Helping Self...

Losing A Friend Today –

I have to admit that this may be ALL of my fault – admitting it does make the pain a tad bit more bearable…..

I really thought that this thing would be good to me and stay my BEST FRIEND… but things have changed between us and I do not know what to do!! I was in LOVE with ” MR. SCALE” …. he was the PERFECT boyfriend.. told me and showed me all the things I wanted….

Eventually he started changing on me….  So either I have to get rid of HIM or change a few of MY own habits…….

We have been through this battle before and this fight isn’t as bad as they used to be, so maybe there is HOPE..


God is Able –


Welp….. been up since yesterday at 3 am trying to get things straight…. Mind – Body – Soul and Spirit via my mommy cakes! I tell you… it is always something going on but God is the ULTIMATE HEALER RIGHT!!

We played around and acted super silly as we got mom to the hospital and waited until her surgery was over….We talked about family as usual…new traditions…the ups and the downs….different types of friendships / relationships…. how we can do things going forward….the holidays…the family reunion…..what is missing.. etc…..etc….

I was exhausted by at least this EARLY afternoon! – LOL ….I was sleepy….smelled a bit “interesting” ..had to leave and go to 2 different appointments….get cleaned up…pick my son up..feed him with homework AND STILL COME BACK TO THE HOSPITAL!…

My niece is standing here talking to my mom and just being ever so grateful to the Lord for bringing her out of surgery. … She sooo sweet!!!


Well honey- praise the Lord that ALL went well because the story that her doctor shared with me and my oldest sister was mind boggling via my mommy’s “previous condition” before she went under the knife… God is amazing and I soo enjoyed the look on the doctor’s face when he could NOT EXPLAIN NOR UNDERSTAND how she was even still alive –

I simply told him that it was by the GRACE OF GOD – Gosh..I absolutely LOVE this woman!!

Helping Self...

Low – Medium – High Speed

This is how fast my life has felt over the last 3 months…. Am I exhausted? Sure thing – Would I change anything? Sure thing! LOL I am HAPPY but am I ever ” so exhausted ” mentally – socially – spiritually – emotionally – physicallly ETC…ETC..ETC…

Dear ( ME )

Breakfast 4 Champions!!!!


Rise and shine and promptly giving God the glory I am!!! I have been slacking a tad bit via my eating regimen so therefore. ……I must get back to my rigid and very untraditional weight loss plan… (s) 

My Champion Breakfast includes:

Hot Cocoa
Vitamin Water
Fresh Garden Salad
Toasted Bagel with Onion and Garlic Spread

Trying to keep this weight off / down and effectively REMOVE this last 20 pounds!!!!!!

He does not even know it yet but..he is getting up in another 30 minutes!!! ( Mommies lil man )



Body Language

This is how SLEEPYI am feeling RIGHT NOW …. Going to bed super late is not a good idea –

M son had me up until a little after MIDNIGHT talking about some WWE Wrestlers….. So I did what a good parent would and should have done after 12 o clock at night – act as if I was interested like I knew what he was talking about and just nodded every 10 seconds…. LOL

Now this is how LAZY that I am feeling RIGHT NOW because I stayed up to be an awesome mom! LOL – TRUST ME…..TODAY at least…….I am going to do absolutely NOTHING today at work – I worked last night with my son! LOL


Enjoy –

Enjoy your time – Enjoy being able to think  – Enjoy being able to feel – Enjoy being able to love – Enjoy being able to have peace
Enjoy your life  – Enjoy waking up in the morning – Enjoy being able to rest – Enjoy having small things
Enjoy your ups and your downs –  Enjoy your trials and tribulations – Enjoy being victorious

Enjoy your family….Enjoy your friends…Enjoy your success…Enjoy YOU!

Because while you are going through it all……it is indeed TIME that can be used to change and re adjust what you need to do or go in life…..

Think about it okay?