Random Relationship Babble

Love is everything it is cracked up to be. That’s why people are so cynical about it… It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.

Being Happy in Love is about how happy and satisfied two people that are in a relationship feel. It is about experiencing a positive, connected relationship. It is about being loved, respected and appreciated.

Being happy in love is about loving yourself, loving your life and choosing to be in a relationship that is right for you or transforming yourself and your current relationship so that you are truly happy. It is about being with a man who treats you with the love and respect you deserve. The main focus is on you and what you want in your life, not on trying to be what you think a man will want. When you love yourself you can be yourself, become magnetically attractive, easily attract the right man and effortlessly maintain a positive, loving relationship.

Being Happy in Love is about the “fit” between two people. The “fit” between two people has to do with having chemistry, compatibility and an emotional connection. Chemistry is the attractive force that brings people together. The emotional connection is the glue that holds a relationship together and compatibility is the key to lasting relationship happiness. To be Happy in Love, you need these three ingredients.

Embrace who you are and enjoy a relationship with a person who is truly right for you! Have the positive, loving relationship that you deserve. Feel good about yourself and be with a partner who loves you and treats you the way you deserve to be treated. Don’t spend all your time trying to “make a relationship work”. Learn how to easily and effortlessly maintain a positive relationship.


Dear ( ME )

Random Sunday Thought


Think it and you will be it……

Speake it and you will move it…..

Do it and you will reap it….

Endure it and you will enjoy it….

Understand it and you will master it….

#wisdom is something that I am grateful for…..but it is also something that is NOT meant to keep for ourselves! S H A R E……..what God has given unto you!

Love yourself enough to re – discover the REAL you… not the you that someone else has molded you to be…  or the you that you thought that you felt your friends wanted you to be and certainly not the you that your family expected you to be.

Be true to God and He will show you who you were always intended to be so that you can maintain that path and stay on course….. so along the way if you feel or see that you are going off course…. your Godly blue prints will be ready and available for you to continue on…

Learn from your past mistakes… bury the negative thinking because your LIFE is surely worth living…..


life #random

Respect and Hate seems to find itself in the same sentence when it comes to the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Well that is what usually happens when there are people who admire you from afar or up close but will NEVER tell you how much they indeed admire you too!

I had to use a football theme because football seems to be America’s sport and the Pittsburgh Steelers have fans all around the world. Therefore if they follow the Steelers, than they also follow their rival (s) via who they don’t get along with. Rivalries seem to make good excitement for football fans and sends the Nielson Ratings through the roof which promotes great t.v.

However, playing the role of an obnoxious and disrespectful person for a short 60 minutes of football can drag your character in the mud eventually because the more that you play / become someone who you are not “for whatever reason”…those habits that you portray so well will eventually become who you are!


I don’t know why its harder for people to give compliments than give harsh words. Yes, I do understand via football that it’s a manly thing to be tough, be disrespectful seem rude ( NOT OBNOXIOUS, like Linebacker James Harrison >> geesh! )……. Sad to say but most people operate better when there is some type of rival or bitterness going on in their lives than peace and harmony!

So when you have people who you admire, why not take the high road and be the example. People speak negative when they cannot carry out what you have already done and their IMMATURITY prevents them from coming to you as and adult to have a grown conversation. Respect and Honor are two things that cannot be freely given but in the age of where CASH IS KING – people feel otherwise.  Okay, go ahead and think about that for this Sunday’s game (s)….


You are =goodbye! #random

You can sing but you are always late = goodbye!

You can play sports but arent a team player = goodbye!

You are a CEO and constantly steal from your employees pension fund = goodbye!

You are a mother but do not make sure your kids eat = goodbye!

You are a father but do not make sure that your kids are protected and reared the right way = goodbye!

You are a sibling that does not stand up for your bother /sister when they are getting talked about by peers = goodbye!

You are a pastor but only preach messages that you know will fill up YOUR offering plate = goodbye!

You are a teacher that has an I dont care mindset because your check is already in the mail = goodbye!

You are a a doctor, nurse, medical assistant and you taper with drugs while you are taking care of patients = goodbye!

You are a Records Clerk & come across people you know but CONTINUE viewing their personal info = goodbye!

You are a manager who ABUSE what the REAL meaning of flex time is EVERYDAY = goodbye!

You are an instructor who ONLY teaches people who know LESS than you so you can feel Inferior to them = goodbye!

You are a friend that doesnt tell your pal their mate has been seen “by YOU” doing things against the union = goodbye!

You are a police officer who always wanted to be a cop & turned dirty /steals money & racial profiles = goodbye!

UNFORTUNATELY …. the list can go on like a bad credit report.. but I think that the point was well taken!

Dear ( ME )

just random thinking

Morning…. yawn….yawn…yawn….

I have ONLY 1 thing to do today!!!  >>>> Please insert happy face right here __________________!!! No meetings, no errands, no conference calls, no activities for my son today! I just wanna lift my hands and say THANK YOU JESUS!!!!

It feels soooo good to have NOTHING on my agenda for today…… It feels so good that Im almost nervous! People who are always busy and know that they need a break  dont always really want one…. because they are so used to running around >>> welp that is me! I pray that I DONT take on anything today because I surely deserve to just be at home and starring at the wall relaxing!


However, I was just wondering……… yeah im always…always THINKING…. a little too much sometimes but its apart of my make up..

For instance im thinking >>> how can the WORLD and the CHURCH be in trouble at the same time!! yikes……is to say the least….

The church is to be showing the world how to change……spreading the “good news” through out the earth…..being the better example etc.. Nonetheless, from Bishops being pedophiles and School Coaches being Pedophiles…  both sides have a great deal to explain…

Also the school system and the religious systems BOTH have been covering up over the years and it is a very sad situation… ALL of them…even the stories that have NOT made the news (yet)…… These respected institutions have paid more money to the victims and the families than a bank…

Our political gimmicks are on the rise

Our church institutions are on the low

The people of America is in chaos…. they will continue to rob PETER to pay PAUL because the “Jones’s” that everyone has been trying to keep up with soooooooooooooooo many years …are now also in bankruptcy court themselves! People dispise the poor and even the middle class… but it will be these two classes….  ( mainly the poor ) WHO WILL BE ABLE TO SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE A MEAL OUT OF CORN MEAL!