Centrist Party – The Centrist Ideology

imageThe Centrist Party need not be a mush of compromises between extreme positions.  It should take the best of each party and ditch the nonsense.

Keep the Republican belief in personal responsibility; the respect for wealth creation and the power of markets; the healthy skepticism of what government can and cannot accomplish; and the recognition that taxes and regulation come with an economic toll.

Toss aside the oversimplified view that government is always bad and that lower taxes are always good; the sad and reckless denial of climate change; and the outmoded views on social policy, particularly gay marriage, that are antithetical to the whole notion of keeping government out of our private lives.

Keep the Democrats’ concern for working people; the commitment to a strong social safety net and social tolerance; and the recognition that government must play a crucial role in protecting us from the most egregious abuses of capitalism, including environmental damage.


But ditch the policies that are necessary solely to win a Democratic primary, not fix the country:  an overly cozy relationship with the largest unions, particularly the teachers unions; an unwillingness to address the looming costs of our entitlement programs; an unseemly populism that too often treats the forces of wealth creation as a problem rather than a solution.

The Centrists will be fiscally sensible, socially progressive, and committed to the kinds of compromises that will appeal to the tens of millions of voters, particularly younger voters, who are currently without a political home.


dream 2 nightmare

The I have a dream speech…..fortunately still LIVES on within the hearts and minds of a great deal of people today. As so it should because it spoke of freedom..hope and change for everyone who had breath in their bodies. Why is it that minorities of ANY RACE “seem to be” more accepting, loving and understanding than MAINSTREAM AMERICA? ( Just a thought )

This may seem like a funny post to some but you know me!! I am looking at it in a totally different light!! Whenever the late, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. saw an unjustice taking place….he ran toward it to see how he would be able to make a difference! He left his monument to go see about the people….

Now from monuments being built, to speeches being done and repeated on his behalf, to people getting slogans placed on the side of buildings, to rallies being put together etc. etc. etc.

His statue,  his walks for peace, his sit- ins for justice, his marches on Washington, his time spent away from his family his preaching / speeches, his death STILL should mean something – 


Martin Luther King Jr.’s kids are still trying to carry out their father’s dream today! Nonetheless, a dream is something that you think about and wish how things could / should be.

His dreams did eventually turn into reality but overall – some of things that were accomplished have indeed turned a portion of his dreams to nightmares…….. His children even recognizes it. We should NEVER have to question our own race , culture, stances, morals, ethics, religion and beliefs and ask ourselves…….

Did he speak for nothing? did he die for nothing? if not…. show me more ..because one example surely isn’t enough


A Big Sigh of Relief!

People wonder why I love Governor Chris Christie!! Who asks about elections during a storm? As you look at the video, you can clearly tell that Gov. Christie wanted to flip out!

Who cares what political party he is affiliated with because as the 2012 year closes…. to be honest, none of the political parties are what they used to be via morals, ethics and stances! Some have changed for the better and certainly also for the worse…

Nonetheless, in a perfect world…. I know if Gov. Christie would have placed his hat in the ring for the 2012 Presidential Election, that he would have surely won.

To ME……He is like President Bill Clinton ( whom I would politically stalk because he is sooooo intelligent! LOL ) but anyway, regardless if you love him or hate him via his political party BUT you respect the heck out of both of them because they GET THINGS DONE…. 

Since Bill Clinton has been in office things in this country has NOT been the same and ran even semi – smoothly….

Gov. Chris Christie 2016 ( i hope ) Sounds VERY nice doesn’t it!


Dear African Americans…..

Just VOTE please… what else do you have to do that would orevent you from doing at least ONE of your civic duties? I  mean like seriously…

NO excuses like you are tired, you forgot, you could not get a ride, you did not feel like waiting in line, you did not have time… and the list goes on! JUST VOTE, your voice is your vote and too many have been silent for too long…. UGGGGHHH… Your vote counts and surely does matter… not just in this election but EVERY ELECTION!


I am done venting – ( thanks for listening / reading )


Ugghh 2012 Election!

Now granted, I do not feel that there are ANY ” amazing – over the top choices ” to choose from in the upcoming Presidential Election….. Nonetheless, Mitt Romney is surely on my nerves with a GREAT DEAL of his choices….starting with education!

If you agree with the President that everyone deserves a chance at higher education, stand with him for four more years of making college more affordable: http://OFA.BO/qLtEh3 (via Obama Truth Team)


As an American President – it is very imperative that you have “some idea” what the people need as well as want dont you think Mr. I have parked cars in my elevator house Romeney!  Uggghhh!!!!  Hey, Barack Obama and his past…present and evidently futuristic agendas have NOT been that great either…. Lord, please do not abandom RECKLESS America!! Uggghhhhh…

I guess Gov. Chris Christie or Fred Thompson did not want to deal with the major political headache (S) that indeed comes along with running for office in this magnitude!


Funny –

Wouldnt this be just plum stone crazy if this really transpired! I think of places like Topeka, Kansas when I see this – their must be so much boredom in the Western parts of the United States that even wires, poles and satellite connectors have to find something to do….  OR MAYBE it is because  the lack of jobs that the CURRENT President of the United States have NOT been able to produce have made technology go crazy! LOL This is just soo funny “to me”…… Obviously –




Why the hell can I hear a thump when I look at the picture? And no thump when i look away? OHMY.

holy crap
I’m re-blogging this every time I see it.
what the ..

I swear I can feel the thump every time…




– Live from Afghanistan!



I want to get excited because the leader of the country that I live in is on television to give the nation a speech about new things that he has done – currently in the process of doing and will be doing in the future.

President Barack Obama (ABC)

Yawwwwwwning and Yawwwwwing some more! LOL – Welp folks, SORRY – I am so NOT excited to watch him on television. My muslim / Christian  president is a very interesting man. Consistency and Transparency would be wonderful things for him to display…… I understand that the 8 years BEFORE he was elected into the White House was very hard to deal with. However, in 4 years – and another election coming up – I DO NOT have any reason to pull the lever by his name for 2012!

Dear President Bill Clinton,

Can you try to push to amend legislation about how many terms that a president is able to serve because I miss you! Now granted, a great deal of people still have you as a tainted president due to your marital transgressions against your wife and I am NOT condoning what you like other politicians have done. HOWEVER – This country’s statistics do not lie and you obtained financial freedom and pushed a great deal of legislation to get passed for the betterment of ALL people especially minorities – so thank you. ( The African American Community still have you pinned as the 1st Black President and you know why ) Anyway, I am positive that you have also thought about wishing that the bi -laws were different  via presidency as well because watching your wife Hillary Clinton in her present position is as close as you will get to running The White House Affairs.

Dear Congressman J.C. Watts,

Your record is simply amazing! Although you retired and hung up your hat / your seat due to your desire to spend more time with your family was an honorable thing to do – please know that American Citizens outside of OKLAHOMA supported you!

You changed the conservative look in The Republican Party and who would of thought that a speech that where you were just “simply being yourself” and showing that you were just as educated and ambitious as anyone else who took the time to study and believe in themselves could sweep you through tons of State House Committee Boards to change various pieces of legislation. When you gave The Republican Response back in 1997 after President Bill Clinton spoke – MY HAIRS stood up behind my neck! Whew… and people think that this current President, Barack Obama is a great Orator, they obviously have never heard you speak. Well wait… alot of people may not even have heard of you because you are black and a republican – but that does not matter because I have experienced that as well. Why do all African Americans HAVE TO BE REGISTERED DEMOCRATS? Just a question to ponder!

Now granted, you did stir up the initial process to IMPEACH President Clinton and I cannot hold any ill feelings about you for that. Nonetheless, you indeed have proven over the many terms that you were in office that you not only start processes but also complete them. Thank you for sticking with YOUR OWN VIEWS when you chose not to join The Black Caucas.

Dear Governor Chris Christie,

I know that you LOVE running the state of New Jersey but you know that you would have knocked Mitt Romney out of the running. You know legislation like the back of your hand, you are fair and speak up without fear of retaliation from either political party and I love it! By the way, the slack that you took via lowering the flags when singer Whitney Houston died did not sway you from your decision. Although, I did agree with the majority of the people on their initial reasoning of why they did NOT want you to grant the lovely Miss Houston with that honor but I admired the fact that you “heard the people and their opinions” but still stuck with yours to lower the flags. Hey, it is ultimately your decision because it was indeed the people who elected you to run the state of New Jersey.

Dear Mayor Rudy Guiliani,

God knows that America – mainly the city of New York City adores you on and before the strength and leadership that you showed on 911 but why would you run two other terms and keep dropping out? Your wife wants you home with her and the kids and I respect that but I want you to know that you would not have to campaign too hard to win a presidential nominee from the Republican Party. Not so much that the part affiliation matters because I have discovered as well as you, that Tea Party, Democrats, Conservatives, Moderates and Liberals love you! However, I know that you are bored and have millions of money to blow but please stop being seen with Mitt Romney. You have not suppported him the whole campaign season so what are you doing? Let the people know okay?

Respectfully Submitted,

A Supporter for 4 Different Great Presidential Potentials!