nominee dared to run against President Barack Obama! I know that it costs millions of dollars to run for a presidential election BUT to ONLY HAVE ONE CHOICE is sad. At least the Republicans had enough sense and strength to have at least 8 contenders!

I guess my blog is all over the place because my life and this country is all over the place!!!! Geesh.. can something be right?


Downloading Apps!

 Camera ZOOM FX  Product Details    

We are indeed living in an “app addicted” world if you own a cell phone…. There are “apps” for ALMOST everything! There is even an app for you to send information if you feel that you are being “racially profiled” in the airport by the TSA!!!

However, watch what apps that you download because sometimes not only do they attempt to wiggle person information from your phone but also via the sites that you have visited.

WordPress and other blogging sites have allowed people to create apps and  apply them to the Google – Android market and consumers can download them. Nonetheless, I have learned the hard way that some of these “verbage editing and word recognition apps” replaces words that are MAINLY USED in today’s society!


I had did a post and stated the phrase ” an itching ear ” and the app allowed my phrase to say ” a bitching ear” PLEASE EXCUSE the language because I surely DO NOT USE PROFANITY! Even when I was NOT a Christian woman – I never cussed. Well wait… let me take that back… I used to say words like ” hell and dam” and I even thought that was HORRIBLE language coming out of the mouth of a female.

Welp, I said all of this to say that if you have EVER read any post from me lately, please know that language is not condoned by me and does not display my character. I have gone through a few post and deleted a few things already but MY CONCERN IS that the people that follow my post DID NOT EVEN MENTION IT!

Hope ever...

That shocked me because I blog about My Family….My life in Ministry… God…..My Political Views….Relation – Friend – ships…..and Women’s Issues… and using profanity is not the FLOW OF THIS BLOG!! I wonder why no one even questioned it…. So that allowed me to think that they must be used to CHRISTIANS  saying one thing and doing another..

Because if there was a blog that I followed and the man or woman was DISPLAYING Christian values….Christian living etc..etc.. I would sure nuff post  a comment asking them …” HEY!!! What is going on with the content of your blog today?”….. 

Well wait…… then again I do not know  my supporters reasons on why they follow this blog SPECIFICALLY. It is my desire because I am saying / sharing things that are productive, helpful and connects with them in some form of common ground in this life that we all live in.