I Remember When…

I bury my money in the back yard, the BUCKWILD way.

I remember when I was little and me and my brother used to hide money in yards when we were little… those were the days and LIFE seemed so much easier….  Waking up every Saturday morning and trying to find all of the places that we hid our jars filled with money made it so fun!! We also found out that some of the jars that we end up finding were placed there by our dad!!

So you can imagine – how exciting these weekends were! LOL

Now looking at the record player brings back MASSIVE memories as well, especially when my daddy bought my very first album!

The Postal Service release a long-awaited new song to help us through the dead of winter. Stream it on Buzzworthy now!

It was Michael Jackson’s THRILLER album and I was the happiest little girl in the world….. whew lawwd I was so loving my dad for that!! I am assuming that is why my bond seemed so strong toward his music and his life…. my daddy felt listening to Michael Jackson was safe and he did not seem to mind that I even had a crush on a boy that was at least 15 yeas older than me! RIGHT!!


He also bought me my very first poster of him as well….. My father used to catch me kissing the poster on my wall and I had tons of lipstick marks all over Michael Jackson’s lips! ( NOT TO MENTION, that I kissed him in the same spot on the poster soooo much that his lips started to rip through the paper! )….


LOL He bought me a brand new poster and told me not to do it again…. I did not listen because instead of kissing the poster with LIPSTICK….I started sneaking in my oldest sister’s make up bag and using her lip gloss and my dad’s chap stick…. LOL …. I was soo funny and thought Michael Jackson was the BEST THING since jelly shoe sandals….. LOL

Ugghhh…. oh how I miss my father who passed away……it will be 5 LONELY years February 18, 2013!!! With my birthday being TOMORROW – February 12, 2013 for me to even be writing a blog with any type of laughter is A MIRACLE….. I have not really full fledge celebrated my birthday in almost 3 years… Last year, my dark cloud started to lift and now it is COMPLETELY GONE!!!  >>>>Whew – my daddy would be even more proud of me!


Soooo #Random


My morning Randoms seems to just flow a lot on Thursday….Friday and Saturday mornings….

Maybe because I feel a little weight of the previous days falling OFF of my shoulders or something….Who knows because I am a little on the weird side sometimes! LOL

Like I have been thinking of the words FAITH and INTEGRITY a great deal lately….

Faith is something that you work to have – you DONT have it but you “hope for it”….so YOU have to do things in order to increase your faith…..

– study God‘s word……pray….connect with other believers…..fellowship and talk with other people who have DISPLAYED that God Faith – so faith takes work because you are wrestling with your mind and what you see verses what you dont see!!!  It is putting what you said that you believed to the test!!

Restoring faith to some people is trying to convince them that they can run a marathon when they are overweight and have never even ran track in high school! However even in a scenario like that ….. WITH GOD….. all things are indeed possible AND YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE!

Integrity is something that you SIMPLY JUST CHOOSE TO DO

to steal or not to steal

to lie or not to lie

to cheat or not to cheat

See simple RIGHT! ….because BEFORE we all do something that would offend God…there is a voice – a feeling that we have ALL experienced BEFORE THE ACT takes place. We either CHOOSE to do the right thing or choose to do the wrong thing.

Integrity is a desire to be right……a desire to be honest…..a choose to be fair…..a will to do what God said do…. and even for those who DONT believe in God…. they have a category for those people as well! It is called GOOD SAMARITANS! They always do the right thing, help people out, doing good deeds etc. Again THEY CHOOSE to do good.

That Simple! Again…… my posts / my thought “at this moment” are soo soo RANDOM.


Saturday “MOM STUFF”

Too much to write about but Jared yet had another Baseball Clinic that he attended Saturday – ” im pooped” – he feels my Saturday mornings should be scheduled for Baseball Clinics!

Took AT LEAST 30 Photos – but I am only uploading a few! (too many to upload)

I am so proud of my son ” sticking ” to his desire and DREAM to become a professional baseball player! He may SWITCH up on what musical instrument he wants to play but Baseball and Soccer he has shown to be his things to do on a CONSISTENT basis! Consistency is key….  I do believe that Jared will surely make it to the Majors!

He ONLY has ever had 4 choices and in this order:

1. New York Yankees – Derek Jeter

2. Washington NationalsNiger Morgan

3. Pittsburgh PiratesAndrew McCutchen

4. Philadelphia PhilliesRon Howard

 The Yankees is his favorite team and the Phillies are my favorite team so go figure! Nonetheless, I am rooting for my baby because he is a COLEMAN – and we always succeed!