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Dear ( ME )

Remembering –

Remembering when life was sooooooooooooo simplistic

Remembering when I would sit on my friend’s porch until 2 am and my parents knew where I was and it was ok

Remembering when my father would cook out and all the neighborhood kids would come because my dad fed EVERYBODY

Remembering when my mom and dad would have competitions in the kitchen seeing who was the better cook

Remembering when my father used to sneak and give me coffee every Saturday and Sunday morning

Remembering when my father would wake me up to get something to eat and remind me of the ice cream truck coming

Remember when my mother would fall asleep at the table on top of her books from studying via Nursing School

Remembering when I would comb my Big Mom‘s ( grandmother ) hair and braid it

Remembering when I stole my brother’s bike when we were kids and I crashed into a pole because I didnt know the brakes were broke

Remembering when we prayed all the time and I did not understand the real significance of what it would do for my life

Remembering when I found out that my parents were really Santa Clause and Mrs Clause ( I cried for 3 months )

Remembering when I used to be mean to my oldest sister just because my middle brother told me to ( that was so mean )

Remembering when I used to like a boy for like 6 years and he wouldnt talk to me ( he was scared of my dad)

Remembering how close my family used to be from childhood til my father passed ( uggghhh! )

Remembering how I felt God at church and I wanted to get closer to Him

Remembering how God was reverenced in the house of God ( church is not like that today – unfortunately )

Remembering baby dolls looking like they were sad because I was coloring their face with markers and crayons ( LOL )

Remembering punisshments because I did things just to see if I would get in trouble since I was my Dad’s favorite ( made me stop )

Remembering how I never really wanted to grow up and age past 25 because going beyond those years meant real responsibility

Remembering how stingy my oldest brother always was, been and stayed throughout his life but wanted and needed so much love himself

Remembering how my father was a stickler on all of us as kids would master mathematics and be interested in all subjects in school

Remembering how my father taught me about politics and the stock market as early as middle school

Remembering how my mother made everything alright

Remembering how my baby sister was always so kind, loving and exceptionally smart

Remembering how my middle brother always seemed to desire attention or popularity

Remembering how I wish that I was the only girl in my family or had a bigger family at least

Remembering how my mom and dad would argue but I never knew how deep their arguments or problems may have been ( Im grateful )

I am just remembering my childhood til my days of my late 20’s because things were so much more peaceful – loving – I could see clear but even when things were a little weird….things ALWAYS got worked out! LOL Things are well now – I am more wiser and I am so grateful for the things that The Lord has allowed me to experience… even the things that I felt that were bad, actually were good and usually when we are in situations we cannot see but thank goodness for the Holy Spirit leading and guiding the way. I look forward to my progressive future but there were some GREAT THINGS that transpired in my past! Family is such a HUGE piece of it – starting with my daddy!

Dear ( ME )

i remember when…

#rememberwhen prayer service was NOT an option

#rememberwhen family was the most important thing
#rememberwhen kids going to school and learning was standard
#rememberwhen church was HOLY 90% of the time
#rememberwhen churches had MALE Pastors who were examples
#rememberwhen you trusted yourself even when others didnt
#rememberwhen you were ABLE to at least recognize the difference from a #friend and an #enemy

#rememberwhen a life meant somthing! #stopkilling

#rememberwhen people said that I love you and meant it
#rememberwhen #america represented unity?
#rememberwhen your children feared you out of respect
#rememberwhen your brothers and sisters looked out for you
#rememberwhen people would dare not disrespect their country / president…church / pastor….parents / mother & father
#rememberwhen life was about maintaining your family, a decsent income and a roof over your head
#rememberwhen you could trust your pastor and leaders of the church
#rememberwhen walking down the street was safe
#rememberwhen people celebrated Jesus Christ during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season
#rememberwhen leaving your front door open IN THE DAY TIME was standard
#rememberwhen having your whole house clean was NORMAL and not done via a special occassion
#rememberwhen you could confide in your friends, pastor and family
#rememberwhen going to school would pay off for a good job
#rememberwhen the list would NOT be so long of how things USED to be negative……………………….