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My Sunday Morning Ramble –


I don’t know about you but life indeed is too precious to not honor Christ in your life!

Without Christ, there is actually no life……  Just as much as I cherish my son, God still wants to come FIRST in “my life” …..  in our lives.

Without Him there would be no me, no him and no us to blog about.  I mean, dont you want to have purpose? Experience purpose? See purpose? Enjoy purpose? Thank God for purpose? Live for purpose? If you don’t, then at least realize that YOU should! We ALL were made tactfully and strategically for purpose AND on purpose!

Your life…my life…..means something!!!!!!!!!!!!

Understanding as well as teaching my son that all of his choices have to be God Choices and not Good Choices because indeed there is a difference.

God choices are not temporal but Good choices are. I am not saying that good decision making is a bad ability to have but don’t you want your Good Choices / Good Decisions “to last”……….

Exactly!!!Therefore, with everything decision that needs to be made, including Christ will make all of the difference and make the outcome even Sweeter!


How To Be and Remain Amazing!

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    Well…….First of all, you would have to be semi amazing as my 10 1/2 YEAR OLD SON!! ( LOL )

    Second……. You need to find a way to be yourself, and be fine with your  strengths. Write a list of all the good qualities about yourself. List them and  say them out loud with feeling and emotion. Read them over and over until you  feel as though this is you.   When you are fine with being you and accepting the  present moment you are one step closer to being amazing.

    Lastly, like my son does……start acting as if you are what you have just said. Act in a manner  that exudes your true self. When you are yourself and you are feeling good about  this, move forward in a positive manner. The inner self will shine. Be the great  person that you are, walk, talk, and think like this  person!!

    He is almost 11 years old and amazing >>>> try some of his techniques and deposit life into yourself!! LOL

    This kid makes being his mom easy….enjoyable…exciting and certainly a blessing…….