Being Appreciative – that’s all…..

Do what i did today walk out your house and look back at your home and THANK GOD for SHELTER. Walk back in your home flip the light switch on and THANK GOD FOR LIGHTS. Because there are MILLIONS of people on the EAST COAST are without because of a STORM. You’re NOT LUCKY but BLESSED….

that’s all……


He’s BACK!!!

Okay my baby was gone away for 1 whole week and at first I was totally ELATED!!! However, towards the end of the week I was starting to finally miss the little one! As I waited for him to get downtown and off of the camp bus…I was LITERALLY jumping up and down! “Some” of the other parents of course was looking at me like…. Lady!!!! LOL

I didnt care how crazy or weird I looked! I was happy to have my baby boy back home to me in one big old happy 99 degree heat piece! LOL Whew it was funny because we were both so hot we didnt even care of feel the flames scolding our skin because we were just very happy to see one another…. He was tired and wanted to eat….drink and just hang out!! Im like REALLY?? You arent tired boy!

Dear ( ME )

happy new year / life saved

It is NOT officially New Year’s Day as of yet but if you are reading this than it is YOUR New Year! Why wait til ” a specific day ” to change? It doesnt make sense! Working on ourselves should be a daily / weekly task! I started re – evaluating myself for change in August of this year and I havent looked back nor stopped “fixing myself up” since then!

I have always heard that change is hard and no one likes to do it… well change is only hard when it is done on a temporary and spiratical basis. When we look into the mirrors everyday, there are a few things that we know need to be changed / fixed / altered etc. Look at it this way >>>>>> if you take the time to work on yourselves on a weekly basis, by the time New Year’s come around, you wont have much to work and chip away at!

Plus dont follow the crowd >>> re – dedicate yourself to change when no one is looking and you will know then if you have changed….but more importantly, if you are or have changed for the right reason and NOT people.

MOTIVE IS >>> The Key……..

Alot of people will NOT be blessed to wake up for New Year’s Eve, let alone New Year’s Day, so I want to say may the peace of God wrap itself around you that if you are here to see 2012, that you will indeed make it up in your mind to do better….live better…and allow God to abide in you.

I am just grateful for all of the little things…..  Today I was being in a hurry and drove right through a car chase which ended up being a mini shoot out… so I am indeed grateful for LIFE.. just thinking that my 9 year old son would not have had a mother ….SCARED ME TO DEATH….. I called my mother and my sister and was just in mere utter shock… That QUICK, I could have been dead or badly hurt….. I am praising God that I was NOT one of the victims in the crazy fiasco that transpired while I was on my way home………….

Below: here are a few photos that I managed to take while  I was sitting in the middle of the street, then on the side of the street, then in the middle of someone else’s driveway…………..

( better yet.. I WILL POST THEM TOMORROW.. I am really emotionally overwhelmed right now)

Happy Friday.. im back and here are the photos from yesterday’s crazy fiasco……….