Women's Stuff

Dear Ladies –

This is a problem and has been for years…. NOT ALL… but enough of men look at and treat women as they are toys…like they are TOYS with a body form as a woman! Stop allowing them!

Ladies!!!! Whether you are single or taken…… WHO CARES right… Just dont allow yourself to be targeted as a game….played with like a game….traded in like a game…..


Dear Mr and Miss Know It All –

Work Hard , Party a Whole Lot Harder “The best way to solve any problem is to remove its cause.”“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain. The strongest confidence is quiet, inner confidence.

The surest sign of inherent weakness and lack of confidence is the need to boast….. Also, who are you to judge the life that others live?  No one I know is perfect but as a Christian, you should at least try and live to be.  Nonetheless,  before you start pointing fingers  make sure your hands are clean, because there is a lot of blood to go around and leave plenty of hands dirty.

Please don’t continue to sit down and wait for the opportunities to come……Get up and make them because the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making THIS world believe he doesn’t exist!!!

REALLY Take the Time to Get to KNOW YOURSELF, Might Look too hard and Not Like the YOU that YOU Don’t KNOW!

Dont cry about what u dont have… nobody in this world is going to just give u anything… so use the brain god gave and figure out a way to go get it yourself.


Dear ( ME )

@ Times…..

At times…my life really seems to just look fast paced ALL THE TIME…..No matter how I try to slow things down…. Regardless how I view things….how I try to narrow even my outlook on things… FAST PACED is all my eyes see!

Honestly, I do not EVER recalling when my life has been in slow motion…… I complain that I want balance and need to slow A WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF AND FOLK down… but when I attempt this new process….it does not seem to work out that way!

Go figure – how about people should also be considerate and know their own limits? How about they should know when they are asking too much of someone right? Well no, because we as human beings are VERY SELFISH INDIVIDUALS….

I sometimes feel that I just want people to STOP wanting things from me and just SCREAM OUT LOUD –

All last week was what EACH DAY seemed to have felt like! However, thank God for a brand NEW DAY!  I know that I am not alone but it just felt “good to vent” for my own general principles……



When Im Having A Bad Day

I choose to just sit and meditate…sometimes when I am going THRU IT…I have to start off and force myself to just……

Life’s situations can just at times be that time….or can really ……really get to me… People that act as if things are grrrrrrr eat all of the time are just simply INDEED lying.

Religious people need to stay away
Spiritual people need to come close

That is how I feel right through here…
Religion is Very Full of opinions and how people think things should be and then you have God (somewhere) in the mix!!!

Each moment….day….week…month….year..I am getting better…. With MY own junk that I have to sift thru and desl with….CONQUER! LOL

I know that It is IMPOSSIBLE to wing this thing called Life all by myself and especially all on my OWN TERMS ya know!!!


Helping Self...

confessions does the body GOOD!

I have a cofession to make……. to my family this will be more than likely be upsetting to them because it will show them that I am human. It will show friends and acquaintences that I was not who they thought that I was…but I MUST finally come clean with everybody!! I have tried to hold on, make due and PRETEND long enough and to be honest….

it has worn me out over the last 15 years! YES…I SAID 15 long, frustrating, devastating, tiresome, idiotic, silly, embarrassing, irritating years! It took me a long time to admit this as well BUT I MUST confess that………

I am NOT a Super Hero!!!

Just beautiful, strong, exotic, fearless, mesmerizing, captivating as this Super Hero looks…you have to remember that UNDER all of the exterior colors, outfit and cape that there is just a normal WOMAN in there!

Trust me she has real feelings…… 

She cries

She shops too much

She loves some unhealty foods

She has body image issues

She sometimes is an over achiever

She needs a break

She loses her keys

She argues with her family

She has road rage

She gets lonely

She gets very frustrated

She displays anger

She has a disrespectful kid or two

She has fits with God

She needs a serious break

She gets tired of the foolishness of church

She gets upset at leadership

She gains and loses friends

She wants to be married

She is hard headed

She is stubborn

She has temper tamper tantrums

She sometimes tries to take the easy way out

I would share more with you but I dont want to overwhelm you anymore with my mind blowing confession! I am sorry everyone BUT my cape not only got ripped but it is time to DESTROY it so that I can no longer pretend to ENJOY flying in places where I have not been ordained by God to fly…. NO FLY ZONE…….

Whew…. that felt good! LOL She  does ” LOOK” pretty amazing but she is surely NOT REAL!….. Welp, at least in my world she is not!