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I have been exposed to diversity all of my life but over the last 10 years I have reshifted my focus towards my OWN community. Was it right? No? Did I feel that I had just cause? Yes – the way that the COMMUNITY acts towards one another from within the COMMUNITY left me no choice but to mentally – physically – emotionally – financially – and sometimes even spiritually from the community.

However, after seeing a movie on August 20, 2013 and it changed me in a way that I scared even myself – I love PEOPLE in general and watching history take place and unfold in front of me on a big screen with total silence in the room ( minus a few parts of a movie that may have been edited for viewing ) still made me become aware of emotions that I had NO IDEA I had the ability to even feel towards another person. However – after the movie was over – I went to go and “speak to myself” and purge what I was feeling –

Although I ONLY spoke for about 10 minutes – I still felt as if I indeed had soo much MORE to say – but I was TERRIFIED how it would actually leave from my lips – Black History has a great deal of blemishes in it….. but it cannot be ERASED but it can be used as a tool of how WE ALL CAN do better and promote and push for LOVE AND EQUALITY – Did I get upset? Yes, Did I cry? YES, Did I become bitter? No, Did I pause and re-evaluate my friendships of anyone who is white in my life? Yes.

Did it change my views of them? NO!!  Ugghhh!! Racism is ugly …

Now that I am BETTER and I have CALMED myself down – I feel great – I feel good – I feel free – I feel blessed – I feel strong – I feel different – I feel worthy – I feel accomplished – I feel valued – I feel blessed – I feel invincible – I feel beautiful – I am just honored that I can EVEN FEEL ANYTHING –


Obama and The Black Community



I dont get why the black community is JUST NOW noticing that the current president does not step up AND follow through on sensitive issues. This has been this current Presidents style sadly….. He acts soo timid about certain topics it is reallllllly embarrassing.. Welp….no one makes a big deal unless things like Trayvon Martin happens……

I mean you have people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson loving their opportunity to be at the forefront of another media opportunity…GEESH….

I mean..via Trayvon Martin…… me I am saddened to hear about another black kid being killed but why get mad at President Obama now!!!!!?????

There are TONS of other issues that Obama has failed to speak out on since he has been in that Oval Office…. The president has always seemed a tad SLOW speaking up for legislation that wont get him votes.

His quiet political correctness has had his popularity ratings so low that it makes you think that Ronald Reagan and George W Bush is back in office!

Oh goodness…..I hope that the black community would study…learn…understand…….participate in the political process REGARDLESS if the Commander in Chief is black….rwd…white or yellow!

Stop expecting President Obama to be the great saviour or the great black knight to save all black peoples issues…

He is not God…. He scared to speak…He gets stressed and shows how unsure he is over certain things by what he does and dont do as well..

Obama wont get re elected….I would be sooooooooo shocked if this great speaking……jelly back….cool…black…man did.

Speaking well is great but it takes more than being a great speaker to successfully rin a country….Especially a mega power country….

Sad thing is that if Pres Obama does not win the next presidential election that a lottttttt of blacks will go BACK to not caring about politics…

So sad….but it is soooo true! Also what is wrong with producer Spike Lee needing attention like a child?

Spike Lee tweeting an address is yet another mess….. Geesh….

He is a celebrity and would be crying if I tweeted his address and posted pics of where his kids go to school right! What Spike Lee did was wrong regardless if it was Zimmermans address or not.

Well Spike may just be trying to find new ways to stay revelant because Tyler Perry has the whole spotlight via black producers.

Spike does not understand that in success you take turns!

Oh my black people makes me scratch my head for the concern via the lack of soo many silly things that my people do.

Lord help…..Goodness..


politics and ME

Let’s talk more politics!! Dont you smell it in the air! Dont you feel the energy! If not, then why dont you? Are you that uninvolved? Are you that unaware? If so, change today and become involved or at least become aware of your political government choices on the city, state and federal levels! Usually people will say that they are BLUE, RED or GREY, which grey represents the in the middle of the road individuals which is fine, but just BE SOMETHING!


Now for so called CHRISTIANS, the voting pool should look like the RED color coded states above! Not so much via the state that it represents but just the overall percentage of RED that covers the United States continent as a whole.  I say this based on the facts and foundation of what the RED >>> The Republican Party represents and was birthed on via morals, values, ethics, and of course the Christian Faith.

Most African Americans are BLUE >>> Democrat because that is how they were raised, however, when does one research ” for themselves” to see if what they have been beleiving for sooo many years is indeed true? This is the time for you to turn on the light bulb in your head right now…

Here are a “FEW” of the stances that the repubs and dems differ: and there are a great deal of them but here are the MAIN stances!

Within a government there are always individuals who oppose each other and who are fighting for control or for a position of power. Usually these divides exist because of differences in political views. Hold on, I am having a flash back on my personal journey!!

I remember when I FINALLY ran for public office and had the time of my life….

However, with my father passing in the middle of my campaign it jolted me and I felt as if I couldnt go on at all. Thank goodness for friends, family and volunteers who too, knew my father because they told me that my father would “at least” want and EXPECT me to finish the campaign and the race! It was my father who gave me the political bug! When others were outside playing, he had me learning the stock market, reading bi-laws and studying President Lyndon B. Johnson, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Presidnet Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and all of the Kennedy eras!

When I began school I loved politics and when I graduated college; I told my father that I one day I would run for public office.

He also reminded me that, speaking well is also a  powerful tool that I must master. He constantly reminded me that when speaking about ANYTHING, I must be able to implement truth and conviction, if I ever wanted people to believe in what I was saying.  He went on to say that without knowledge, I will  just become just another useless pretty face and my efforts will all be in vain. Those words stuck with me via educational goals, ministry goals and every other facet of my life. 

Therefore, it was working for the Brabender Cox Political Affairs Firm; where I really became sure that I was actually bitten by the political bug. Being an African American Woman; some couldn’t understand why I would leave the Democratic Party to join the Republican Party.

 This radical move just proved how clever my father trained me to really be. I then seized this opportunity to find out, study and learn how both sides worked. I indeed learned several strategies and inside information that proved quite useful. As a born and raised Democrat, It was never a question of where my loyalties where; this just goes to show, that radical times require bold, radical actions and strategies, to get things done.

 I am so glad that I pulled myself out of the big hole that I happily dug myself and started back on the campaign trail. I was running against 7 other candidates and when the election was all over, I didnt win with the electoral vote but I sure did win with a personal and spiritual vote! I came IN 3RD PLACE and this was my first time running! I said  >> WOW << just imagine if my precious father did not get sick and pass, I know that I would have surely won!!!! I am excited even talking about it now, becaues I am thinking of what could have been!

Nonetheless, over the last few years with some of the major, uphill and downhill battles that I have endured, things surely went >>> ” God’s – Way” <<<< So with that said I am happy!

Now back to the political antics of the government! Within the United States government there are two popular political parties that dominate the political system. They are the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, and each of these parties has a different political agenda composed of different beliefs, and a different political view on each of the varying issues. A person’s political view can not be determined by the party that they align themselves with, however there are trends that exist, and generally a person who identifies with a political party shares the opinions that the majority of the party holds on the issues. The political view of republicans tends to be more conservative, while the political view of democrats is usually more liberal.

The political stance that republicans usually take on abortion is pro-life. They believe that a child is alive from the moment of conception and therefore should be protected by the same rights that all citizens of the United States are protected by. Because of this republicans do not support a woman’s right to choose to terminate a fetus. On the other hand, democrats believe that choice is an essential freedom and they support and defend a woman’s right to choose abortion should she find it necessary.

 On health care, democrats take the political stance that all American citizens should have access to an affordable and decent health care system. This may include implementing a universal health care system. Republicans disagree, arguing that if health care is run by the government then all individuals will receive inadequate care.

People who can afford to pay for health care will pay for it and the people who can not afford it will deal with poor care, if they receive any at all. Health care should remain privatized. The political stance of democrats on the environment is that the environment is in a current state of crisis and that climate change should be made a national priority. It is essential that the United States invest in alternative forms of energy so that they can become independent of other nations.

Republicans usually maintain that the climate has gone through drastic changes throughout history, and that the human species has not affected it. They also argue that there has been no scientific proof offered that shows that anything that we do will help to improve the condition of the environment. By creating extreme environmental policies we are simply cutting jobs and hurting the economy. The political stance of the republicans on the “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” policy, which prohibits openly gay and lesbian individuals from enlisting in the army, is that homosexuals have no place in the military.

Democrats, on the other hand, oppose this policy and believe that it should be abolished. On gun control republicans take the political stance that all American citizens have the right to defend themselves. The second amendment of the United States Constitution states that all American citizens have the right to keep and bear arms. Therefore, all American citizens have the right to own a gun. Democrats stress the point that guns kill people and that they are often the cause of many accidental deaths, including the deaths of children. Democrats and republicans have drastically different opinions when it comes to important issues, and they will probably continue to disagree throughout the rest of political history.

Okay that is ALL >>>> for now!