Ministry Burn – Out……


In ministry, anyone can get burned out when they are doing maybe a bit too much. I know that I am NOT the only one who has experienced this at all. You desire to do the will and the work of the Lord Jesus Christ and of course be a blessing to your local assembly. Being a leader takes WORK and most of the time after you are ALREADY in it full throttle… do not understand how much can be required of you…….


Leadership as well as the working pew members have moments when they just simply need A BREAK! Working in ministry is EITHER a full – time or a part – time job PERIOD! It takes a great deal of work, time, patience, energy and finances regardless what position you hold in your local assembly. Furthermore, if you also work outside your local church assembly – everything via your schedule gets amplified even higher.


But pastors are particularly susceptible to it because it is their job to understand life and to explain it to people. Week after week pastors stand in front of crowds explaining how the bible impacts life. But his words ring very hollow – empty – pointless when he feels as though nothing he says matters or makes a real difference. After a while he realizes that his preaching only calls for a little more morality, a little more bible study, and a little more love. His teaching doesn’t transform people’s lives – at least not in ways that really matter.


A pastor with ministry burnout feels like he’s on a treadmill or like he’s beating his head against a wall. He is very involved in a lot of ministry activities. But his efforts don’t accomplish much. He longs to be involved in genuine ministry but finds that the work he does often takes him further away from the ministry he is most passionate about.

I refer to the position of pastors as being a male but there of course are female pastors as well and over the last 10 years, there has been almost like a SPIRITUAL UPRISING in the church with women pastors. I also feel that this is the case because a great deal of men are “NOT in position” as being the head as God instructed them to be in.


Clergy burnout occurs when a pastor sees that the work he is doing isn’t accomplishing the results he intends. Even more frustrating, he doesn’t know how to do ministry any other way, which leads to feelings of inadequacy or failure.   

People place to many expectations on pastors and their wives, and forget they are human beings. The first family is not always the perfect family we have our share of problems to, and we need genuine Christ Love just like you expect it for yourselves. What has happened to compassion and understanding?
We all need to understand the importance of re-grouping to obtain that SECOND WIND that only God can give so we can continue this race for Christ’s sake……. to God be the glory…..

Im blessed…..


It has indeed been a while since my last blog! Well, things have been just sooooo busy in all areas of my life…… for the BETTER, thank you Jesus! Too much to go into but the list is long and some things are nice to keep to myself… ( for now )……Obtaining different perspectives on things…people and life will always make you re evaluate what is important. Love is something that God has commanded us to do for loved ones as well as enemies….we are to LOVE one another –



It is great when you can recognize the blessings that are in front of you as well as lying within you – waking up and being able to spend time with whom you love and do the things that make you happy is a HUGE blessing. Nothing can compare to the love of God and being PERMITTED/ GRANTED the grace of choosing to follow Christ and His benefits.20121222_201657

Please take a small moment and FIND OUT who and what is important in your circle – pluck up all the weeds so that your original garden can bloom again! Do not allow negative situations to kill the garden that God himself has divinely blessed you with…..Know that it is up to us to plant it and nurture it correctly….


From this Christmas on, it is imperative to make it about family. The gifts and running around, the sadness and disappointment of not having enough… Release that. Allow your mind to be at peace. Get your family around you and celebrate them.  Look into the mirror and ask if you have done all that you can to bring peace… My younger son and I is amazed on how his older brother has MATURED!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!! He still has a great ways to go but I am grateful for the tiny steps that my son has chosen to take on his own……It is a blessing and yes I am soooooo proud! ( WHEW – FINALLY )


THIS is what Christmas is – A family gathered to [celebrate a child]. So celebrate each other. Nothing matters more than your family time spent together I do urge you to love those who YOU call and consider -FAMILY.



Things My MOTHER Teachers Me



There are two voices speaking to you…the crowd and the cross…and you have to choose which one to listen to.

The crowd says be happy…the cross says be holy.
The crowd says if it feels good, do it…the cross says for the sake of love, endure it.
The crowd says honor yourself…the cross says humble yourself.

Because of the cross, my interest in the crowd died long ago.

My mommy cakes ( what I call her ) is indeed an amazing woman!! There is no one like her…  God thank you for sharing her with little old me!

Dear ( ME )

30 Seconds of Gratification-


I am grateful that I am always able to pray even without moving my lips! It is indeed because you live within me……It is important for us to be able to speak with God with nonverbal communication as well – finding / discovering new ways to communicate with Christ  because it is priceless!

Some things, you will not understand until you try it and then some things you will not understand until it is no longer an available option for you to have!


Heart of A Parent –


I’m going to talk about something that is forbidden and its that of a parent who has lost the child to the world of sin. Many say hush don’t talk about it and yet while on this 13th day of December 2012, I’ve yet to see that solve anything. So I’m going to open my BIG ANOINTED mouth and talk about it.
I’M going to CURSE the spirit of darkness that has temporarily stolen the child I love. You can sit in church and dress good and preach and prophesy all you want but I’m tired of watching my youth…OUR youth unwed fornicators and live loose lives like its ok cause we did it. You take that mess and keep it, I chose to break this curse that says its ok for it to be this way. .
I CHOSE to trust that my heart is in the very palms of God’s hands!  Sadly, many who say they praying and don’t pray, many who said they would be there have run away. I wake up daily trying to go and get her and the Holy Spirit says no she gotta want me more than she wants the world. My heart aches daily. I’m in daily therapy with the Holy Spirit. I aint sad, I’m happy.
I love my life and I aint miserable , don’t fill sorry for me. I sleep at night. I shop, I eat and I spend time with my friends and family like today is the last day because NO MAN knows the day nor the hour. You see God won’t let my daughter go because of the damage she has caused, He wouldn’t allow it to interrupt His promise, He made me!  It is very hard as a parent to let her go but spriitually speaking –  she didn’t desire to be held anymore, but yet He ( GOD ) STILL stands at the door of her heart and He waits.
I no longer dibble dabble over any long drawn out stories because stories dont move God, prayer does! Jibber jabber does not move me but prayer does. I must be honest and say that I am no longer in the mood to tip toe around my kids pure foolishness. The more that I go beyond myself, the more that I see God moving but also see the enemy rise up in my child!!!!
Nonetheless, I TRUST GOD! I’m simply obeying the Spirit and I do not need your approval. I Dare you to pray with me, for me and for my children……..especially my lovely daughter. 
Helping Self...

God Laughs At Me Daily…..

I have to give myself reality checks at LEAST 15 times a day… Sad thing about that statement is that I am so serious and I am trying my best to get that number down to ZERO!! LOL


This is what I picture God saying to me…. EVERY TIME that ” I TRY TO ” fix things on my own!  The more wisdom that He blesses me / grants me / exposes me with – the more that I think that I am his assistant! I know that I can do NOTHING without Him but I am just very hard headed sometimes…….. Welp, maybe this is why I grant my kids (my teenagers ) with MAJOR GRACE when they act crazy and think that I am STILL SUPPOSED to “see about them”……


Our Daily Prayer



Heavenly Father…Thank U 4 changing us…We are so HUMBLED that U call us friend…

We are HONORED 2 be connected with U & invite U 2 share Ur heart with us…We SURRENDER all that we are 2 U…We DECLARE 2day that nothing can hold us back…We DECLARE that we are FREE from sickness…poverty…lack & addiction…

We are grateful that you CHOOSE to use us as your vessels to magnify your name, strengthen us to go on in your name….

We call our family saved, delivered, healed, set free,  made whole and walking in the Godly authority that you birthed them into….

We ask for forgiveness and a clean eye to always see ourselves and not to judge others…..

We DECLARE that U have set us free & Thank You 4 freedom & discipline in our lives…Father God…Use us 2 be blessings 2 others…Give us Ur PEACE…STRENGTH & JOY as we keep our minds stayed on U…Thank U 4 speaking through us…

Thank U 4 encouraging our hearts as we find ways 2 encourage the people around us…

We love U & bless Ur Holy Name…In Jesus’ Name…Amen