Changing Your Thoughts –

Make your work more powerful than your worry. Your thoughts have magnetic power. Take charge of your mind and your thinking, and you will attract the experiences that you want in your life through effort, commitment, and grace.
Focus on your destiny, and ignore the distractions of life that are all around you. Continue to fall forward. Continue to ask, seek, knock, and BE UNSTOPPABLE. Success is in your DNA.
Whatever you are seeking…it is seeking you! Embrace this day with a spirit of positive expectation as you move forward in pursuit of your dreams.
Go forward knowing that what you want already exists, and is waiting for you to get in alignment so that it can reveal itself to you. Say to yourself…I will persist until I succeed….and DON”T GIVE UP!



Thinking too highly of yourself

Being Mr. / Mrs. Know it all

Always having the first say

Always having the last say

Always wanting to be first

Never wanting to be last

Always desiring to be heard and seen

Always thinking they should always be the leader

Never wanting to be the assistant

Never wanting to wait

Always expecting to be heard

Always wanting to be recognized

All of these things will…have and can continue to make anyone overdose on themselves…..

Of course there are plenty more to add but these self afflicting drugs of choice are surely enough!!

No one wants to associate themselves with an active Addict!!!

Dear ( ME )

This Morning –

Trayvon Martin is now FIGURATIVELY wearing a brand new HOODIE! 

Regardless if any child is wearing a hoodie….a hat…sanging pants ( so disgusting ) or certain colors… Violence via black males in America has PROVEN to be way out of control.

This morning I woke up thinking of my own 18 1/2 year old twins……

This morning I woke up thinking  about my own 9 1/2 year old son…

I woke up thinking that although I love the Lord and I indeed want to make it into Heaven that I do NOT want to bury any of my children……

I do not want them to see the Lord anytime soon….

Life is short…Life is precious… Life is a gift…..Life is a blessing..

I want my children to live for God and enjoy life and not worry about them leaving this world early let alone tragically.


Everyday Random TRUTH…..


It is time that we all learn to master enjoy more than only thinking about one  day……Its time to enjoy your WHOLE life….

Worrying or even casually thinking about who does not like you is silly…..Mostly everyone was bullied or disliked is successful! LOL

Matter of FACT….. a great deal of people would not make themselves go through so many changes if they would STOP allowing people they barely know get to close to them!

Just wait on the Lord and then wait for YOUR turn and you will be just fine!….. I will HIG – 5 my ownself for this one!