Parent Teacher Conference!

My son is just so so smart and I am glad! Whew – Although I am very elated that my son had all A’s a few B’s and 1 C – I STILL wanted to choke him!

Ugghhh why do little boys like to monkey around in class, why do they talk too much and cant stop, why do they chuckle and think that everything is just so  funny as the teacher walks on by?

Yeah I may be smiling but I have practiced my facial expression to STILL SMILE so that I dont end up choking my son! More things to work on via cutting up  – because I do not tolerate and deal with that CORNY and excuse of ” Boys Will Be Boys ” Syndrome……

I feel when you know better, you do better and my Lord does my son KNOW BETTER…..So he better get his act together or he will take it on the road! Mess around with me and he will be on punishment until he enters middle school >>>>>> I AM SO SERIOUS….. ( at least somewhat at least ) I went to the Parent Teacher Conference with a smile on my face and left the conference with my face and cheeks hanging low – I am officially disappointed!

Raising sons is something INTERESTING – geesh

Dear ( ME )

office visits, schoool and life

EVERYTIME I am at the doctor’s office…my brain starts wandering and the analogies that I get and put together may seem weird to some but is indeed right up my alley!..  You ever notice that while you are waiting…… on the “NATURAL” doctor and the SPIRITUAL doctor ( God )…..that  you seem to have the opportunity to dig deep and calm yourself… and let your mind soar into places that “if you wasnt forced to wait ” that maybe you may not have? I know that I sound as if I am babbling….. but this is what I got “while waiting”

Life is my schoool

Trials are my exams

Tribulations are my tests

The Holy Bible is the book that I use to study

Prayer is my study notes

The Angels are my classmates and friends

God is my Principal

Jesus Christ is my Guidance Counselor

The Holy Ghost is my best friend

Praise and Worship are my school activities

Dying is me having proof that I have completed my curriculum to apply for graduation

My name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life shows that I didnt cheat my way through

Getting into Heaven is me actually graduating

The crowns that will be on my crown represents the people that I led to Christ and the obedience I have shown via Christ