Poor Jared-

Well I did try!!! I FORGOT to pick up his best friend to go to the movies and to eat with us because I GOT ANOTHER BUSINESS CALL…. I feel like that I lost the mother of the year award from my own son!!! UGGGHHHHH

I figured if I kept cracking jokes that it would get him to cheer up – he is sooooo sooo not happy right now! He rather stare VERY HARD at the television in our eatery than talk to his poor mom!

I offered this boy a MAKE UP play date with his best friend and he never even FLINCHED an eye brow….let alone an eyeballl!!! I even asked him to take photos with me to try and get him to at least CRACK a smile….. NOPE #tryagainmom

I just asked him why cant I get a break and he said… MOM YOU ARE ALWAYS BUSY! I too advised him that I AM ALWAYS available for him and we are together at least 85% of the time – My son even loves politics now – ( really since he was about 6 ) because I take him to ALL OF THE CAMPAIGNS that I work on. So he could see what I do…… what I LOVE and to get him involved in understanding WHY POLITICS IS, HOW IT WORKS AND WHY IT IS IMPORTANT. He is 10 years old and by the age of 7, he already picked his political party!! The ex president that I am obsessed with – he reminds me daily that he lives in another state and he is also no longer the president! LOL ( WHO CARES! )

I did NOT want to disregard what he said just in case he REALLY felt that I was too busy and not spending enoug QUALITY time with him and he said he just said that because he was mad and all the cell phones kept ringing – he had a VERY VALID POINT via the cell phones….so I cut them all off.

My son then said – Mom that show that you like called Scandal because its about Politics – I said yeah ( all smiling ) He said, you are that lady Olivia Poe she is always busy and her friends are the people she works with! I said OUCH!!! I said well my friends are in the church and political arena and what is wrong with that? He said nothing but that lady is too busy to get married!!!! I SAID OUCH AGAIN!!! LOL I told him that “getting married” SURELY IS THE EASY PART – but being with the RIGHT MATE is something that surely takes time. I KINDLY reminded him and said to him in a serious but sweet voice……………..

That my future husband has to be A PERFECT FIT FOR ME AND YOU BUDDY! and there is alot into being Godly connected! He laughed and said..Oh yeah, you are right mommy because I wouldnt want you to get killed or anything! I said huh??? He said I remember watching that Drew Peterson story and we can just wait until God sends us the right person, so I dont mind us both being busy all the time!!


I had a HAPPY LITTLE YOUNG MAN sitting beside me and we are BOTH now two happy campers!! He’s my Inspiration….

I have a little treat for my baby when we are done hanging out…. Im gonna go hang out with my mom and sister and he can have fun with another friend of his that lives closer to the house – he will be happy…. What parents do for their kids happiness! LOL


Finally A Calm Day

Welp as usual… the story of my life is running to and fro from meetings via work and church – trying to keep it all balanced so by the time I pick up my son he is NOT affected by any of the drama from either situation that I may have been dealing with – It gets rough sometimes because I do alot and he understands only to a certain degree of course…

Nonetheless, I am going to cross my fingers and HOPE for the best – I have to keep the work cell phone and he wants to go OUT to dinner (as usual being a spoiled little man ) then he wants to grab a movie AFTER homework. So let’s see how this evening goes…

However, before I meet up with the baby – my day FOR A CHANGE was actually great! A few pastor friends of mine and I had a GREAT conversation on married life as well as single life via ministry and boy was it a BITTER / SWEET conversation!!

The mind sets of the people in ministry HAVE INDEED changed – let me tell you! Welp – toodles…. and remember to bless someone ELSE today!

Women's Stuff

People Like Me –

Strong women are women who are candid, forthright and quite liberal in their views. The women of today are quite smart and almost stand parallel with today’s men.

Liberalisation of women has gone a long way in making women stronger, sharper and smarter. The woman of today is more independent, courageous and brave enough to carry out things herself. Women of today, even make better bosses than men.

God has linked me up with several women “who are NOT like me” and in the beginning it was VERY CHALLENGING for me because ” I ASSUMED” growing up that all women or at least most women were just as strong as me…..the same…or even stronger….. OOOPPSS!!! That is so not the case, which has allowed me to PRODUCE more compassion in dealing with me who are not like me and even the people who may be like me…. Interesting HUH! LOL

Charmion (1875 - 1949), vaudeville strongwoman...
Charmion (1875 – 1949), vaudeville strongwoman and trapeze artist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is always important to have someone in your life who is NOT on your level so that you can help pull them up

It is always important to have someone in your life who is ON your level so that you can manage and see what you have accomplished

It is always important to have someone in your life who is OVER your level so that you can be taught and then grow

According to Brad Garrett, “I love strong women, not only in life but in craft.” A phrase called “women of substance” is used to describe all the strong women in the world. When I first read that from this author, I got excited because I was like FINALLY!!!! A man who can appreciate a strong woman and not THROW HER INTO THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT category! BUT THEN – I kept reading some more of his writings and he is a little sexist…..

I tell ya, I am NOT a feminist….. you know – the women that feel that they can do JUST AS MUCH OR THE SAME as a man so they want the same treatment …pay etc…  There is a balance to everything and I understand that women should be treated equally but let us PLEASE FIND SOME BALANCE! I enjoy being a lady 24 hours a day! You can count on that….

Strong women are those women who are mentally strong and have strength of character. Strong women never give up in the face of testing circumstances. According to Bete Davis, “Strong women only marry weak men.” Which I feel is a very sexist statement because I am  A VERY STRONG WOMAN and I would not EVER want to marry a weak man!

Key words… ” I would not want “……………..


Downloading Apps!

 Camera ZOOM FX  Product Details    

We are indeed living in an “app addicted” world if you own a cell phone…. There are “apps” for ALMOST everything! There is even an app for you to send information if you feel that you are being “racially profiled” in the airport by the TSA!!!

However, watch what apps that you download because sometimes not only do they attempt to wiggle person information from your phone but also via the sites that you have visited.

WordPress and other blogging sites have allowed people to create apps and  apply them to the Google – Android market and consumers can download them. Nonetheless, I have learned the hard way that some of these “verbage editing and word recognition apps” replaces words that are MAINLY USED in today’s society!


I had did a post and stated the phrase ” an itching ear ” and the app allowed my phrase to say ” a bitching ear” PLEASE EXCUSE the language because I surely DO NOT USE PROFANITY! Even when I was NOT a Christian woman – I never cussed. Well wait… let me take that back… I used to say words like ” hell and dam” and I even thought that was HORRIBLE language coming out of the mouth of a female.

Welp, I said all of this to say that if you have EVER read any post from me lately, please know that language is not condoned by me and does not display my character. I have gone through a few post and deleted a few things already but MY CONCERN IS that the people that follow my post DID NOT EVEN MENTION IT!

Hope ever...

That shocked me because I blog about My Family….My life in Ministry… God…..My Political Views….Relation – Friend – ships…..and Women’s Issues… and using profanity is not the FLOW OF THIS BLOG!! I wonder why no one even questioned it…. So that allowed me to think that they must be used to CHRISTIANS  saying one thing and doing another..

Because if there was a blog that I followed and the man or woman was DISPLAYING Christian values….Christian living etc..etc.. I would sure nuff post  a comment asking them …” HEY!!! What is going on with the content of your blog today?”….. 

Well wait…… then again I do not know  my supporters reasons on why they follow this blog SPECIFICALLY. It is my desire because I am saying / sharing things that are productive, helpful and connects with them in some form of common ground in this life that we all live in.

Women's Stuff

Special Note to “Some” Women

W -O – M -E -N …………  O -P – E – N   ……………….   Y – O- U– R  …………….. E – Y – E – S

Women in leadership roles…. via ministry as well as being a wife…..  UGGHH… being dominate isnt the answer!

Realize the man is the head and learn how to utilize your role to uplift him… (if you love him)

Understand that submission is an attitude not a cave man mentality syndrome…

Respect that a man needs to feel wanted…..remember they have pride

Re – evaluate your understanding of authority so you can stay in your own lane

Via ministry….. it is VERY EASY – EXTREMELY EASY – DISGUSTINGLY EASY for women to get pumped up…

First of all…. right now in the church – the NEED for “bodies” is at an all time high that a lot of people will tell you anything to get you into a position and pump the ego that you NEVER HAD BEFORE to keep you there!

Wisdom will tell you to pray and study the man before you jump off the deep end “assuming” that you are more equipped / knowledgable / more spiritually mature than your mate. Even if it is not your mate….it can be your brother…father…friend… etc.

 Cool Glitterz

Just support them!!!! Being a man in this world has enough of its own challenges…..and if the man is a minority – whew you really need to be a tad bit more sensitive!!! Be a lady and enjoy your role so he can flow in his with EASE!

Let men be men without you telling them what to do…. find wisdom ways to help show them.. (that’s better than telling them) even if we are right 95 percent of the time ( LOL ) let them feel as if they are right and figured it out all by themselves!

Anyway… back to leaders who tell you how wonderful you are and called of God!! LOL They are not worried so much about your destiny…your calling…your purpose etc.. and if you notice…….. women seem to be the TARGETS of getting their egos pumped more so than men! Women are emotional and if they have not been “properly affirmed” they will FALL FOR THE FEATHERLY WORDS that are spoken to them.

Due to the fact that a great deal of men have not been on their post spiritually / ministerally…… has called the outburst of women to come to the forefront in ministry. Which IS NOT A BAD THING…. but like everything else… there should always be balance right!

Women preaching like men….women wanting to be ruler over men in the workplace… the pulpit….in the home….in the board room etc…etc..etc….  it is okay for us to be strong but not tough… I think it is so unbecoming!

ok im done!


A Success!

Mom’s test at the hospital was a PURE SUCCESS!!  I could NOT eat or even think straight all morning and afternoon until I heard from the nurse’s station…. then when a nurse allowed my mom to sneak and call me from her cell phone…. I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad…

You could tell the utter excitement we both felt to hear one another’s voice ver the phone. I told her how much I loved her, how much I was praying and whispered to my loving mother that GOD DID IT, yet again….

We giggled and she had to hang up….. I got to the floor where she was and I felt so happy because when I said her name everyone from the registration department, to the radiology department to the nurse’s station had smiled and all had the same things to say about ” MY MOMMY “……

She is soo sweet and kind and she talked about you the whole time!!!

I was soo happy and felt all musy inside!! Welp, long stressing story short…. I got my momma and we smiled laughed and I even got the nurse to take the photo of us above before we left to get in the car… GEESH my mother, I love that woman!!  She has taught me so much…..stressed me soo much…..prayed for me soo much…fussed at me soo much…mad me scratch my head soo much….made me mad sooo much….made me laugh soo. much….made me worry soo much….. made me cry ( not that much )…….

BUT I AM GRATEFUL that God gave us to each other to share this life with! My mommy is 72 years old with a pace maker – so I am ELATED that ANY DAY that this woman is ABOVE ground is a blessed day for ME!