Hanging in The Heat!

I still managed to have fun in 99 degree heat today! LOL I kept telling the Lord that He can turn down the heat because I DO NOT NEED A SUN TAN on my skin – GEESH! I woke up feeling so wonderful that I scared myself! LOL …Sounds a tad bit weird I know but when so many NEGATIVE things have transpired over a time frame – genuine and non motive happiness from people at times can shock you!

When there is massive shopping, eating, laughing, fellowship, coupons, cook outs, swimming involved – so is FUN!

YES!! I spent waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much green currency today BUT oh my goodness, it was kind of worth it! LOL My pocket book may have been hollering like crazy but my heart was smiling brighter THAN THE SUN!!! So yeah, it was worth it all! Right when I feel like that there are no HONEST people left in the world… ( IM JOKING ) But for real……. it just feels so amazing to have great friens…

Helping Self...

Quick Way to WASTE $

This is a style that almost every child…tween…pre teen …teenager or  early twenty something person have experienced. However, this particular style was CREATED / INVENTED “in error” years ago!  The stores in these malls look crazy with these shorts on hangers!

There were families that did not either want to waste more money on jean shorts or they simply did not have the money to purchase shorts. Now over the years, it has become a crazed fettish for alot of people and they are spending $100 for jeans that “can be simply made in the privacy” of their homes!   LOL   Makes NO sense to me, now or later!