Black Church FUNNIES – So Hilarious!

Oh my goodness!! I laughed SOOOOO HARD until I almost went to the bathroom on myself! NO LIE PEOPLE…

If you have EVER attended a black church on a few occasions or if you are even apart of one – you KNOW THIS VIDEO to have a great deal of funny and sad truth to it…..

In ALL HONESTY………..These guys are so hilarious in this video.. and to make it sooo bad …sad..and FUNNY is that it is true of what goes on in the black church…… Whew – I know that they are only joking but to these LEADERS who are being FAKE…..let them take notes that people are WATCHING them…so be mindful if you are doing YOUR WILL or the WILL OF GOD.

Helping Self...



My God shall supply all of our needs even when a man is foolish and devours what he has. We always want things but we must learn to be content with what we have before God can trust us with the bigger things in life.

The problem is not having nice things though, the problem is when those nice things have us. So be a good farmer and don’t eat your seed meant for your harvest. Remember If it is not your season then don’t get out of your timing, listen to the Spirit of God and His principles and stop trying to be like the Jones when you don’t even know them!.

One thing for sure is If you make enough errors in God, you’ll learn. But If we’re going to be blessed in our homes we must be rich toward the house of God. In closing the quickest way to be cursed is to not pay your tithes.

When you don’t pay your tithes it’s the same as riding in a stolen car cause you didn’t pay for that blessing. Have some accountability! (LOL -amen shdonna)

Dear ( ME )

Protection – 101

This is how I feel when I spend time with God…..

This is how I feel when I pray to God…

This is how I feel when I talk to God…..

This is what I see when I am crying to God…..

This is how I feel when I am singing to God….

This is how I feel when I am learning from God….

This is what I know TO BE as long as I STAY with God…..

Helping Self...

Random —

Fellowship is a very lovely and free flowing feeling! Just hanging out and doing nothing can sometimes be the BEST FUN I seem to have at times…. Just talking about the goodness of God and sharing stories of what was….what is…and will come! Always talking about church….ministry….. etc….

What is spirituality? Some would some say it is simply matters of the spirit,  but the complication comes in when you try to define spirit. Spirituality is a  very hard word to define, but lets just say you know it when you feel it. When  that something deep inside you feels moved to write a poem, it is probably of a  spiritual nature.

Sharing with others that God is truly man’s best friend on this earth. No one  loves like He. No one cares like He. He is patient and true and waits with open  arms for us to return to Him in truth. God is also the greatest mystery. We love one another as friends as well as family but no one loves like Christ can love and that is a fact..

We  should believe that God is all powerful and capable of doing anything and yet there is  suffering in the world. On the other hand there is an inherent goodness in  mankind which seems to echo God’s goodness.

We look up to him in gratefulness,  and shake our fists at Him in anger. He fills the world and yet the world is not  his place. The mystery of God is something that intrigues people of all religions as well as the people who do not beleieve.


A Success!

Mom’s test at the hospital was a PURE SUCCESS!!  I could NOT eat or even think straight all morning and afternoon until I heard from the nurse’s station…. then when a nurse allowed my mom to sneak and call me from her cell phone…. I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad…

You could tell the utter excitement we both felt to hear one another’s voice ver the phone. I told her how much I loved her, how much I was praying and whispered to my loving mother that GOD DID IT, yet again….

We giggled and she had to hang up….. I got to the floor where she was and I felt so happy because when I said her name everyone from the registration department, to the radiology department to the nurse’s station had smiled and all had the same things to say about ” MY MOMMY “……

She is soo sweet and kind and she talked about you the whole time!!!

I was soo happy and felt all musy inside!! Welp, long stressing story short…. I got my momma and we smiled laughed and I even got the nurse to take the photo of us above before we left to get in the car… GEESH my mother, I love that woman!!  She has taught me so much…..stressed me soo much…..prayed for me soo much…fussed at me soo much…mad me scratch my head soo much….made me mad sooo much….made me laugh soo. much….made me worry soo much….. made me cry ( not that much )…….

BUT I AM GRATEFUL that God gave us to each other to share this life with! My mommy is 72 years old with a pace maker – so I am ELATED that ANY DAY that this woman is ABOVE ground is a blessed day for ME!